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  1. 10 years of xG

    1. Dannypicacho


      im so sorry

  2. among us hacks among us hacks download download among us hacks here at xenogamers.com

  3. 9 Years on xG!!

  4. Semper


    I can't tell this is a shitpost or serious I usually avoid interclan politics and drama, but I could see this blowing up in the wrong direction pretty quick, my opinion doesn't matter much though since im not active on the servers or discord anymore.
  5. +1 he killed me with a classic
  6. +crits -aquatic, bunker, mauport, and every other map tbh
  7. i forgot we even had gmod servers
  8. Semper


    playing tf2 in 2020
  9. now if only corona could bring back source this year would be the best

  10. corona made tf2 popular again

    1. Aegean


      It's a miracle

  11. very real hot take: danny bad