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im bored my mans

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I'm usually stuck in an art block so I'm gonna start doing requests on here

I'm cool with anything as long as it doesn't involve...

  • really intense gore (unless it's cool neon shit that stuff is rad)
  • no flat out porn or fetish shit that's gross yo (I might draw a lil 8=D style dick or something but nothing to deliberately turn you on)
  • you having a dramatic negative reaction because you wanted a perfectly done $50 hand painted commission instead of a series of rough sketches, that'll result in a lil personal "fuck off" letter from yours truly

Don't expect that it's gonna be a beautiful work of art, as it'll just sort of be one or more doodles that may or may not be serious drawings. If I agree and if my stylus doesn't break for the 17th time then I can ink it in if I haven't already or digitally retouch it for ya. If you guys needed something bigger than this, just hit me up on discord and I might be able to do you a solid (I don't have paypal so you're good). 

anyways, I think that's the hist of it


go ape my bros

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