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  1. coomer.mp4

  2. keep it fresh

  3. time to shut it down boys, it was a good ride while it lasted. xG TF2 Division 2012-2019.


    i'll see you all in halo mcc

    1. Red


      I’ll see you on NGS wit the gang gang 😎

  4. @Dannypicachodanny ape ooga booga

    1. Dannypicacho


      shut up monkey brain oo oo

  5. i bought an unusual unboxed buy virr, therefor i win
  6. that feel when searing is rarer than burning
  7. I think its safe to say the tf2 economy and community is borderline dead with the latest update lol, long term atleast, short term it looks good on paper, but a month from now the game will have less than 20k players and slowly die
  8. i bought a bunch of unusuals and resold them poggers

  9. hugh neutron is the cutest man in anime

  10. ngl id rather play on xG, thats all im gonna say lol
  11. csgo dead game, i only play super animal royale now