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Found 10 results

  1. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  2. I am indeed stepping down, I saw my time as a Moderator as a Temp thing just to help the TF2 Division out, I had no intentions of staying staff long term, I'll still be around, just not partaking in the staff activities, I'm glad I could help out for the short time I was staff, but I do have some personal stuff to work out and that will definitely get in the way, I guess for the time being I will be less active as I deal with some of those personal demons of mine, thank you all for giving me a chance and letting me help out where I could, i'm sure a good bit of you don't even know who I am and thats fine, just know I will always be around and watching, since xG was my first community and I consider it a home I can always come back to, even now 8 years later. krampus smelli
  3. After the removal of the previous spawn protection system (which was better but admittedly more buggy) that was removed, going back to the old system is still obnoxious where people show no sign of whether or not they can take 4+ pipes or several backstabs before dying. A suggestion is to make spawn protection either a sizeable amount of overheal, which would protect them but not give them temporary godmode, and show particle effects to help as well. The second suggestion is to try to make a system similar to the last one but use particles or icons, rather than transparency or model colors, to show when they have spawn protec. Not gonna make a vote on this since I just want to see people's thoughts and ideas.
  4. I ended up a little behind on school work and for like the next ~2 weeks I will be very busy with homework and might not be able to come as often as I usually do, being like all day. I'll be back gamers. When I come back, JohnGalt42 better be at LEAST DM already.
  5. Division Discord Offenders In-Game Name lolisme Offender's Identity lolisme#0324 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Making this after the user has repeatedly been annoying, harassing others, and overall being obnoxious to deal with. People have had countless negative experiences with them, and they were previously banned from csgo for hacking, but also had issues there as well for the same behavioral issues they're having here. They've been warned several times on discord, one of said warnings being for posting suggestive nsfw underage child images with the excuse of "They just look young". Why are we letting a pedophile stay around like this? (as for the attachments, id post more of their generic annoying kid shtick but you should get the idea. would post the bit where they posted the loli suggestive images but the messages were cleared so heres the warnings)
  6. Lately, me and the other TF2 higherups have noticed an uproar in people who are not satisfied with the current state of the TF2 division of our community in terms of how we present ourselves and some of the rules that they feel are far too strict. We have discussed many topics and talked with a lot of staff over the past few days for the betterment of not only their staff ability, but for the community and to feel welcomed and respected as they should be in hopes that they will continue to support and play on our servers. I would like to do a Staff PSA in this post in hopes that everyone will see that we want to make a change to make everyone as satisfied as possible. Of course, there are times where you may not necessarily agree with the rules or such and you may not be superbly happy about the division, but we have to try to make everyone as happy as they can be to a realistic and fair degree. Many staff members have been talked to individually about one or more of these topics already, but I would like to make it publicly known so that our current staff can find a way to improve to the upmost degree if they feel like they should be working on one of the things mentioned. Even if you feel you don't need to work on anything, please read this and try to improve on them to the upmost degree regardless in hopes that you can be as good of a staff member and role-model for the community as possible. Learning is a great way to climb positions! Staff members should not try to interpret rules wildly from their original intent. Recently, some people have felt as if they have been wrongly punished because staff members are being far too broad with the rules and end up punishing people for reasons that stray too far from the actual !motd. I would like to remind staff that it is completely OK to ask questions and talk to a staff member in a higher position (whether that be admin or one of the higherups) whether something is disallowed or not in hopes that this will happen less, and that I would also like to see staff try to enforce rules directly towards what they are related to. Staff members should try to recognize the situation appropriately and take everything in context. We have felt as if staff sometimes may not appropriately address the situation because they aren't reading the context whatsoever and jump to conclusions regarding rules such as disrespect but towards their friends and other such examples. I would like to remind staff that it is OK if someone says that it's a joke and you go back on your warning or mute/gag and to understand the situation appropriately