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Found 59 results

  1. grap_grop

    Remove trade_pso_seabed_v2

    The map is a long, grueling-to-explore hallway that can be exploited by walking out of the world and onto the map floor, which doesn't kill you. It has many non-gameplay related flaws, and it's usually nominated only when people want to kill the server, or someone's not played on it before. It takes an extraordinarily long amount of time to find anyone to fight, and often feels like bunker but amplified 100 times over.
  2. Im just gonna name 3: Eviction notice, Enforcer and guillotine.
  3. Johny3Tears

    Disable AIA on surf pre-round

    As many people on surf may have figured out, at the beginning of every map a plugin called advanced infinite ammo (AIA) is enabled on our surf server. This is normally a fun command however there is an exploit that allows Demo Man to infinitely charge into a supply cabinet/wall and make an exceptionally loud crashing sound/scream over and over again for the thirty seconds. While at first many people laughed and thought this was fun, quickly many people are becoming increasingly frustrated and annoyed by it due to noise and ear rape for lack of better terms. When staff or players ask others to stop this I've noticed people can hardly hear voice over the sound which only makes things worse. I would like to assert that we disable the plugin (sm_aia_waitingforplayers "0") or disable demo weapons that allow for charge (sm_aia_disabledweapons "....") top avoid this exploit
  4. Promotions TF2 @Arnude from Moderator to Administrator @bagggel from Member to Moderator Demotions @EDNight from Moderator to Member Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @Wolfy @Nyxll @Caribou @loftydrum @SoundsSmores @Darrth @mEmEs @Drewvpopc @Tatost Welcome!
  5. Tatost

    Remove melee crits?

    It's annoying when you're about to kill someone and they turn around and pound your face in with crits. We've already removed both primary and secondary weapon criticals, so it seems kind of odd to have melee crits.
  6. the deets: -The map is based off of a sonic game but takes the basic, plain structure of a typical trade map (hence the name trade_plaza). -Like a typical trade map, the map also features nothing to do besides travelling to an island with nothing on it, or swimming in a regular pool. -The two spawns are open to each other immediately in a wide, open area, basically encouraging sniper play which although isn't a bad thing in and of itself, can get annoying when overdone. -The spawn area includes an area in which standing in it kills you. At the start of a round, your health is set to 1 for some reason or another, so when everyone spawns in they're immediately killed once by the map. -Again, the map has absolutely no unique or interesting features, and is just a regular trade map with sonic slapped onto it.
  7. this rule is absolutely and indubitably pathetic and retarded, especially when it occurs in a populous server (surf and tgh at this point). it disappoints me when everybody talks at once and many of staff go apepoop, and as time passes it gets crazier. it happens all of the time when a discussion is currently taking place. either everybody talking at once comes to the epiphany that they're all talking over each other and they all hesistate, which stops the talking, or the people will commence the talking, and in this case, it wreaks havoc. better to not have it as a server rule to give people more freedom while talking on the mic, which brings a more social and friendly atmosphere, and to further shun the staff from having such a hard time with the ongoing issue. it occurs almost every single day i come on surf, but i'm not sure about tgh regarding the issue. a rule where people are not allowed to talk over each other only makes things worse. let them talk, regardless of the amount of people talking. i don't want to hear "don't talk over people" every minute, which not only pisses people off, but it also delays most of the conversations that the server has, this delay being (x) admin giving a poop and talking in (y) tone that talking over people is not allowed. imagine going to a huge party. you hear everybody around you talk, the music is loud, and everybody is having a fun time. you're hearing all of this noise, and if people are going to complain about people talking over each other, then maybe you should go outside. some others can view this controversial topic as a "lack of respect" for talking over somebody about to say something, but in a video game, latency exists, and it can't be compensated for when people are talking. this "lack of respect" can be intentional and non-intentional, and i'm sure the most of you guys can tell whether it was on purpose or completely on accident. otherwise, the victim is just being sarcastic. i understand that servers have their own rules and it's equivalent to going to a night club or any other local area with a myriad of people, but i've never been to any other server that enforces that rule, and if i see any reason being because the server is more unique that way, i'm going to cry.
  8. Hello fellow TF2 Division players. I'm proud to announce the opening of a new server, the Game Rotation server (IP: What is this server, you may ask? Simply put, it's a server to add new gamemodes to our community without having to dedicate one to it for an extended period of time. Votes will be held here every month to see what gamemode will be hosted on the server. Currently, the server is running Murder, a gamemode suggested by @Spoopy about 2 months ago. The first vote will be held in this thread in about 2 - 3 weeks to see if it remains, or gets replaced by a new gamemode. So be sure to keep an eye on this thread for updates! The votes will consist of 3 new gamemodes and a vote to keep the current running gamemode. You can also suggest your own gamemodes for this server. If it's popular enough it will be added to the vote for the next gamemode change. Maps, additional plugins, or specific settings can also be suggested in this thread. As long as you feel your suggestion would help supplement the current running gamemode. If there are issues or concerns about the server, or if something is broken, post it here or message me either here on the forums or on Steam (Steam Profile)
  9. Though this map looks really cool, it is not designed with tf2 in mind at all. Everyone is too scared to go through each of the pipes as the entire enemy team or a sniper will take you out instantly. Aside from that, the main reason I believe this should be removed is because you have to manually kill yourself if you fall off the map, which not everyone knows how to do in the first place if they are newer to TF2.
  10. A friend and I were talking about Soldier and he was getting a bit angry with me using the direct hit. It's my favorite weapon and allows me to have the upper advantage(when I know how to aim owo). The standard rocket launcher is easier to use but I still love the direct hit because mmm, them airshots are satisfying... amirite? >:o If anyone else uses the direct hit, you're amazing. Please do tell me your favorite rocket launcher(s)!~♥
  11. Promotions TF2 @EDNight from Member to Moderator CS:GO @CJCasper from Moderator to Administrator @Chrono from Member to Administrator Demotions CS:GO @Pepper from Administrator to Member (Inactivity) @MinerTeddy from Moderator to Member (Inactivity) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @Jonah @FestiveGrape @twofish @ABlueSkittle123 Welcome!
  12. KSPlayer1337

