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  1. Also Traps Are Gay

    1. Precious


      no u

  2. Stomp Stomp Stomp

  3. I’m still down to fill in ;-;
  4. MJP

    Lowest rated

    Who is the lowest rated person on the forums ? cant find a filter for it
  5. I saw two posts that had a different take, the get a life retort works perfectly at people taking a video game community serious when it doesn’t affect them at all, it was dog piling when the opinions change only slightly.
  6. I bet Danny is the kinda rart that takes a bite out of the chapstick.
  7. Awwwww, this is what happens when the special ed room is opened up.
  8. Lol I’ll play @Dannypicacho because I’m obviously better at bopping than you. @hongkongatronyou obviously don’t get the joke lel
  9. My point is people were provoking him a lot and then proceeded to act suprised he was pissed. Honestly If I were him I would have acted in a different manner but it would not have been good for anyone. It’s a gaming community, that’s nothing to someone’s life and if it is I feel sorry that you have to shit on someone online for micspamming or doing something weird in game. Even spamming forums is whatever. Just downvote the member app with legitimate reasons or downvote the staff app, not make a post about him acting immature when five others were made.
  10. I mean no you guys really didn’t do shit except barrage the kid for feeling like shit in a community. @DepressedNeonNepp learn from the fact that it’s just a server you play on, no point in getting upset about people who care too much or think there is a “level of maturity in a community” . The maturity you show now will gradually improve or it won’t but either way it doesn’t matter
  11. MJP

    Selfie Sunday

    Ummmm, Maybe I’m just retarded but I don’t know why @VinylScratch would be mad. That was not my intention. Me and a friend were using filters on people in selfie Sunday and making them look wonky. If it makes you upset I’m sorry that wasn’t my intention but it’s litteraly a picture of two filters called .hit that makes the person distorted and look older. If you got mad at then then okay I’m sorry but it’s not really a big deal.
  12. MJP

    Selfie Sunday

    Yeah, you look like walter white with the filter on lol. I thought it looked funny.
  13. MJP


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name MJP Identity https://steamcommunity.co Ban Type Server Ban Information I TRIED my hardest to do ALL Dance moves but i couldnt ? I have a thing where my hands shake constantly so i cant hold the camera. My B B