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  1. Selling Professional Kill Streak Holy Mackerels Kits for six keys each or in offers that sell easy for six keys. Also selling it in TF2 Marketplace. I got lots of variety for Sheen's and kill streakers for the Professional Holy Mackerel Kits just hit me up i"m sure I got what you looking for. These are the available Professional Killstreak kits for the Holy Mackerel that are for sale. Cerebral Discharge 1.Agonizing Emerald (Subdued Green) 2.Deadly Daffodil (Yellow) 3.Hot Rod (Pink) 4.Manndarin (Orange) 5.Mean Green (Bright Green) 6.Team Shine (Red & Blue) 7.Villainous Violet (Purple) Incinerator 1. Agonizing Emerald(Subdued Green) 2. Deadly Daffodil(Yellow) 3. Hot Rod(Pink) 4. Manndarin(Orange) 5.Mean Green(Bright Green) 6.Team Shine(Red & Blue) 7.Villainous Violet(Purple) Fire Horns 1.Agonizing Emerald(Subdued Green) 2.Deadly Daffodil(Yellow) 3.Hot Rod(Pink) 4.Manndarino(Orange) 5.Mean Green(Bright Green) 6.Team Shine (Red & Blue) 7.Villainous Violet(Purple) Flames 1.Agonizing Emerald(Subdued Green) 2.Deadly Daffodil(Yellow) 3.Hot Rod(Pink) 4.Manndarin(Orange) 5.Mean Green(Bright Green) 6.Team Shine(Red & Blue) 7.Villainous Violet(Purple) Hypno Beams 1. Agonizing Emerald (Subdued Green) 2. Deadly Daffodil (Yellow) 3. Hot Rod (Pink) 4. Manndarin (Orange) 5.Mean Green (Bright Green) 6.Team Shine (Red & Blue) 7. Villainous Violet(Purple) Singularity 1.Agonizing Emerald(Subdued Green) 2.Deadly Daffodil(Yellow) 3.Hot Rod(Pink) 4.Manndarin(Orange) 5.Mean Green(Bright Green) 6.Team Shine(Red & Blue) 7.Villainous Violet(Purple) Tornado 1.Agonizing Emerald(Subdued Green) 2.Deadly Daffodil(Yellow) 3.Hot Rod(Pink) 4.Manndarin(Orange) 5.Mean Green(Bright Green) 6.Team Shine (Red & Blue) 7.Villainous Violet(Purple) If You Don't See What you want just hit me up it Might be listed in the Marketplace Or the Community Market if not I will craft you a new one.
  2. As of recently a lot of people have been complaining about trade gaming history map rotation being too large and having maps we don’t play or like going to and I personally feel like we should reduce the map pool to half. I’ll be listing maps which I feel should stay and maps that should go. This is my list and some people may agree/disagree which I encourage you to do since we want to actually know people opinion rather than just do shit out of our asses. If you disagree on a certain map on "my list" please just feel free to tell me. We’ll collect everyone vouches and opinions and review everything so that we can decide what stays and goes. Here’s the full list of maps currently on rotation /nominate O = STAYS ON ROTATION N = NEUTRAL X = REMOVE 1. Trade_jollyrogerbay_v3 X 2. Dm_boostertower_v2 X 3. Trade_clickclockwood_kz1 N 4. Rusty_bucket_bay O 5. Trade_clocktown_v1a O 6. Dm_mariokart3_v1 O 7. Trade_Minecraft_Realms_Final O 8. Trade_delfino_airstrip_b3 O 9. Trade_smsdelfinoplaza_a4 N 10.trade_freezeezypeak_b1 X 12.trade_windfallisland_final X 13.trade_rainbow_palace_v1a X 14.koth_aquaticruin_final O 15.cp_kakariko_a3 O 16.koth_megaman6_rc1 O 18.trade_duketown_v1 O 19.koth_goldeneye_temple_a1 N 20.trade_hazy_maze_cave X 21.trade_outset_island X 22.trade_frantic_factory_v4a O 23.ctf_facing_worlds_2011 N 24.koth_saturnvalley N 25.mario_kart_deluxe_v3 O 26.trade_rogueport_xgfix O 27.ctf_the_lava_giant_b2 O 28.ctf_darktower XX 29.trade_abstract_augemented_a1 N 30.trade_minecraft_neon_v65_xmas O 31.cp_hotelhell N 32.sm64_star_road_b2 N 33.oot3d_hyrule O 34.dm_sdm_final X 35.trade_finalfantasy_town N 36.trade_nimbusland X 37.ge_bunker_v1 O 38.trade_pso_seabed_v2 X 40.sm64_big_boos_haunt X 41.trade_mmm_v1 X 42.tf_doom_e1m1_v01 O 43.koth_sollytude N 44.trade_minecraft_star_17_fix N 45.koth_delivery_rc4 O 46.koth_oofbay_v1 O 47.cp_dust2 X 48.vsh_bianco_hills_v5_koth O 49.cp_inferno O Since our poll system is utter garbage and we have limit on it, i’ll be making several polls for most of the maps on the list expect for a few popular ones like aquatic rogueport megaman clocktown and what not. I'll be making separate polls for 3 maps each unless someone can make limit for polls unlimited. I'll probably make them tomorrow since i'm lazy..