    vsh map development thread.

    This thread is for the development of my vsh map vsh_spacestation (name may change in future) ingame screenshots Leave any suggestions in the replies.
  13. Promotions TF2 @Krampus from Moderator to Administrator @Precious from Moderator to Administrator @DiaperHyperWolf from Moderator to Administrator Demotions TF2 @Tekage from Administrator to Member (Stepped down/Inactivity) @Skeletal from Moderator to Member (Stepped down) @TBOHB from Moderator to Member (Stepped down) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @Dolphin @eradicator @xJoshua @Aetheric_ Welcome!
  14. Promotions CS:GO @Dannypicacho from Member to Moderator TF2 @Precious from Probationary Moderator to Moderator @DiaperHyperWolf from Member to Moderator Demotions TF2 @Osiris from Moderator to Member (Inactivity) @LAN_Megalodon from Moderator to Member (Stepped Down) CS:GO @orangejuice from Administrator to Member (Inactivity) @Egossi from Moderator to Member (Inactivity) @S_bantf2badmins from Moderator to Member (Inactivity) Congratulations to those who were promoted this Promo/Demo! This is a reminder to those who have newly gained access as a Moderator to leave your STEAM IDs posted below in the comment section below to ensure the distribution of powers as soon as possible. We would also like to congratulate the following people as new members of xG! @Kitten Welcome!
  15. I was watching a stream today when the server the streamer was playing on started to do this: After counting down it did the map select menu when you !rtv as normal. I think if we can get something like this on our servers it would prove to be a really handy thing since I've noticed a bunch of people complain in the past about switching weapons with 1 2 and 3 and then ending up voting for a map instead of changing weapon, so they end up possibly dying or being a bit annoyed. Something like this would really help stop that from happening! Maybe a possible sound que too, like the announcer counting down from 5 to 1! Thoughts?
  16. Ms.Spooks

    Shittalking in TGH.

    I feel like this is something that needs to be said because it's happening way too often. A joke is only funny if everyone is laughing. There is a lot of times when people are being quite rude or intentionally trying to make certain people angry. Unfortunately the jokes have gone from the occasional playful teasing to outright making fun of certain players. Now I'm not going to tell you that you can't shit talk each other all together. Sometimes it's in good intent as long as both parties are content about it. It's been getting out of hand recently though. It's gotten to the point where multiple people start bandwagoning against one person even though they don't like it. So to get to the point, I want to write this reminder that disrespect is NOT allowed on the servers. When someone asks you to stop or is clearly getting upset please do not continue to heckle them. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants a friendly environment for everyone. I would like it if you all would consider how you effect everyone else on the server so noone feels alienated. I'm not trying to say you need to be on good terms with everyone. All I ask is that the playful shittalking is consensual or at least acceptable. I hope we all can keep enjoying the server!
  17. grap_grop

