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  1. Can I call Mince "wheels" and can I call all TF2 players "yiffers" or "yiffas"
  2. Side note: I just meme in the background and people buy negevs along with me for fun. If there's a significant advantage, or if someone asks for a strat, then I might call for a big meme, but otherwise, I just let people do whatever as long as they run the right direction and aim above the floor. @Rabid hasn't been on my team for a while, but the "sheep" plays are just people on my team having fun doing whatever because I don't wanna just run 5 AK/AWP Sicko-Mode-Panic-Attack-Slam-Dunk-Sweat-Zone all day.
  3. Also the 14-6 comeback was you guys running B in lines every round and dying all at once or getting murked by my AWP @Genocide
  4. Bad players still pretty incapable of utilizing the cheese laser, autos sometimes get bought/dropped (by me :^)) but haven't really been that impactful on games. Also agree with Aegean about the good players going sicko mode not really being different from me just going full AK/AWP to drop 50 instead of 30 with negev/scout. If anything, the Aug has more potential from the worse players because it's cheaper and makes it pretty easy to hold ( @Dannypicacho @SegFault )
  5. Thank you for your patriotism
  6. Also getting shit on faster means you can get out of a trash game quicker. Also also, a lead dominating enough could mean you just meme up the rest to end it and goof around with your team or watch them fuck up at stratroulette.
  7. Regarding Negevs: Unbanning them won't kill the scrim playerbase. In the event there is a magical amount of fun-killing abuse, then people will just agree to stop using Negevs or soft ban it in agreement beforehand; scrims won't suddenly die because people are incapable of agreement. To "abuse" a Negev, you literally have to echolocate yourself for about 15 bullets and stay vulnerable in a slow, crawling approach to retain its laser accuracy. If players are inept enough to not be able to fire at an essentially still target, they should honestly improve. Negevs are easily countered by waiting out bullets (through smokes/wallbangs/aggressive prefiring) and by not standing as still as possible into bullets which you should be easily aware of if you possess two eyes and ears (sorry @Rabid). In terms of the newer/worse players, they would have likely died either way, and isn't it already not fun to be completely trashed by the better players? There isn't really a noticeable difference in enjoyment until you're able to actually kill anyone, and dying to a Negev, getting one-tapped by an AK, or dying to an AWP aren't very different in that regard. There are far more annoying guns and situations to die to/in, and if anyone were to be genuinely angered by a Negev they shouldn't be playing a videogame which you die to death in. If we wanted to unban them with restrictions, there was literally a gamemode which limited the amount of times a gun could be purchased, and if that's unable to be smoothly implemented there are plugin options. Regarding Zeese: No money gained for a kill and you deserved to die scrublord, just hug corners less :^) Regarding Autos: Is really only strong in one-by-one peeks or weak rushes with low player awareness. The AWP easily outperforms it offensively and defensively, and a worse player who uses an auto would likely end up in a still, vulnerable position. Either way, you're going to die to a scope, run back, or kill them. It's not much different in the role of an AWP except that it allows people more forgiveness for a miss. Again, +1 to all. Don't BabyRage because you die in a video game :^)
  8. imagine dying to people who have to rev up 12 bullets or to people with their positions given away by constant gunfire or to silvers who meme
  9. +1 allow if you die to negev, then you deserved to