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  1. Semper


    +1, bring back source
  2. Semper


    tell virr hes cute
  3. i just ate 3 chicken sandwiches from wendy's 

    1. Caleb956


      can you get me some chicken nuggets

    2. virr


      im jealous

  4. why kill surf even more, remove random crits it will just become tgh 2
  5. Semper

    Oldfags throwback

    here is my first application that got accepted, totally didn't lie about my age or anything.
  6. Im eating black lacorice and no one can stop me

    1. Caleb956


      Its pretty good stuff.

    2. -Diphikult


      You barbarian

  7. Semper is just my Fursonas name, my original name on here "NoobDestroy" was when my name used to be Destroyer of Noobs back in 2011-2012, at one point in time during the glory days of css i was #1 on both the JB and Surf server, and I think played on the scrim team briefly when I was 13-14 years old, I remember playing a dust2 scrim but didnt have a mic so I used teamchat. Destroyer of Noobs just made sense to me back then thanks to my 13-14 year old brain.
  8. I havent owned a phone since 8th grade, no reason for it since i have no friends irl
  9. only cool kids remember seamus

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    2. Topaz


      a fellow man of culture

    3. Roy


      What’s a seamus

    4. Semper


      Shotgun Rain @Topaz

  10. Semper


    Hi Destroyer of Noobs here welcome back.
  11. Where did all my 2011 boys go