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  1. heya! I'm usually stuck in an art block so I'm gonna start doing requests on here I'm cool with anything as long as it doesn't involve... really intense gore (unless it's cool neon shit that stuff is rad) no flat out porn or fetish shit that's gross yo (I might draw a lil 8=D style dick or something but nothing to deliberately turn you on) you having a dramatic negative reaction because you wanted a perfectly done $50 hand painted commission instead of a series of rough sketches, that'll result in a lil personal "fuck off" letter from yours truly Don't expect that it's gonna be a beautiful work of art, as it'll just sort of be one or more doodles that may or may not be serious drawings. If I agree and if my stylus doesn't break for the 17th time then I can ink it in if I haven't already or digitally retouch it for ya. If you guys needed something bigger than this, just hit me up on discord and I might be able to do you a solid (I don't have paypal so you're good). anyways, I think that's the hist of it go ape my bros
  2. if so, should my next build be a hoverbot vibe or an iflight ix5 v3
  3. done that, just calls me a cunt tho i tried that, only has 2 usb ports tho
  4. heya So recently i got a new laptop (lenovo flex with windows 10, geforce 940mx and a core i5 8th gen). Frickin amazing. However, I have been getting this weird lag with my external and built in keyboards. I have tried: updating the drivers dabbled with the repeat delay and rate turned off stuff such as keyboard filters and sticky keys in the ease of access category While it still is relatively playable, i do get some painfully long delays (I've counted as long as 2 seconds) so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  5. obscur___

    new spray

    i chose this as it truly represents who i am as a person, in addition to how my role plays in to society
  6. i made this at camp using Autodesk Maya Only in Maya binary file at the moment, but i might rig it sometime soon once i get it running on my home pc
  7. ok i just wanted to share this bc it came up in a conversation BIG fudgeIN thank you to @maf427 for finding the song
  8. In-Game Name obscurVEVO Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/obscur___/ Age 14 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers 14 days Reason for Joining I really enjoy playing on the tf2 surf server and i thought i may as well apply for member seeing as im on almost every day (the ban was when i first joined the server and shot a rocket into spawn)
  9. i mean you aren't wrong is this oppression against a single black mom?
  10. hey hi hola my name is obscurVEVO and i am a professional sex man i am a dudeski born on october 16 (not gonna say my exact age in the forums, but I am a minor) live like 20 mins south of San Francisco I literally have more TF2 hours in the XG surf server than any other server/game mode awkward as shyet i have a bit of skill in programs such as After effects, Photoshop, Final cut, and have yet to learn Sony Vegas, Autodesk Maya, and Premiere (HMU if you need anything I'm bored as poop) my radical gamer girl saliva powered PC setup is a 2012 mac mini with high sierra so i get cutting edge gaming performance I drew a lot years ago so i can kiiiinda draw but prefer 3d modeling with really elaborate UV mapping I am way too vulgar for my age I'm way too into freestyle drone flying and am working on one of these fellas bc my broke butt couldn't afford a premium frame due to the gaydiation seeping out SF, I'm into both guys n gals (While I am straight, I will still beat it to gay porn and literally fudgein anything else because im a horny cunt- Frosty) was really into general/military aviation when I was a wee lad and am starting to get back into it i'm a little into cooking aight i think that's about it