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  1. Bumpy

    What's your favorite drink?

    well unfortunately I reside in the US.
  2. Bumpy

    DidJewSeeThat? - Counter-Strike

    Worried we will get more people like this, now that CSGO is free2play.
  3. Bumpy

    What's your favorite drink?

    I dont drink alcoholic drinks cus im 18 and obey the law like a good citizen. Non alcoholic: Pepsi
  4. Bumpy

    What's your spirit animal?

    Giraffe. No questions asked.
  5. Bumpy

    What is the cs div like?

    Highly recommend stopping by.
  6. Bumpy

    Stardew Valley Giveaway

    I grew up playing Harvest Moon a lot with my older sister. I soon stopped playing as in my opinion the HM games got worse overtime. Playing Stardew Valley really filled me with nostalgia, even if you don't have an experience like me, This is an amazing game and I highly recommend it.
  7. Bumpy


    Agreed. I have high hopes for ya!
  8. Bumpy

    1v1 Tournament

    Sounds fun
  9. Bumpy


    lol, wasnt shaming you at all, dont worry bout it
  10. Bumpy


    Still dont understand why the most common misspelling of my name is bumby
  11. Bumpy


    If goldfish can fix his act, and grow up a little, I think its possible. Currently where he stands, staff is not a good idea. My apologies if my posts seemed, as Bonk said, "hehe fuck goldfish -1".
  12. Bumpy

    "Bumpy" Rank

  13. Bumpy

    "Bumpy" Rank

    The "Bumpy" rank would be a great rank to have. It having 0 special abilities, but constantly displaying "Bumpy". Maybe could be a rank on the discord and forms as well?
  14. Bumpy


    -1 Its a no from me. As Brady said, most of what you said is a lie.
  15. Bumpy

    Which Coding Language Do You Like The Most?

    html is my favorite programming language jokes aside, I like making things other than hotkeys in Autohotkey