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  1. Hey all, I was wondering if there were any other software devs in xG. I've new to the group, would love to add you and get play some games! Podo
  2. The weirdest questions the Butterball Turkey Hotline has received WWW.MSN.COM It’s 8 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and you just realized you forgot to thaw your turkey. Don’t panic. Call 1-800-BUTTERBALL. I can't believe this is a real thing. I just thought I would share. How will YOU be cooking your turkey this thanksgiving??
  3. I pretty much only surf in tf2, I like *must* 100% maps, so I surf until I can. I often have like 0 points at the end of a round, but am happy if I completed the surf ?
  4. Hi there, Is there anyway for me to be able to tell how many hours I have on the server so that I can reapply once I hit it. I tried searching around for a command but couldn't find one and no one seemed to be able to help me out in server ?
  5. IGN is Podo, but usually I add something in brackets prior. Currently [JOLLY AF] Podo. I've actually seen you surfing spirit ?
  6. Hi there, New to the xeno community but I have roughly 600 hours in TF2. I've spent a ton of that time surfing and recently stumbled upon xenos combat surf, decided I liked the community so I figured I might as well join. Catch me in game, lets surf! Podo
  7. In-Game Name Podo Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity U:1:57698162 Age 27 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers ~10 hours Reason for Joining Looking for a community to play TF2 with. Love to surf, like the people I've met on your servers.