  3. Here's another announcement! But don't worry, it's actually good news for once! Rejects and I figured out how to make certain titles accesable to certain flags. As of today, staff has the option to wear titles according to their ranks. How to claim your title: Type !store. Select "Titles". Buy the according title, it's gonna look like this: These titles are obviously only visible and buyable for staff members. Server Mod looks like this: Server Admin looks like this: Titles will not replace tags for now, we'll have a discussion about that in the future and update you guys on this subject. Enjoy your titles, lads.
  4. Many people already know, but me and @WubbaLubbaDubDub piled in some money to get a $100 ring in TF2 and named it "Blue Raspberry Ring Pop." Yeah, I had zero idea of how I had to gift the ring but it was pretty cool. [MEDIA=imgur]a/JaK8f[/MEDIA] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYglVsx5wFs
  5. Hey all, thanks for clicking on the thread. I was playing on DeathRun today, and strangely enough I started thinking of JailBreak DeathRun, which got me thinking of Obstacle Course. Which then led to the idea: What if we had a server COMPLETELY dedicated to Obstacle Courses, like with DeathRun? Of course, there comes the issues, such as "What maps? This is completely new." and "What plug-ins will we need, if any?" As for the task of making maps for this game mode, I will step forward and attempt going through the process of making an Obstacle Course map, if need be. If not, we can hopefully always find community peoples who are willing to do so. Also, I do not think that plug-ins would be neccisary, since ususually the only problem would be class speeds. I am really interested to hear the opinions of everyone here, so if you are 100% sure that this is a yes (+1) or no (-1) decision, put a vouch in your comment along with a vote in the poll and an adequate reason. Happy discussing! ~OneGlove
  6. 1 Règles Liées au Surf Ne pas attaquer de joueurs depuis votre Spawn ou le Spawn ennemi. Note : Si un ennemi vous tue dans son Spawn alors que vous y êtes aussi, cela ne s’applique pas. Cela inclut n’importe quel type de dommage, ainsi que l’airblasting. Il est simplement, catégoriquement interdit de tuer qui que ce soit depuis votre Spawn. Sur les cartes Linéaires: Il est interdit d’empêcher la progression de joueurs passants. Ne pas construire de Constructions d’Engineer depuis votre Spawn ou sur la piste de surf. Ne pas utiliser les objectifs du jeu (points de contrôle, etc.) pour terminer prématurément le round. 2 Règles Générales Toute décision finale revient toujours aux membres du Staff. Ne parler qu’en Anglais, que ce soit sur le microphone ou dans le chat. Ne pas spammer, que ce soit sur le microphone ou dans le chat. Seuls les membres xG ont droit d’utiliser le tag [xG]. Pas de racisme. Ne pas utiliser de bugs de la carte ou du jeu (exploits). Soyez respectueux envers les autres. Pas de publicités. Interdiction catégorique de tricher ou de hacker (aimbots ou LMAOBox) Ne pas prendre l’identité d’un membre du Staff. Evitez de troller. Sont considérés comme spam les programmes de masquage ou changement de voix, ainsi que les programmes de text-to-speech (TTS). Ne pas lancer de demande d’échange avec n’importe-qui. Merci d’au moins en discuter préalablement avec cette personne dans le chat. L’irrespect n’est pas toléré et résultera en une punition. Assurez-vous d’avoir des Sprays appropries (pas de pornographie ou autre contenu choquant.) 3 Règles pour !friendly Si vous ne souhaitez pas combattre et être tués, merci d’utiliser la commande !friendly. Ne pas se plaindre d’avoir été tué si vous n’utilisez pas la commande !friendly. Ne pas utiliser de boutons (accédés par exemple en finissant une piste) si vous utilisez la commande !friendly. 4 Règles pour !cptele Ne pas utiliser la commande !cptele pour accéder au Spawn ennemi ou aux secrets de la carte. La commande !cptele ne devrait être utilisée que pour progresser dans une piste de surf, et non pas pour gagner un avantage dans les zones de combat ! N’utilisez pas la commande !cptele pour échapper de combats ! 5 Informations utiles Il existe deux types de cartes: Cartes Linéaires Si vous finissez la carte ou tombez, vous vous retrouverez en Prison ; cependant finir la carte vous donnera aussi accès à des pouvoirs spéciaux ou à des endroits cachés dans la Prison. Cartes Arènes Il n’y a ni Prison ni fin à la carte ; il vous faut surfer pour survivre ! Comment retourner à votre Spawn Nous vous conseillons de créer un Bind pour « kill » ou « explode » dans la console développeur (bind <TOUCHE> "explode", par exemple) pour retourner rapidement à votre Spawn. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser votre !cpsave pour vous téléporter à votre Spawn, s’il ne vous est pas plus utile à un autre endroit de la carte. Merci de suivre les règles de !cptele !
  7. Hello, this is a thread that is supposed to introduce new players to our servers, rules and much more! Servers: Server list! - Updated list of servers and IPs Server Maps - Downloads for all the maps on the tf2 servers Rules: Tf2 Surf Rules - Surf Freak Fortress Rules - Saxton Hale Tf2 Jailbreak Rules - Jailbreak Tf2 Death Run Rules - Death Run Trade Gaming History Rules - Trade Gaming History Pokemon Trade Rules - Pokemon Trading Center Uber Upgrades Rules - Uber Upgrades Staff: Admin Handbook - Anything Staff Related! XenoGamers Staff Roster - Current Staff Roster!
  8. Remember the jailbreak populate with did every Saturday and how it started off so well and just kind of died slowly? Me and @Sesh think we should maybe start doing it again but for FF2. If it's possible I would like to request that every Saturday at 7pm EST the higherups create an event on the steam group for people to populate FF2. If we do this every weekend then maybe we can get a steady population going throughout the weeks too? It'd be pretty neat if we could get this started since filling empty servers would be great. @Vexx @mrnutty12 @Basquiat @Sesh
  9. Ok, so I know what you're thinking, "Bone, this is the third map themed thread you've made in like a week, stop" Well this one's different... again... This thread is all about getting current or past maps we host(ed) back to a more working state. Simply post the name or link to a map that we may have or have had on the servers at one point and what the issue is, and I'll try to fix them. Some maps may need more work than others, or maybe they just need to be ported to TF2 (looking at you Gmod DR maps...). Whatever the issue, don't be afraid to post 'em here if this needed to be in the map request section, then by all means move it there
  10. You're probably wondering why I've gathered you all here.... Or not.... Either way you can't leave now. The purpose of this thread is simple, I've learned how to use Hammer to make Deathrun maps now I want to abuse that power for world dominance take advantage of it and make some neato maps for xG. Here's a preview of a beta map I've got so far The map is split between 3 sections. A Steamy pipe area, an underground sewer area, and an undecided area that will either be a boiler room or an assembly line, I dunno yet. This is just a beta, plus I want the rest to be a bit of a secret. After I finish this barely adequate map, I wanted to have xG collab on a map. This way we'll have a completely original map for xG that no other server would have, made by the community. Basically, we'll just need to come up with a theme, trap ideas, and minigame choices. If anyone wants to help on mapping, just lemme know. I will be taking care of the majority, if not all the work. But since I have a bit of a strange schedule at work, it could take a while for me to get it done. Anyway... Just post your ideas here
  11. I was watching a stream today when the server the streamer was playing on started to do this: After counting down it did the map select menu when you !rtv as normal. I think if we can get something like this on our servers it would prove to be a really handy thing since I've noticed a bunch of people complain in the past about switching weapons with 1 2 and 3 and then ending up voting for a map instead of changing weapon, so they end up possibly dying or being a bit annoyed. Something like this would really help stop that from happening! Maybe a possible sound que too, like the announcer counting down from 5 to 1! Thoughts?
  12. Last time we had this event in the works it was a mess, we were setting up some sort of stream with casters and everything it was gonna be good. Then we got hit by mid-term exams and then everything went downhill from there. This time I'll try and make sure we can get this done instead of procrastinate the entire time. For those who do not know what Highlander is, it is a competitive TF2 format where there is one player for every class, this means that there will be nine players per team. Common game modes would be Payload, KOTH, and CP. How to sign up: First you must be a member of our clan, not a member? Apply here! Once you are a member, reply to the thread with your name, your Steam64 ID (click text box and put steam profile url in there and get the right ID) , and the classes you would like to try and sign up for. When you post your application, you may make no changes to your classes. For those who might get confused, your Steam64ID would looks something like this: 76561198069464473 The winning team will receive two prizes per player, this will include 10,000 credits + a hip new badge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template for signups: Name: Steam64 ID: Classes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We'll be using a UGC whitelist + config and our maps will include be below. You can manually download the maps here. You'll use Discord(!!!!!) for communication, as we have multiple channels for this exact purpose. if you haven't already joined discord, click here! Remember, this event is for fun, please don't get too carried away with the competitive setup. Tag some members, invite them to sign up!
  13. In-Game Name Mr.garbage Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity 76561198835906679 Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 4 days Reason for Joining I really like the xeno gamers community and i want to be a part of it more than just playing with other people
  14. In-Game Name natedagr806 Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity PNTM_0912 Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 6 hours Reason for Joining I want to try to become a mod becuase the community is friendly and i want to keep it that way
  15. In-Game Name funky hunky gives the dun Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198796386073/ Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 2-3 a day Reason for Joining I just love the community and everyone in it. I get to make friends every day on servers that I love to play on. I want to be a part of this amazing community!
  16. justis


    In-Game Name now thats a supply drop Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/scraftlover/ Age 17 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 156 Reason for Joining im joining so i can support and be a part of the community
  17. Lately, me and the other TF2 higherups have noticed an uproar in people who are not satisfied with the current state of the TF2 division of our community in terms of how we present ourselves and some of the rules that they feel are far too strict. We have discussed many topics and talked with a lot of staff over the past few days for the betterment of not only their staff ability, but for the community and to feel welcomed and respected as they should be in hopes that they will continue to support and play on our servers. I would like to do a Staff PSA in this post in hopes that everyone will see that we want to make a change to make everyone as satisfied as possible. Of course, there are times where you may not necessarily agree with the rules or such and you may not be superbly happy about the division, but we have to try to make everyone as happy as they can be to a realistic and fair degree. Many staff members have been talked to individually about one or more of these topics already, but I would like to make it publicly known so that our current staff can find a way to improve to the upmost degree if they feel like they should be working on one of the things mentioned. Even if you feel you don't need to work on anything, please read this and try to improve on them to the upmost degree regardless in hopes that you can be as good of a staff member and role-model for the community as possible. Learning is a great way to climb positions! Staff members should not try to interpret rules wildly from their original intent. Recently, some people have felt as if they have been wrongly punished because staff members are being far too broad with the rules and end up punishing people for reasons that stray too far from the actual !motd. I would like to remind staff that it is completely OK to ask questions and talk to a staff member in a higher position (whether that be admin or one of the higherups) whether something is disallowed or not in hopes that this will happen less, and that I would also like to see staff try to enforce rules directly towards what they are related to. Staff members should try to recognize the situation appropriately and take everything in context. We have felt as if staff sometimes may not appropriately address the situation because they aren't reading the context whatsoever and jump to conclusions regarding rules such as disrespect but towards their friends and other such examples. I would like to remind staff that it is OK if someone says that it's a joke and you go back on your warning or mute/gag and to understand the situation appropriately before handing out a punishment. Staff members should be a role-model to other people and act maturely, specifically when handing out punishments. Just a reminder that staff should recognize that they are a role-model towards the server and many people will look up to you if they care about the community and the servers. We would like to see staff act more maturely overall and specifically when handing out punishments. This is not to say that you can't have fun and be yourself at all, but try to act more responsible and like a role-model to ensure that everyone gets a good impression of the server and so that new members and such will take into account your responsibility and maturity! If someone disagrees about their punishment, allow them to calmly tell you why they disagree, and supportively direct them to the forums. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not shut someone down and tell them "go make a ban protest lol" if they get in trouble on the servers and they disagree with their punishment. If someone disagrees, talk calmly and respectfully about why they were punished and if things escalate on the servers or if they still disagree, supportively and respectively direct them to the forums and inform them that they should make a ban protest if they feel it is necessary or contact one of the higherups to discuss their punishment. Do not shut people down disrespectfully as it often ensures that they won't come back to the server. Of course, if people continuously argue about the issue, then warn and gag/mute as normal or whatever punishment is appropriate, but always assist them first. No talking over other people is not only for staff but for other players + regarding when to enforce the rule. The idea of this rule is so that we don't create extreme chaos with people speaking over each other constantly and so that people don't randomly interrupt people consistently. The rule does not only apply to staff, but also to people on the server. It also does not mean to silence every person who speaks at the same time as you because you are staff. To enforce this rule correctly, pay attention to when they started speaking and if they interrupted someone blatantly rather than if two people accidentally speak around the same time and both don't stop speaking (to a fair and realistic degree). If someone's mic isn't very good or isn't working, inform them of what isn't working and give advice instead of saying "fix your mic". Staff should always try to help people if someone on the server's mic has a lot of background noise and assist them in how to fix it rather than just simply stating "fix your mic". For example, if you can hear their in-game audio, tell them to plug in some headphones to prevent the in-game audio from coming through their mic. If they do not comply, then follow the extended mute system up to a day (warn -> mute -> day mute -> hour ban etc). Staff should always remain unbiased as possible. In order to prevent unfair punishments and arguments, try to remain as unbiased as possible and put yourself in someone else's shoes before handing out a punishment just in case you feel that you may be being rash. It is impossible to be entirely unbiased and there's no way to prevent that, but try to be as unbiased as possible to a realistic degree to ensure that most people feel that the punishment handed out was just and fair. Staff members should always be respectful to not only players, but other staff too. Remember that you are a role-model and that treating others with a lack of respect will not only encourage them to break rules, but also feel unwelcome to the server and community as a whole. Regardless of the situation and whether they are a rule-breaker or not, treat everyone with the same degree of respect. This also heavily applies to staff members. If you don't like a staff member, remember that you are working with them and not against them, and that they are also a member of the community as well and should not be treated any less than such. There has been a lot of drama recently regarding a few staff members and we would like to see no more of that and for everyone to treat each other respectfully. Try to be less strict regarding the immature voices rule We are hoping to see staff hold back a bit more regarding the immature voices rule as we feel that staff are jumping to stop people from harmless fun on the mic far too quickly. For example, if someone does an impression of myself having fun on the server, let them but not to a consistent level and as long as people aren't getting annoyed by it. However, do not forget that this is still a rule and is still not allowed, but let people feel a bit more free regarding the rule. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
  18. In-Game Name funky hunky gives the dun Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198796386073/ Age 14 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 2-3 a day Reason for Joining I just love the atmosphere of the servers and would love to become more involved with the community. I get to make friends and have a few laughs, it is just overall fun for me! I love to play on the surf servers, and knowing the rules in play on the servers, I will be have an overall satisfying experience. ?
  19. In-Game Name Phase Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/Libermann Age 21 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 2d 6:27:23 Reason for Joining You guys have a great community and a populated surf server that I enjoy playing on. I also love the custom surf maps that some users have made for you guys. All I do on TF2 right now is surf, and I use your surf server to do that. I love surfing and I love the community you guys have built around it. If there's any TF2 Community I would want to join, it would be you guys. If you guys have any other questions, go ahead and ask.
  20. In-Game Name Mr.on fire trash can Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity 76561198835906679 Age 14 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers 4 days Reason for Joining I want to be able to play a bigger part in this amazing community of people
  21. Upways


    In-Game Name Upways Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/upways/ Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 30-ish Reason for Joining I really like the server so I wanted to join the community
  22. Although many people (Shwoosh ;)) enjoy stickyjumping into people to crit them, all other random melee critical hits were removed to meet both sides halfway as a compromise. Critical hits have always been amazing to get, but annoying to be on the receiving side of, so it's particularly obnoxious when someone is rewarded for walking at you, mindlessly swinging their melee weapon. Taking triple the damage for no reason other than pure luck isn't fun.
  23. In-Game Name Jondox Primary Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Profile @Jondox#6912 Age 18 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 13 hours Reason for Joining I want to join XenoGamers because all the times I have been here, I had a blast with members here and it made me thought that i can join a great community with great people.
  24. In-Game Name fried crakker Primary Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198364064216/ Age 15 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 1d 00:01h Reason for Joining i have played countless times on this server and i like it. I just wanna be a part of XG for more than just playing on their magnificent surf server so yeah thats my reason for wanting to join
  25. In-Game Name 2x2_Duplo Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198301847761/ Age 15 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 3 days Reason for Joining I've been playing on the surf server for a long time and I just want to become more involved in the community.