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    who breathes LUL
  2. Minigames Maps Added mg_bomberman_grassland mg_weapon_case_arenas_v1_2 mg_bouncingbomb_v2 de_plumbing RPG Surf It's back with more upgrades! All Upgrades Kill exp increased to 5*player level (from 3) Assist exp increased to 2*player level (from 1) Exp per headshot decreased to 20 (from 50) Exp for killing a dominating enemy in revenge increased to 10*player level (from 4) Clipsize initial price reduced to 20 (from 30) Vampire max level decreased to 8 (from 10) Frost Pistol max level decreased to 8 (from 10) Fire Pistol max level decreased to 8 (from 10) Note: The first DB reset will be 9/1/19 and will occur every 2 months after. Have map suggestions? Click here to request maps!
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    First Video

    wow is that a hanzo potg? i've never seen one playing with you!
  4. there's been too many warnings and here i thought you were reformed
  5. he's about to win his own raffle lul
  6. Bumpys getting cl next promo xB official
  7. If we get enough people saying yes here i'll/gowope'll make it happen