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About Me

Found 3 results

  1. Well the time has come and I think it's finally safe to say that a group full of antagonistic hypocritical faggots might not be the one for me. Now there will be memes. And a lot of these people making memes and laughing at me are going to have a hard time washing the taste of my dick out of my mouth because they're lowlife bitch boys who don't know any better. And honestly I look forward to that. Everyone I run into in any TF2 game with the xG tag is having their voice muted because honestly being cool with the servers isn't worth dealing with a bunch of cunts projecting their own flaws on other people. And if I get BANNED from the servers, I'm going to hold that up as a motherfucking trophy for as long as I play TF2. So there's no way for you to win this. Go fuck yourselves.
  2. going to amsterdam for 5 days with my school :d im 18 so some of you know what that means ;) @virr @Egossi @bagel @Kypari @Healix @Aegean haha i tagged one person from every group > : )
  3. This is just me telling y’all more about my ? self. -My birthday is 5/3/04 -I spend money on things that are useless -I used to play as calebmellon -I’m a dirty freshman -I wear socks so it’s not gay -I’m not a furry -My real name is Caleb Anthony Mallon -I’m single now and ready to mingle ? (no homo tho) - ? Maid you look - I typed this on my ipad -I’m thick asl -not a little loli -I love trolls -csgo>tf2 -Bonfire is gay -I’m 5’6’’ now -I’m broke -I’m white -I sexually identify as ZH ALSO GET CRAWNKED