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  1. wow guys... rememeber xg? hit the "Like" button if you rememmer!

  2. -1 every time i see you on the server you behave like a child
  3. I don't see why that would be a problem. If you're going to complain about Xenogamers censoring slurs of any kind for whatever reason then I think you should complain about respecting other players rule as well. If what you want is to use slurs on the servers, plenty of people are going to abuse that. You already see people join the server occasionally spouting out the n-word like it's nothing just to start shit and are gagged/muted/kicked/banned for it and I would personally rather not have those people stick around just because you wanted to joke around with your friend. That's probably because a lot of people are afraid to speak their voice. I know I've heard some condescending things said about minorities on the servers before but, in all honesty, I'd rather not say anything because I don't really want to argue with that person, especially if they got a good portion of the server convinced that a particular group of people are bad because they are different. I'm sorry everybody wasn't raised the same and taught how to respect others. Please keep in mind that staff is made up of human beings that interpret things differently. What's bad to one person could be completely fine to another and if someone is unsure they'd ask for a second opinion on the situation. This happens all the time with non-racial slurs like "fag" and causes confusion among staff members. While it is allowed in some cases, other times it's not and people constantly check if the word is used maliciously or not.
  4. please come to brazil
  5. This is a passive aggressive status.
    1. yesstergi


      how many of these does it take to get admin ???
  6. wow love the new xg theme
    1. Thorax_
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      I'm on mobile so just the xG logo is having a seizure
  7. There are many things wrong eith yhis application. First, I'd like to point out while you were staff before that doesn't mean you deserve special treatment and skip moderator. Also, saying that anyone who disagrees with your logic if unfit for admin is very immature. -1
  8. 3dland plays very differently than most maps, feels better when you play agile classes such as demo, soldier, or scout. it also looks very nice and the ? blocks are a nice little thing to add -1 for removal
  9. good morning my favorite musky bussy husky SEND this to 5 ✅ of the YIFFIEST furries you know❣️
  10. who like boobah
  11. It seems nice, but very abusable. I feel like it would be better if you could find a way to disable progress until a certain amount of players join the server and making them reset weekly instead of daily along with making the objective much harder to achieve (ex. 100 headshots using the Ambassador)
  12. Espeon


    +1 active and mature