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  1. Anyone around DMG tryna do some wingman?

    1. MJP


      Lol dmg is shit tier my guy. Pls don’t hit me

  2. YoungLean

    Joke day for !lr?

    not depressed just 14
  3. YoungLean


    Amateur artist with old equipment doesn't really equal prison tattoo. Funny that you mention that though, I'm getting my sleeve done by a cousin who's been doing tattoos in and out of prison for like 20 years.
  4. YoungLean


    Plan on getting a full sleeve in a few weeks, but cool designs are hard to find. I was thinking like some samurai poop, would be nice to have your guys thoughts/suggestions :^)
  5. I hear it all the time lol, I made this name like 6 years ago I didn't even know of yung lean
  6. I swear I could navigate that whole map blindfolded, I hate it but it gets servers populated quick as fudge
  7. Noticed you guys were missing some OG maps, here's some of my favorites :^) jb_lego_jail_v8 ba_jail_electric_razor_v6
  8. hi everyone, I'm Lean. Been playing CSS since 08, recently moved to CSGO after getting permed from my last community. Not much else to say, I'm 20 years old, live in Ohio, and play way too much cs. Hmu if you wanna talk / play something