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  1. jo why do people always think your hacking

    whoever thinks you hack has the big dumb

    and i mean THE big dumb

    1. Venty


      You know what, I give up. