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    +1 Bleed said he could
  2. This post sounds good to me for some unknown reason
  3. Brady "Yet to Admin" 1780 steps down from moderator | 2019 Colorized
  4. Are we not just using the easy system of [Fills up fast = Fat Man] vs [Slow trickle of players = first-come-first-serve]
  5. Put me in before I turn 18 on Jan 6
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    +1 he has the big gay
  7. Where's my CSGO RuneScape and Scoutknivez?????
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    Also, as you make a point that the ban was delayed (leading to possible misremembrances), you claim in the original post that I took 5 minutes and was "watching something." I responded immediately after you noticed your ban and then upon asking for elaboration, my example of baiting was you literally just doing basic baiting; there is nothing complex needed for an example of baiting. At the time, in Nexzoid, it was near midnight PST with little population and I gave it less attention, as I was talking to another staff member in discord after having observed/moderated the server for the duration of clouds, summer, Nexzoid, and the following maps (2+ hours). The ban wasn't sudden, we gave multiple warnings and all-chat warnings (again, refer to Bot's post). The ban was extremely lenient from what two staff members have observed.
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    I held off on the ban to determine the time/severity through general observation. Admittedly, it would have been better to act earlier, but I hoped giving you extra chances would work out. Also the incidences on cloud were not entirely lots_of_mos' fault, as stated by Bot.
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    @Bot for a witness on clouds @char was freekilled @Genocide was a CT on clouds CT_Slay3r or however it is spelled witnessed a large amount of issues as well. In regards to the swapping and banning, I was just being an idiot with the command and swapped on accident. The 2 day team ban was intended and, as I have explained, was the result of many complains regarding freekilling, baiting, and inexperienced wardening. I (verbally) told CTs multiple times to look at the rules, elaborate better on their commands, and to stop baiting. @Bot also used all chat to make a notice about CTs killing many Ts early on in the rounds and stated that they must be clear with their orders. That means you likely baited for a quarter of your playtime? On Nexzoid you also started as a CT, got swapped to T through autoswap for the guard ratio, and then got re-swapped to CT due to an error. That's still baiting. Throughout the maps you, again as I have said, ran near/adjacent to groups of terrorists. You didn't go down and rules for the dive context, actually. You only stated that "we are taking the first three Ts to the cyan pool," without having stated that we must dive, so we just ran to the cyan pool and froze. The freekill was handled by Bot, but the main issue is how consistently you've had close encounters with your back turned to Ts. For the first incident, I repeated in all chat that it was a freeday and slayed you for freekilling a T who was out. You literally said "Let's thin down the numbers a bit" and killed a T, along with ShiftyKeki, while those terrorists were obeying the afk freeze order. You also fail to mention that I gave verbal warnings on baiting and armory ledge camping, told you not to instruct a T to break down a vent (the plywood on summer), and called out your favoritism during a game of four corners. I repeated multiple times on Nexzoid the reasons for which you were banned, listed instances of your baiting, freekilling, and rulebreaking, and literally gave you the link to the forums for your protest. As I have stated, 2 days was fairly lenient for what I observed in spectator for the entire duration of summer jail and while dead for clouds. Usually for minor rule breaking, an hour or more is sufficient for a newer player to the server to become more familiarized with the rules. However, with the warnings provided and amount of complaints/incidences, I used my judgement to issue you a 2 day ban. Edit: Also, baiting does not always result in a knife death (hence why you make it to LR), but you still did a large amount.
  11. I mean Klure and I can derank to DMG - :^)
  12. -1 as inactive as immature