    Remove trade_masscc

    why is masscc even on trade gaming in the first place The only 2 valid arguments to keep the map would be: "It has a minecraft section" "It has a mario kart section" FIRSTLY, we have both of those as actual maps and not tiny sections, secondly, the mario kart section looks like it was made in roblox, and thricely, the minecraft section isn't actually accessible without noclip, and even then it's tiny. screenshots of mario kart and minecraft sections:
  18. Last time we had this event in the works it was a mess, we were setting up some sort of stream with casters and everything it was gonna be good. Then we got hit by mid-term exams and then everything went downhill from there. This time I'll try and make sure we can get this done instead of procrastinate the entire time. For those who do not know what Highlander is, it is a competitive TF2 format where there is one player for every class, this means that there will be nine players per team. Common game modes would be Payload, KOTH, and CP. How to sign up: First you must be a member of our clan, not a member? Apply here! Once you are a member, reply to the thread with your name, your Steam64 ID (click text box and put steam profile url in there and get the right ID) , and the classes you would like to try and sign up for. When you post your application, you may make no changes to your classes. For those who might get confused, your Steam64ID would looks something like this: 76561198069464473 The winning team will receive two prizes per player, this will include 10,000 credits + a hip new badge -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Template for signups: Name: Steam64 ID: Classes: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We'll be using a UGC whitelist + config and our maps will include be below. You can manually download the maps here. You'll use Discord(!!!!!) for communication, as we have multiple channels for this exact purpose. if you haven't already joined discord, click here! Remember, this event is for fun, please don't get too carried away with the competitive setup. Tag some members, invite them to sign up!
  19. We decided to overhaul the current rule about sprays. From now on it is explicitly stated that avatars, customizable items (i.e. objectors, name tags, description tags etc.) and sprays are included. Additionally, we decided to elaborate on what is allowed and what isn't: Sprays, avatars and items that are able to be customized cannot contain the following: nudity, racism, hate symbols, gore, derogatory content and images of sexualized minors (this includes drawn images). There was some confusion going on and we hope this is gonna make moderating the servers a little easier for our staff. I will keep this thread open to get feedback on the new rule and answer questions in case anyone has any. Tagging all staff members: @Vexx @Sesh @mrnutty12 @virr @Vector @BonfireCentipede @Elcark @ThunderLimes @YeEternalTuna @Kypari @Ms.Spooks @Bone @LemonVolt @Moosty @sick41057 @NitNat @Natsu @Blizzard @shwash @Hibiki @Spoopy @Amylicious @Thunder @Frusty @Tekage @Matteomax @Krampus
  20. Hello everyone, it's me! Recently, someone had the idea of hosting a community night once a week where we would play a bit of jailbreak. I don't think it's a secret that the Jailbreak server is beyond dead at this point, but I am sure there are still some people who would be down to join. While the Jailbreak server has introduced me to XenoGamers back in 2013 and I personally really enjoy the gamemode, I'm not sure how many of you guys are familiar with it and would be willing to join. If we're going to have these kinds of community events for Team Fortress 2 as well, we'd need to find a good time where most of the people are available. This event is probably going to happen on Fridays or Saturdays. So please comment down below if you're interested. If you are interested, it would be very helpful to me to be told at what time you are available, which would help to determine when exactly this is going to happen. Love, Bello! Tags: @mrnutty12 @axtinpyrothe2nd @Egossi @Goblins @Elcark @Hibiki @Tatost @bagel @Thunder @Frusty @Kypari @Tekage Be sure to tag more people that would be interested!
  21. Hey all, thanks for clicking on the thread. I was playing on DeathRun today, and strangely enough I started thinking of JailBreak DeathRun, which got me thinking of Obstacle Course. Which then led to the idea: What if we had a server COMPLETELY dedicated to Obstacle Courses, like with DeathRun? Of course, there comes the issues, such as "What maps? This is completely new." and "What plug-ins will we need, if any?" As for the task of making maps for this game mode, I will step forward and attempt going through the process of making an Obstacle Course map, if need be. If not, we can hopefully always find community peoples who are willing to do so. Also, I do not think that plug-ins would be neccisary, since ususually the only problem would be class speeds. I am really interested to hear the opinions of everyone here, so if you are 100% sure that this is a yes (+1) or no (-1) decision, put a vouch in your comment along with a vote in the poll and an adequate reason. Happy discussing! ~OneGlove
  22. 1 Règles Liées au Surf Ne pas attaquer de joueurs depuis votre Spawn ou le Spawn ennemi. Note : Si un ennemi vous tue dans son Spawn alors que vous y êtes aussi, cela ne s’applique pas. Cela inclut n’importe quel type de dommage, ainsi que l’airblasting. Il est simplement, catégoriquement interdit de tuer qui que ce soit depuis votre Spawn. Sur les cartes Linéaires: Il est interdit d’empêcher la progression de joueurs passants. Ne pas construire de Constructions d’Engineer depuis votre Spawn ou sur la piste de surf. Ne pas utiliser les objectifs du jeu (points de contrôle, etc.) pour terminer prématurément le round. 2 Règles Générales Toute décision finale revient toujours aux membres du Staff. Ne parler qu’en Anglais, que ce soit sur le microphone ou dans le chat. Ne pas spammer, que ce soit sur le microphone ou dans le chat. Seuls les membres xG ont droit d’utiliser le tag [xG]. Pas de racisme. Ne pas utiliser de bugs de la carte ou du jeu (exploits). Soyez respectueux envers les autres. Pas de publicités. Interdiction catégorique de tricher ou de hacker (aimbots ou LMAOBox) Ne pas prendre l’identité d’un membre du Staff. Evitez de troller. Sont considérés comme spam les programmes de masquage ou changement de voix, ainsi que les programmes de text-to-speech (TTS). Ne pas lancer de demande d’échange avec n’importe-qui. Merci d’au moins en discuter préalablement avec cette personne dans le chat. L’irrespect n’est pas toléré et résultera en une punition. Assurez-vous d’avoir des Sprays appropries (pas de pornographie ou autre contenu choquant.) 3 Règles pour !friendly Si vous ne souhaitez pas combattre et être tués, merci d’utiliser la commande !friendly. Ne pas se plaindre d’avoir été tué si vous n’utilisez pas la commande !friendly. Ne pas utiliser de boutons (accédés par exemple en finissant une piste) si vous utilisez la commande !friendly. 4 Règles pour !cptele Ne pas utiliser la commande !cptele pour accéder au Spawn ennemi ou aux secrets de la carte. La commande !cptele ne devrait être utilisée que pour progresser dans une piste de surf, et non pas pour gagner un avantage dans les zones de combat ! N’utilisez pas la commande !cptele pour échapper de combats ! 5 Informations utiles Il existe deux types de cartes: Cartes Linéaires Si vous finissez la carte ou tombez, vous vous retrouverez en Prison ; cependant finir la carte vous donnera aussi accès à des pouvoirs spéciaux ou à des endroits cachés dans la Prison. Cartes Arènes Il n’y a ni Prison ni fin à la carte ; il vous faut surfer pour survivre ! Comment retourner à votre Spawn Nous vous conseillons de créer un Bind pour « kill » ou « explode » dans la console développeur (bind <TOUCHE> "explode", par exemple) pour retourner rapidement à votre Spawn. Vous pouvez aussi utiliser votre !cpsave pour vous téléporter à votre Spawn, s’il ne vous est pas plus utile à un autre endroit de la carte. Merci de suivre les règles de !cptele !
  23. Kypari

