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  1. congrats on the admint who r going to moderate dead servers lol
  2. lol thats funny your post was really funny it really put a smile on my face!
  3. despite being 13% of the population blacks does 100% of the crimes

    1. Tatost


      Why am I more annoyed at the fact that the grammar in your sentence is terrible?

    2. -Diphikult


      despite of population 13 per cent of the population is black does 100 percents of all of them does the crime

    3. Roy


      Wait a minute, are you saying that 13% of the population of blacks does crime? What if genocide committed 100% of the crime  and the 13% is just genocide?

  4. the name vexx gives people some sort of autistic ptsd here ?

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    2. Tatost


      haha good one @Ceyahdev

    3. hongkongatron


      i think its the other way around

    4. realBelloWaldi


      how do i disable notifications for this status ?

  5. thank u jew boy for fixing the jon cena earrape now i can use the forum without being done a scare!!!!
  6. Ceyahdev

    Oh Honey

    i recently got griefed in a game called dark soul i know how u feel
  7. Ceyahdev

    Oh Honey

    are you a fellow griefed gamer???
  8. i just want to fap stop killing it ;((((
  9. where to find ledge grab ability in banjo tooie?