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  1. The best video game character is probably the appearance of David Bowie in The Nomad Soul.
  2. Bumpy

    Oldfags throwback

    I joined in September of last year. I'm really old.
  3. Then he isn't bumpy. These are important features.
  4. Im a web administrator for a smallish company in Seattle.
  5. I do, only for Spyro Reignited and Stardew Valley though.
  6. Bumpy


    Going to stay neutral. At times playing with him was quite enjoyable, but the constant racism along side the toxicity got annoying quick. If his act is cleaned up, then Ill welcome him back with open arms.
  7. +1 from me. Mature and is a good boy.
  8. After being the xB overlord for a day and a half. I've decided to return ownership to @Rhododendron. Thanks everyone for making Xeno Bumpies such a great place. (Im staying as Mod though )
  9. lg g7 thinq. Great phone, but has a notch on the top.
  10. I'm Surprised I made it. STEAM_1:0:90835355
  11. Bumpy


    Might be hard to do