    Populate ff2!

    Remember the jailbreak populate with did every Saturday and how it started off so well and just kind of died slowly? Me and @Sesh think we should maybe start doing it again but for FF2. If it's possible I would like to request that every Saturday at 7pm EST the higherups create an event on the steam group for people to populate FF2. If we do this every weekend then maybe we can get a steady population going throughout the weeks too? It'd be pretty neat if we could get this started since filling empty servers would be great. @Vexx @mrnutty12 @Basquiat @Sesh
  24. Ok, so I know what you're thinking, "Bone, this is the third map themed thread you've made in like a week, stop" Well this one's different... again... This thread is all about getting current or past maps we host(ed) back to a more working state. Simply post the name or link to a map that we may have or have had on the servers at one point and what the issue is, and I'll try to fix them. Some maps may need more work than others, or maybe they just need to be ported to TF2 (looking at you Gmod DR maps...). Whatever the issue, don't be afraid to post 'em here if this needed to be in the map request section, then by all means move it there
  25. Many people already know, but me and @WubbaLubbaDubDub piled in some money to get a $100 ring in TF2 and named it "Blue Raspberry Ring Pop." Yeah, I had zero idea of how I had to gift the ring but it was pretty cool. [MEDIA=imgur]a/JaK8f[/MEDIA] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYglVsx5wFs