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  1. yadingo


    +1 Really Chill, and understands the rules
  2. yadingo

    StatTrak Deagle Oxide Blaze

    I will give 2 dollar Peruvian money
  3. yadingo

    Mr. West, where the fu** is Yandhi?

    who is kayne wes?
  4. yadingo

    Want To Get Unbanned?

    Minecraft username: yadingo I apologize.
  5. yadingo


    +1 He's a pretty cool dude, and knows most of the rulebook by heart.
  6. yadingo

    Brady, johngalt needs you.

    Please come back Brady. Johngalt misses you. The town needs your support.
  7. yadingo

    Sparks - Counter-Strike

    I mean, at least you are up front on what you want to be...
  8. yadingo

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    mad spice
  9. yadingo

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    In-Game Name ya dingo Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:1:64379242 Age 17 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 2d20h+ Reason for Joining I frequent multiple divisions, and I feel that becoming a member would provide me with more ways to be active in the community.