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  1. congrats on not getting demoted @Bumpy
  2. Bumpy


    So basically you are stepping down?
  3. Bumpy


    I agree that its a bit harsh, however I also hope its an eye opener for him.
  4. Bumpy


    +1 I think I only talked to Skittle once or twice and I have nothing to do with the tf2 division. However I do not believe a Division leader should be this immature and irresponsible. Lying about injuries or suicide attempts is never okay.
  5. Division Discord Offenders In-Game Name Dannypicacho#8187 Offender's Identity Dannypicacho#8187 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence He bully me.
  6. Wanna know why they call me Bumpy?
  7. +1 I've played with you once in the sudden pop in jb the other day. From what I've seen you seem to be a chill guy. Hopefully jb continues to pop.
  8. Bumpy


    you forgot bumpy
  9. While I haven't spoken with Crow personally, I have looked at the screenshots and scrolled through messages of his. He seems to pick a fight within any conversation. Maybe a final warning then ban?
  10. Something along these lines might work.