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  3. welcome to the 200th Episode of Game Theory! Technically it's the two hundred first and a-half episode because, we had a Mini Theory WAY WAY back on the channel a long time ago that's now privated because of reasons and then technically the Bendy Episode last week was the 200th episode but I thought this felt more appropriate because it's solving FNAF with one final MEGA Theory so the 200th Episode of Game theory! Proud members of The Pink Guy Truthers Club! Now for those of you don't know one of the longest held debates in FNAF Theory-dom is whether this murderer watching children die is the same as this murderer watching children die. Because of their different colors, they became dubbed Purple Guy and Pink Guy. The two most threatening colors. Taste the rainbow, SLAUGHTER THE RAINBOW!! metal music in background Anyway, since FNAF 2, I have been opposed to this theory and I can now confirm IT. IS. DEAD! Dead like a child wanting a mediocre slice of overpriced pizza, DEAD! ding dong the witch is dead One look at Scott's new strategy guide for the series "The Freddy Files" confirms it. Page 48, when describing the "Foxy Go-Go-Go!" Minigame from FNAF 2, "Purple Guy is visible in the lower left corner of the room." THERE IT IS! Clear as crystal. Purple Guy in the corner! Now comes the super awkward question that I never thought I'd have to answer: which Purple Guy? Cause there's two now and if you didn't know that, strap in. It is gonna be a long episode. FNAF as a franchise has always been defined by questions: What was the missing children's incident? Who Is Purple Guy? What's the deal with Balloon Boy? Seriously what IS the deal with Balloon Boy? But by FNAF 4, the games had just become a mire of unanswered questions, where it was becoming harder and harder to tell The difference between a Withered Freddy, a Phantom Freddy and Nightmare Freddy, let alone a Golden Freddy versus a Golden Fredbear. We had Fazbear's Fright, Fazbear's Pizzas, Fazbear Entertainment, Fredbear Diners, "Fredbear and Friends," missing children, crying children, and bites from PRETTY MUCH EVERY DECADE! Then came Sister Location where between the Butter and Bongos Theorists (myself included) struggled to try and fit together a story told by animatronics that lie, and HandUnits that lie, animatronics that fuse with other animatronics and animatronics that fuse together with humans, who then become purple... and immortal! Needless to say, it was a lot. For me one of the scariest part of FNAF wasn't the jumpscares, it was the lore. So you can understand why when the novels came out and offered what seemed to be simpler solutions, I hopped aboard. I started looking for more streamlined solutions within their pages. Hunting for clues to the games in a place where they didn't exist, but kind of looked like they exist, and probably should have existed, but didn't exist. And the only thing I accomplished in the process was making things more complicated. So all the time that FNAF 6 has been percolating in the back of Scott's mind-brain I've thrown out everything that I thought I knew about this series and I've gone back to doing what I do best darn it. Basic counting. 1 Freddy button, 2 Freddy buttons, one Foxy toe, two Foxy toes. Only this time I was aided by knowledge of where the series was headed. As well as Scott's latest release "The Freddy Files." It's a book that many others dismissed is merely an elongated strategy guide to the games, but to me it was invaluable at filtering down years worth of lore Into the details that Scott himself, deemed as the most important to focus on. And this entire process of starting at square one has helped me to see connections I never made before. enabling me to create the thing I was most scared of. ominous music A timeline. A series of events that explained key breadcrumbs that Scott has left for us along the way And the more I looked, the more it all started to make sense and that's the plan for this video and (spoiler alert) the next video to create a final definitive lore based theory, on the insanity that is FNAF. Putting to rest the key lingering questions in the first 5 entries of this franchise and opening the door for Scott to usher in FNAF 6. Since at this point, we all know he's just waiting for us to solve the previous games before he releases the new one. Right? Come to think of it, maybe I shouldn't finish this theory. sigh While I could sit here and rattle off hexadecimal color codes and Animatronic design features to painfully hammer out the Timeline Inch-By-inch, no one cares. Trust me I know. I wrote two other versions of the script where I did exactly that, and both of them sucked. I was boring and confusing myself. It gets way too convoluted way too quickly when you dive Into the details, but when I took a step back I realized that the best way to understand FNAF at this point in history is to know that it's not a story about a haunted pizzeria, it's the story of a family. Meet the Aftons. A perfectly normal family of five. Father, daughter, son, older brother, and mother. And the secrets of the Fazbear's Timeline are actually buried in the fates of each one of these characters. We begin with William Afton. The original Purple Guy. The father. The one who starts this whole timeline with a story that's all too familiar to us by this point he starts killing kids at bear themed pizza restaurants. It starts back in the '70s. Should have given him a big purple afro there, Scott. FNAF 2 flashes us back to these origins. Showing us Purple Guy's first victim at Fredbear's Family Diner before flashing forward to show another five victims of the Purple Guy in the FNAF 2 location and potentially yet another five victims in The FNAF 1 location and he would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling kids. Literally. Because his victims refused to stay dead. The soul of the first child enters the puppet who then gives life to the other children by preserving their spirits and the bodies of the other Fazbear's Animatronics give gifts give life. We've all known this for years and Scott even confirmed it. But, we had to start Somewhere since This Is where the story Begins, but where the story heads to next might surprise you. Sister Location. More specifically the Minigames from Sister Location. Where we meet Afton's Adorable green eyed Daughter, No Name. Doesn't Help that none of These Characters have a name. you see Old Billy Afton isn't content with manually killing kids anymore. He's Busy Figuring out New Ways to mass murder the Youth of this Nation and he Does what any good Business Owner Ought to do Outsources it to the machines he designs a series of Funtime Animatronics With Features Specifically Made for luring and Capturing Kids. We can see it on their blueprints. Parental Tracking, Grouping, Deter and Misdirect, Parental Voice Sync, and once again, he Would Have Gotten Away with it too if it weren't for Those Meddling Kids Or kid in This case. His own daughter. In fact, who is so excited by the circus baby animatronic that she ignores her father's warnings to stay away from it and falls victim to the claw. (screams) True FNAF Fashion she done gets herself scooped, goes on to possess Circus Baby and that causes the eye color of Baby to shift from blue to green. The tragedy results in the spin-off restaurant "Circus Baby's Pizza World" closing down in one day: the day it opens. And the Fun Times gets stored, as the trailer says, "deep below ground, where memories sleep." Just waiting for the day that they become rentals. One Afton down. Now before we kill off the next Afton child, let's rewind a minute to explain why Afton's daughter getting turned Into human fro-yo goes here, since this is a pretty extreme break from how most people understand the FNAF timeline. Evidence the first: not only do we see the animatronics actively moving around their respective galleries, but their luring and capturing features were built with the specific Intention of them acting as free-roaming robots. Something that we know was phased out in the aftermath of the Bite of '87. We also know that this incident happens before spring-lock suits get decommissioned. At night 4 of Sister Location, Baby traps you inside a spring-lock suit and says this: "You're inside something that came from my old pizzeria. I don't think it was ever used. At least not the way it was meant to be used." So Circus Baby and her pizzeria were from a time before the "unfortunate incident at the sister location involving multiple and simultaneous springlock failures." Which prompted all spring-locks to be banned, AKA: The Bite of '83. More on that whole thing in a minute. But perhaps the biggest clues to the timeline placement of the Baby incident come from FNAF 4, what most of us have considered the first game in the timeline, where the crying child gets bitten at his birthday party while Psychic Friend Fredbear ♫ He's here, he's there, he's everywhere ♫ ♫ Who you gonna call? ♫ ♫ Psychic Friend Fredbear! ♫ promises to put him back together. Throughout The game the Crying Child Afton's Youngest Son Keeps Hearing the words Remember. What you? saw Repeated Over and Over to him when the game first came out the Best I could do was speculate about what This was Referring to? But Now I think, We have our answer this moment his Sister Getting Scooped the crying Child Saw This Happen thus Prompting his Fear of Animatronics and We know he saw it Through One Crucial design Detail that Scott Included Look at