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  1. WafflesL


    Then why even state this? You literally said you would be more lenient on other people.. Then said you gave the same punishment as you would to everyone else.. I am quite confused now.
  2. WafflesL


    I get on the server and enjoy myself. This may sometimes include messing around with staff members. However, EVEN IF I DO participate in this behavior, that doesn't excuse your abuse. It doesn't matter if there is nothing to refer to me as because there is no rule anywhere that states that players must have a certain format of name. Just because you don't like my name isn't a reason to take disciplinary action. Finally, even if I did break a rule, the treatment should be the same no matter who the player is. Just because you don't like that I argue with you on topics sometimes (Which I do because you are frequently wrong) doesn't mean you get to be more harsh when deciding a punishment. That is a very immature statement and quite unprofessional.
  3. WafflesL


    Member's Name Guest Information Ever since ScottNi has become a moderator, he has become abusive towards players. I have noticed several instances when he has said something along the lines of "You must do this because I said so." I feel like this is a completely unprofessional statement due to the fact that it sounds like a power hungry staff member is trying to pick a fight with a player. It would be much more reasonable to say something such as "You must do this because there is a rule stating: " and then specify a rule that the player is breaking. I understand that it can be difficult as a staff member to deal with players who enjoy trolling; however, it is part of the job that they applied for. However, the reason I am creating this report is because I was just banned by ScottNi while playing CS:GO. I was banned because I didn't change my name to include 3 typable characters. However, this does not appear to be a rule. The only place where this is mentioned in either the CS:GO rule threads or the general rule thread is as follows: Taken from General Rules: No special characters in your in-game name, you can have some but there has to be enough legible characters (a,b,c,d etc.) in order for an admin or mod to target you, if you are asked to change your name by an admin or mod, then you must change it, punishable by kick/ban if you don't. (This rule does not apply for CSGO or TF2) ScottNi mentioned that he was not going to ban me for breaking a rule, but for trolling. However, the only way in which I could have been trolling was arguing with him. I was certainly arguing with him, but only because he was ordering me to follow a rule that isn't even a rule. I feel like this situation was handled completely unprofessionally, and that ScottNi abused his powers. This is not the first this he has ordered players to do something just because he feels like it, but this was the first time which he took action against a player for not following his orders. Even if there is a rule that I overlooked that justifies ScottNi's actions, the situation was handled poorly. In the future, if a staff member is asked why they are telling a player to do something, they should not respond in an an aggressive way ordering a player to do what they said because they are staff. They should point the player to the rule they are breaking. -Waffles
  4. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name TRUEPIGEON7 Offender's Identity 76561198880592196 Ban Type Team Ban Explanation and Evidence He was freekilling for the majority of the first part of the video. He never slayed, and he didn't know the rules. no.dem - Google Drive DRIVE.GOOGLE.COM My video is too large to include as a file, so I posted a drive link above. ^
  5. -1 because he freekilled me and never said sorry.
  6. +1 this man is a legend.. By far the best player on any xG server
  7. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name GoOd tHINg Offender's Identity 76561198887083386 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Auto Strafing good.dem
  8. In-Game Name Waffles Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/WafflesL/ Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 3.5 days Reason for Joining I have been enjoying my time on xG and I am just wanting to join the community that I have been playing on.