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  1. Winter Update Xmas Server 24/7 Nipperhouse server opened! with Special days Hub Added Limited edition winter skins - will only be available through 1/7/20 Grenade skins - Santa Hat (2000 credits) Auras - Christmas Trees (2000 credits), Ice Trail (2250 credits), Snowglobe (4500 credits) Chat tags - Santa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa (750 credits each)
  2. @Dannypicacho ~closed you need to have at least 12 hours on our servers which can be found here! @Jef you can join the discord if you're looking for people to play with! Join the Xeno Gamers Official Discord Server! DISCORDAPP.COM Check out the Xeno Gamers Official community on Discord - hang out with 769 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
  3. i didn't do anything nerd
  4. Jadow

    Minecraft server

    we only have skyblock and a modded one TB Revelation 1.12.2 at mc2.xenogamers.com
  5. i mean those are clearly friends playing together and that's also 1 freekill
  6. Fall/Halloween Hub Update All Servers Added Limited-time Hub Items Zombie Chicken (1500 credits) grenade skin Pumpkins and Candy Corn auras (2000 credits ea.) Haunted and Leaves auras (4500 credits ea.) Spooky, Ghost, and Skeleton chat tags (750 credits ea.) Jailbreak Limited-Time: Added Spooky Scary Skeletons LastCT song (750 credits) jb_carceris has been replaced with a spooky version, jb_carceris_hill
  7. i haven't been on why would i vouch all i asked was if he wanted to be part of my sniper clan
  8. haha

    1. Bumpy


      No the band name is A-ha

  9. Jadow


    He's actually Owen Nine and occasionally Owen Five
  10. Jadow

    Financial Literacy

    i shall spend every cent that i get on my paycheck on csgo r8s oh wait i don't have a job