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  1. Really, what is the biggest division we have? I have heard a few different things so i want to know which division is the biggest?
  2. Really, what is the biggest division we have? I have heard a few different things so i want to know which division is the biggest?
  3. Can someone tell my what the csgo division is like? Ive never been on it, im in the tf2 division. How good is the csgo division and what kind of servers does it have?
  4. Hello, i know this is not really viedeos but this will go fir youtube too. I am a newer streamer on twitch and i was wondering if anybody had any tips? Along woth twitch i want to eventually do youtube but i would like to stick to twitch for now. It would be really nice if someone could give me some tips. Thank you for your time and have a nice rest of your day.
  5. Im selling a cardboard boxed rocket launcher and a spectral swirl shotgun i will really take anything in return. Byyyyeeeee!!
  6. Tell me you favorite songs from these categories. Becuase i really dont go out and listen to different songs unless my friends tell me to listen to it or whatever, trying to expand my music list, whatever its called.
  7. Nova_

    Cats or Dogs

    Both, they both are great in general. If you want a pet thats real chill and hangs around all day, get a cat and some dogs will too but when it comes to you wanting a pet thats playful, you probably should go with a dog.
  8. In our tf2 servers i think that there should be tuant commands for us players out there. When i was playing, some one that was a donator was having to find the ID to the taunt they wanted and they were having to do it to other people for them to use it too. There are other people like me that dont have donator (and dont have taunts) becuase they dont have paypal or whatever/aren't old enough to have it. So well these are my reasons of why i think we should have a taunt command that is done in chat for everyone. Even though i know there are not many reasons and this is short, but these are my reasons. Ill see you guys later!
  9. Am i tha only one that has spent more time of the surf sever than any other server....ive only been on 1 different server and that was for like an hour. So am i the only one?
  10. Hello, i am one of the newer members and i want to meet more of the people part of the tf2 division. The tf2 division is great i love it to death, especially the surf server. Welp i hope to see a meet you soon guys.
  11. Im a newer member of xG, tf2 division, and i just want to say helloo and i hope to meet more of you guys in the future!
  12. Nova_


    In-Game Name Nova meds Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=393226642&token=3H-CzT0a Age 13 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 24 hours Reason for Joining I want to join because i love the chatting in the surf server and thats the one i play the most and i would like to be a part of the community and the servers.