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  1. Well the time has come and I think it's finally safe to say that a group full of antagonistic hypocritical faggots might not be the one for me. Now there will be memes. And a lot of these people making memes and laughing at me are going to have a hard time washing the taste of my dick out of my mouth because they're lowlife bitch boys who don't know any better. And honestly I look forward to that. Everyone I run into in any TF2 game with the xG tag is having their voice muted because honestly being cool with the servers isn't worth dealing with a bunch of cunts projecting their own flaws on other people. And if I get BANNED from the servers, I'm going to hold that up as a motherfucking trophy for as long as I play TF2. So there's no way for you to win this. Go fuck yourselves.
  2. I'm disassociating with this post because it's heavily leaning one way and the best course of action for me is to toss it aside and forget it. Probably won't be posting again anytime soon
  3. I think that xG's TF2 servers would be a little more fun if people were allowed to bring Virtual Audio Cable and Foobar to the server and mic spam whatever music they have saved. I got the idea from Neonheights. But I feel like if we handle this the right way, it can be a lot less obnoxious here than it is over there. What do you all think about it? Should we go for it? And if not, how come?
  4. In-Game Name Cr0w#1515 Primary Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Profile https://steamcommunity.com/id/ILikeNiceStuff Age 16 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 528 hours Reason for Joining I was a member before, but I left because TF2 division staff were a lot more corrupt back then. But now that the staff team is becoming smaller and the server overall less toxic, I reclaim xG servers as the ideal place to hang out. And I hope that eventually I'll be allowed into the TF2 staff team to help manage the server with the excess of spare time I have.
  5. 18.Tediore Shotgun Tediore Shotgun (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Multi Class > Panic Attack) - GAMEBANANA 20.Astral Assassin Astral Assassin (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Sniper > Huntsman) - GAMEBANANA 21.TF2 Hitmarkers W/sound TF2 Hitmarkers W/sound (Team Fortress 2 > Effects > Blood) - GAMEBANANA Update 3!!!
  6. 13.Scarborough Fair Revived Scarborough Fair Revived (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Spy > Ambassador) - GAMEBANANA 14.Fox Scout 2013 and a 1/4 Fox Scout 2013 and a 1/4 (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Scout) - GAMEBANANA 15.The Micro Dinger The Micro Dinger (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Scout > Winger) - GAMEBANANA 16.Razor Sword Razor Sword (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Sniper > Tribalman's Shiv) - GAMEBANANA 17.Oblivion Oblivion (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Packs) - GAMEBANANA Update, because why the hell not?
  7. As far as I know, there are no skins capable of adding things such as lazers without rendering a map-long lazer model in every time you fire or charge a shot. Which can cause technical issues if multiple people, let alone ONE person, uses it.
  8. Have you ever felt that the TF2 servers are losing their energy? Or that your beloved, precious inventory just wasn't cutting it one way or another? Everlasting boredom that just creeps up on you unannounced and makes you feel... Overall depressed to some extent...? Well say no more! Thanks to the lack of "sv_pure" in xG servers, I am proud to announce that I am now building an occasionally updated pack of skins and sound packs just to give your game a little more spice so you can have just a little more fun getting those dank ass head shots or just fooling around with friends on the daily. Since there weren't many weapon-based materials implemented in the servers' list of small whatsits and whatnot, I decided to do everyone a favor by making these skins I am using just a little easier accessible to the group. BUT, this pack is still in the works as I am testing these skins and sound packs out for any bugs and potential threats before adding them to a list which will be updated at least once a week with anything I can find by my leisure. Anyway, enough chit-chat. Here's this week's batch. 1.Splatoon Soundpack V.2 Splatoon Soundpack V.2 (Team Fortress 2 > Sounds > Packs) - GAMEBANANA 2.Blundered Rifle Blundered Rifle (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Sniper > Sniper Rifle) - GAMEBANANA 3.The American Dream REDUX The American Dream REDUX (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Multi Class > Pistol) - GAMEBANANA 4.Stream Shooter Stream Shooter (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Multi Class > Reserve Shooter) - GAMEBANANA 5.Raging Bull Raging Bull (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Spy > Enforcer) - GAMEBANANA 6.The Compensator The Compensator (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Sniper > Sniper Rifle) - GAMEBANANA 7.The Jury Rig The Jury Rig (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Packs) - GAMEBANANA 8.The Splatterscope the Splatterscope (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Sniper > Sydney Sleeper) - GAMEBANANA 9.COCONUT GUN COCONUT GUN (Loose Cannon reskin + sound mod) (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Demoman > Loose Cannon) - GAMEBANANA 10.Current Event AWP V2 Current Event AWP V2 (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Sniper > AWPer Hand) - GAMEBANANA 11.Assault Cannon FIX Assault Cannon FIX (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Heavy Weapons Guy > Minigun) - GAMEBANANA 12.Lancer Lancer (Team Fortress 2 > Skins > Medic > Crusaders Crossbow) - GAMEBANANA All of these are to be extracted into the custom folder of your TF2 game. I am probably going to keep adding 12 at a time unless I can find more OR someone sends me links to more. Have fun, guys. ;)
  9. I am well aware of my bad temper and I am working hard to find ways to hold it back for the sake of keeping the servers enjoyable and welcoming for anyone willing to uphold that nature. It is a server that revolves around fun, so it is my responsibility as an active friend of xG to cool my jets whenever I feel too angry or pressured. I would, however, like to point something out. Rather than being one sided a lot of the arguments that occur are the faults of me and other participants together. It isn't exactly a difficult thing to poison the waterhole and set everyone off just from a few things said that could've been phrased in a much better alternative way in order to convey a point without hurting the feelings of someone else or, bluntly, setting someone off. The belief that all fires are started by a single individual is a really flawed and often terribly held up one that carries this herd mentality for crowds that can lead to harassment and a lot bigger problems. But I digress. I am prone to starting drama and that is something that must change. So... I will do my part and calm down if only this can all be wiped from everyone's memory for the future.
  10. In-Game Name: ✦DeciDyui✦ Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: STEAM_0:1:105104099 Banned: No Teamspeak Account Synced: No Time Active on Servers: About a Month Age: 14 Reasons for Joining: I don't really have a specific reason, but I feel that I should join if I'm always on the XG servers for TF2. I don't even know if that's a valid reason.