before handing out a punishment. Staff members should be a role-model to other people and act maturely, specifically when handing out punishments. Just a reminder that staff should recognize that they are a role-model towards the server and many people will look up to you if they care about the community and the servers. We would like to see staff act more maturely overall and specifically when handing out punishments. This is not to say that you can't have fun and be yourself at all, but try to act more responsible and like a role-model to ensure that everyone gets a good impression of the server and so that new members and such will take into account your responsibility and maturity! If someone disagrees about their punishment, allow them to calmly tell you why they disagree, and supportively direct them to the forums. I cannot stress enough how important it is that you do not shut someone down and tell them "go make a ban protest lol" if they get in trouble on the servers and they disagree with their punishment. If someone disagrees, talk calmly and respectfully about why they were punished and if things escalate on the servers or if they still disagree, supportively and respectively direct them to the forums and inform them that they should make a ban protest if they feel it is necessary or contact one of the higherups to discuss their punishment. Do not shut people down disrespectfully as it often ensures that they won't come back to the server. Of course, if people continuously argue about the issue, then warn and gag/mute as normal or whatever punishment is appropriate, but always assist them first. No talking over other people is not only for staff but for other players + regarding when to enforce the rule. The idea of this rule is so that we don't create extreme chaos with people speaking over each other constantly and so that people don't randomly interrupt people consistently. The rule does not only apply to staff, but also to people on the server. It also does not mean to silence every person who speaks at the same time as you because you are staff. To enforce this rule correctly, pay attention to when they started speaking and if they interrupted someone blatantly rather than if two people accidentally speak around the same time and both don't stop speaking (to a fair and realistic degree). If someone's mic isn't very good or isn't working, inform them of what isn't working and give advice instead of saying "fix your mic". Staff should always try to help people if someone on the server's mic has a lot of background noise and assist them in how to fix it rather than just simply stating "fix your mic". For example, if you can hear their in-game audio, tell them to plug in some headphones to prevent the in-game audio from coming through their mic. If they do not comply, then follow the extended mute system up to a day (warn -> mute -> day mute -> hour ban etc). Staff should always remain unbiased as possible. In order to prevent unfair punishments and arguments, try to remain as unbiased as possible and put yourself in someone else's shoes before handing out a punishment just in case you feel that you may be being rash. It is impossible to be entirely unbiased and there's no way to prevent that, but try to be as unbiased as possible to a realistic degree to ensure that most people feel that the punishment handed out was just and fair. Staff members should always be respectful to not only players, but other staff too. Remember that you are a role-model and that treating others with a lack of respect will not only encourage them to break rules, but also feel unwelcome to the server and community as a whole. Regardless of the situation and whether they are a rule-breaker or not, treat everyone with the same degree of respect. This also heavily applies to staff members. If you don't like a staff member, remember that you are working with them and not against them, and that they are also a member of the community as well and should not be treated any less than such. There has been a lot of drama recently regarding a few staff members and we would like to see no more of that and for everyone to treat each other respectfully. Try to be less strict regarding the immature voices rule We are hoping to see staff hold back a bit more regarding the immature voices rule as we feel that staff are jumping to stop people from harmless fun on the mic far too quickly. For example, if someone does an impression of myself having fun on the server, let them but not to a consistent level and as long as people aren't getting annoyed by it. However, do not forget that this is still a rule and is still not allowed, but let people feel a bit more free regarding the rule. @mrnutty12@Caleb956@Kypari@Natsu@Segal@DiaperHyperWolf@Krampus@Arnude@SegFault@Precious@BonfireCentipede@FrostyBoiGrim@Nozomi@VinylScratch@bagggel@Deko@Owlknight_@Tekage
  7. This is just me telling y’all more about my ? self. -My birthday is 5/3/04 -I spend money on things that are useless -I used to play as calebmellon -I’m a dirty freshman -I wear socks so it’s not gay -I’m not a furry -My real name is Caleb Anthony Mallon -I’m single now and ready to mingle ? (no homo tho) - ? Maid you look - I typed this on my ipad -I’m thick asl -not a little loli -I love trolls -csgo>tf2 -Bonfire is gay -I’m 5’6’’ now -I’m broke -I’m white -I sexually identify as ZH ALSO GET CRAWNKED