How This Kid's Nightmares of Fredbear Materialize the Stomach Mouth it's A design Detail that We all Overlooked but There it Is Positioned in The Exact Same Way that Baby Rips in Half Two claw Grip Afton's Daughter it's How A child Would perceive that incident and that's not all it also Explains why The Afton Home has an empty Girls Room in it something That Scott Clearly Thought Was important for Us to see so why Is it empty? Because the Sister Is gone She's Dead She's a victim of Williams Sloppy Kidnapping Scheme Now just to be clear I know that a Previous Theory Said This girl is Baby but She's not it was A predictive Theory based on Visual Similarities that Didn't pan out In Sister Locations Scott very Clearly Showed Us that Afton's Daughter Doesn't Wear her Hair in Pigtails and has color hair than Pigtailed girl in FNAF Four and We all know how Picky scott is about Colors At Least at this Point of the Series he Learned his lesson after the whole Pink guy thing that's not all the lore Also Gives Us an Interesting perspective as We move on to the next Member of the Afton Clan here's A big Question that No, One's Thought to ask about this Series yet the mother mrs. Afton Where is she i mean Don't get me Wrong Adoption is a great Thing but something tells me that slick Willy Over here isn't the single Father of Three type it, was a question that I had Never Considered Until the answer Practically Slapped Me in The face While I was Reading the Freddy Files on Page 127 Scott Draws A very Clear Contrast between Funtime Freddy's Voice System and The One Belonging to baby and Ballora Quote Funtime Freddy's Audio Seems Pre-Recorded and Relates To Kids and Birthday Parties Unlike Ballora and Circus Babies Audio Which Is more Complex end Quote it's an Interesting Detail for scott to specifically Call out that I Honestly Never Considered Ballora is much more, aware of her surroundings Responding in Real-Time to movement in her Chamber and not Seeming to Rely on Pre-Recorded lines like the more Rudimentary Animatronics (in a creepy anamatronic voice) "i can hear someone creeping through my room" It Seems like more Than Just a coincidence that the only other Robot Possessing This Level of Speech Ability is the one That We know has Afton's Daughter Inside of her up until now we've all been Quick to write off ballora as Just this weird Rule 34 Bizarre New Addition to the Animatronic Roster but Is it possible that She's a bigger Part in This Story, Than We all realized this is far from Speculation? Another Major Clue Hides in The Song that She sings One That Scott Draws Particular Attention to in her Character Profile in Freddy Files the lyrics go "why do you hide inside your walls? When There is Music in My halls All I see is an empty Room No more Joy an empty Tomb It's so good to sing all day to Dance to spin to Fly away This Reference To an empty Tomb devoid of Joy Resembling A Vacant Tomb is the Same sort of language you Would hear from a parent Who Had Just Lost a child with a, child's Bedroom acting as A sort of Tomb Reminding Them of Their Loss Could it be that This Song is Referencing the Daughters empty Room that We just Talked about from FNAF 4 and if that's the case Does that Make Bloor as True IDentity Missus Afton Valora Is Motherly in A way that all the other Animatronics aren't With the Mini Rena's as her Children and She's a much Older and More Mature Looking Robot Than Anything Anything that we've Seen Throughout the Series if This? Were Truly the case based, on her Song it sounds like after the Daughter Done got Herself Scooped William retreated Into his Work and Probably A fair bit of Child murder Hiding in His private Room to bury His grief That's what ballora's is lying Hiding Inside your walls is Referencing it Would also explain why? William Has Abandoned his other Two sons by the Year 1983 the Time, We See FNAF 4 roll Around he's too? Grief-stricken Leaving the older Brother to be the one to have to take Care of the crying Child somewhere Before 1983 His wife leaves Him or eyes Or something it's not Really That Important and Afton Preserves her Memory Inside the Animatronic ballora and With That Another Afton Gets Buried and in The Basement Which brings us to 1983 and Leaves the men of the Household is the last One Standing Crying Child older Brother Michael and The Fate of William One Gets bit One Gets Scooped and One Gets Sprung ? I Don't know that sounds kind of Bad Regardless the debate of Whether Michael or william Is the true purple Guy who Ends Up in Spring-Trap As Part of next Week's Video Along with how, We know that this Is 1983 and my definitive answer on who the crying Child Becomes - Make sure you ring the Subscription Bell Down Below to find out next week as soon as Part 2 of this Ultimate FNAF