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  1. I want to murderize people before I have to AWP on a trackpad with T to scope and E to shoot pls no @Jadow
  2. By the powers vested in me I will demote you in Minecraft
  3. Can I call Mince "wheels" and can I call all TF2 players "yiffers" or "yiffas"
  4. Side note: I just meme in the background and people buy negevs along with me for fun. If there's a significant advantage, or if someone asks for a strat, then I might call for a big meme, but otherwise, I just let people do whatever as long as they run the right direction and aim above the floor. @Rabid hasn't been on my team for a while, but the "sheep" plays are just people on my team having fun doing whatever because I don't wanna just run 5 AK/AWP Sicko-Mode-Panic-Attack-Slam-Dunk-Sweat-Zone all day.
  5. Also the 14-6 comeback was you guys running B in lines every round and dying all at once or getting murked by my AWP @Genocide
  6. Bad players still pretty incapable of utilizing the cheese laser, autos sometimes get bought/dropped (by me :^)) but haven't really been that impactful on games. Also agree with Aegean about the good players going sicko mode not really being different from me just going full AK/AWP to drop 50 instead of 30 with negev/scout. If anything, the Aug has more potential from the worse players because it's cheaper and makes it pretty easy to hold ( @Dannypicacho @SegFault )