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  1. Where are they now? tf2: dead csgo: dead everything else: dead tf2 killed by poor decision making by higher ups and refusing to change, results that had clear consequences way back in 2019 that proved to be a pivoting point in the community, had anyone stepped up and put their foot down and said “this is what we need” things maybe could have been different, now the community is a shell of it’s former self. I wasp 13 years old when I first joined a xenogamers server in 2011, my first love and passion was counter strike source, I am now 26 years old and coming up on 13 years as a member, i transferred from the css division around 2012 to tf2 and i have been there since, i have always watched and rarely been involved in the community as I prefer to stay away from clan politics but it’s just sad to see the state of complacency and incompetence, granted everyone moves on and lives will be lived, but there should have been a safeguard to pass the torch, i could not tell you who is even staff anymore for the servers. At this point there is no recovering what has been lost, I just wish I could have done more for the community when there was still time for a change.
  2. bring back source jailbreak
  3. i cant believe it, i saw 5 people on tgh tf2 thats the most its seen in 4 years

  4. omg i remember the t3k days wasnt it supposed to be some startup jailbreak started by a previous member of xG, purpledrank someone right? been about 10+ years, cant remember names anymore
  5. who even is staff for the tf2 servers, and why are they still up


  6. just like happiness in slavery, you too can enjoy xenogamers.

  7. xG 10 mans were the highlight of my CSGO career, 180ing and killing danny as he tried to knife me running up banana on inferno was legendary

    1. Dannypicacho


      we need to start 10manning again @SegFault when are you unbanned babe @Genocide come back 

  8. when are we bringing back source severs, i want to play the awful jb lego map so i can get killed by the doors indiscriminately again 

    1. Bumpy


      Good luck. The doors can still kill you on the current servers however.

  9. 10 years of xG

    1. Dannypicacho


      im so sorry

    2. Semper


      thank you for understanding my loss, I have suffered countless nights of crying trying to remember the days of when I was just but a young lad, spending 12 hours a day on Jailbreak servers, losing my 24 hour virginity, remembering those who once walked beside me in straight lines facing cells, all just for me to come back once every 6 months and reminisce of the good old days. 

  10. among us hacks among us hacks download download among us hacks here at xenogamers.com

  11. 9 Years on xG!!

  12. Semper


    I can't tell this is a shitpost or serious I usually avoid interclan politics and drama, but I could see this blowing up in the wrong direction pretty quick, my opinion doesn't matter much though since im not active on the servers or discord anymore.
  13. +1 he killed me with a classic