Fury Airs Seriously do it Otherwise you'll Never know how this Series Ends and You'll Forever be Wondering Whether it's will Trap or mic Trap and Then fin F6 will come out and everything will be all Higgledy-Piggledy and as A final treat for Those of you, who want to get Super Nerdy About the Series and Need more Clarity on These Early Controversial Timeline Placements well sped up If you Look Beyond Just Their Fancier more modern Designs Evidence Around the sister Location Animatronics Plates to them being Earlier Models One Detail of FNAF 4 That I've Been Kicking Around in my head for a year Now as the Canonicity of the halloween Update Is Updates scott included Three New Characters Nightmare Mangle Nightmare Balloon Boy and Night Marionette the Appearances of Mangle and Marietta Both labeled as Non Can Into The Series but things Had A wrinkle With Nightmare Balloon Boy Because he got a Pass he was Deemed Canon and That Set off Huge Red Flags for me Because it tells Us a crucial Detail by the Time of FNAF 4 or Mangle doesn't Exist yet and Crying Child hasn't Seen The Puppet but Balloon Boy does exist and has Been Seen By little Jimmy night Tears over Here Logically for Scott to Officially Say That Nightmare Balloon Boy is canon he has to have Predated the events We See in Finn and for Balloon Boy Had Be Around prior To 1983 Which leads Us to what We See in Here Is sister Location sister Locations sister location's Location Is Full of Humanoid Robots here There's Ballora and Baby but There's Also These little dolls that share A similar Shape and Visual Style to Balloon Boy, they, Could seem like an Earlier Pizzeria Had A more Human Theme and The Fazbear's Restaurants That Restaurant I believe with circus Babies Pizza World now One Thing I know People are Gonna Bring Up in Sister Location Hand unit Says due to the massive Successes even more so of the unfortunate Closing of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza It was Clear that the Stage was set No pun for Another Contender in Children's Entertainment during the Location of Sister Location Opened after Fazbear's Pizza Close Down Would lead you to assume that the Events of Sister Location Are Happening Later in The Timeline and you Wouldn't Be Wrong They are but hand Unit is Talking About circus Babies Entertainment and rentals Baby and Ballora Were built for circus Babies Pizza World Which as I showed Came out Long before that this Coincides With what we learn About circus Babies Pizza World in The Pregame Teaser Scott Released on Scott games Quote the Grand Opening of circus Babies Pizza World has Apparently Been Canceled due The Reported Gas Leaks in The Building There was Only a handful of People that ever got to Look Inside Kids from Here and There end Quote Obviously This is all a Cover-Up for them Actually Closing The Restaurant in the Wake of Afton's Daughter's Death that's beside the Point what's important here Is that the Animatronics were built in An Earlier Time Clearly during a period When Rosy Cheeks got A big Thumbs Up in the design Department and were then Stored on the ground after Opening day When Afton's girl got Scooped some were Kept in Rotation when it out for Parties Which Explains how, Balloon Boy Shows Up in FNAF 2 all the others got Forgotten Underground only to be uncovered when Michael, was said to put them all back Together (silence) Wait, are you all still here? Oh good, because I have yet to say it: remember, it's all just a theory. A GAME THEORY! See you next week for the finale to my final FNAF theory! Well, at least final FNAF "lore" theory. I suppose I could do a science one if the mood struck, and if there is eventually news for FNAF 6, I can do a predictive theory about it, I guess. By the way, did you hit that bell yet? You should, to celebrate our 200th episode, give or take one and a half or so, but whatever! This one feels like A big event. And, finally, you remember my YouTube Red Series Game Lab? Another episode is free for you to watch right now! No YouTube Red subscription required, Available internationally, no problems, just click on it and watch. And it is, low and behold, the FNaF Episode. I put myself, as well as three other YouTubers, through a real-Life Version of the FNaF Series. 100% Recreated, too, like battery-powered doors and everything with limited Energy; It's great. Check out how I do in a real-Life Version of FNaF by clicking the box to the right Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to- I need to go record Part Two of this episode, so that way you have it ready in time for next week. Not letting you down, not making you wait a questionable amount of time for the finale to this whole thing. We got this. It's gonna be a good one.
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