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  1. Semper


    xG made up most of my 6th-8th grade years, Started in CSS, then Transferred to TF2 after duckiijr who was a longtime friend at the time showed me the game and I fell in love with it(my brother also told me to play aswell)
  2. Semper


    +1 more active than 70% of the staff as is, controversial, and understands how to joke around, perfect for xG, Rise Up Gamers. I just wanna see where this goes tbh, 2019 is gonna be lit.
  3. Semper

    Working on an new OC

    I've seen the full image already, but I do like the character, do you know what breed your dog is?
  4. Semper


    I do plan on playing on the servers atleast 14+ hours a week, since tf2 is my life. Hello Precious boi, thank you for the kind words, red pandas are pretty awesome, just ask @Caleb956
  5. Semper


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Semper Identity STEAM_0:1:37641111 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Since 2011 Information Seg told me to @SegFault I think I was mod for like a week in 2012 and decided it wasnt for me, but apparently the tf2 division is in need of active staff currently, I'm applying to keep things up to par since there seems to be a decline in activity in general for the whole division with the holidays, lack of content from valve, and many other things. Not sure what to expect, hopefully I have the playtime for it with all thats been going on irl lol. I guess some other notes is I've been admin for other communities over the years prior to me rejoining this year, so I have knowledge of Sourcebans, Admin Menu, Etc. Bottom line is, xG needs some staff, not sure what I can bring to the table other than just being on and disciplining rule breakers.
  6. Semper

    Should I become a furry

    Im a little late to the answer, but as someone who has been here since the beginning of xG and discovering what furries were because of xG myself back when I was 13(I turn 21 tomorrow)there will always be issues within the community on this stuff, there really isnt a correct answer either, other than just be yourself. Dont be afraid to reach out to others about how you feel though, if of course this isn't a troll post.
  7. Semper

    Stepping down

    bye dad, thanks for raising me right, i'm gonna miss you.
  8. @TrashPandathis is my turf, you best stay on your side

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    2. TrashPanda


      But I haven't skill 

    3. Semper


      who needs skill when you can charge shots on bunker

    4. TrashPanda


      Sounds like skill to me 🤔

  9. Semper

    Discord - Leveling Bot (Tatsumaki)

    too many channels to manage unless you can somehow make the bot usable in 1 channel only aka #bot-commands or whatever it would be called, i would +1 but it would get annoying quick seeing everyone level up every 10 messages, I personally only use the bot in private discords where I can give credits to friends who can buy backgrounds etc, since I have everything I would want from the bot already.
  10. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa- Some guy

  11. Semper


    Did not know that, thank you for the heads up
  12. Semper

    1v1 Tournament

    i would participate if my internet isn't awful that day
  13. Semper


    Been part of this community since feb 2011, AIDS is a fundamental cog in the machine that is xG, you want real AIDS ping someone like Mad Scientist, PurpleDrank, DuckiiJr or even better yet bring back rexxthg123 from the dead