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  1. To those who arent voting or trying to stay neutral and pussyfooting around because you're scared of others opinions, need to actually vote disagree/agree, if you dont vote or have a recommendation or voice your opinion, nothing will change, we are being given the option and oppurtunity to make a change in the community, to make things better or worse, which is alot better than nothing being done, so if you dont vote and complain later on thats on you for not doing your part and making a difference, so please vote accordingly to the suggestions above, and try to be honest with yourself. /seriousthreadxd
  2. Semper

    cute animals

    almost 8 years later and it turns out im a furry and my sona is a red panda, damn, what a coincidence.
  3. Fox used to play for Faze back in 2017
  4. thats a pretty bold prediction, i do agree they will make it out of challenger stage, but i dont see them making out of group, and if they do, its because autimatic or flusha will carry them
  5. First off, who do you think is gonna win the major? feel free to express who, why. Also, if you are participating in the Pickem Challenge, Feel free to show your picks and progress throughout the major! Here are my challengers stage picks:
  6. do I honestly have to give a detailed response, i've watched the server die many times after changing to either of these maps.
  7. I was staff for a month or so and had no problem finding time in my day to join the server and just chill for a hour or two. while I was dislocated from home because of a house fire and staying with family. If I can do that, anyone certainly can, I also take care of my grandmother who had cancer and has to use a cpap machine to breath at night, and just alot more other life stuff, If you can't put in the time and effort you're just lazy, 14 hours in 2 weeks is baby stuff, I used to put 200 hours biweekly into source when i was like 14, people have lives too, and we have to acknowledge all that Kypari, Nutty and Caleb have done and how Long they have been here and how much of their time and lives they have sacrificed to make the tf2 div what it is now, can you blame them? sometimes people need a break from it after doing it for so long. the more I read this thread, the more it seems like a Joke. Maybe we could bring paid Moderators back.
  8. I would personally recommend you play on the servers a bit more, but you seem friendly enough. I'm staying Neutral for now.
  9. I've seen them around, not much I can comment on, chat logs seem ok, and they have played on surf quite a bit. they seem ok enough to +1
  10. still waiting for my check @mrnutty12

    1. mrnutty12


      @SegFault handles those smh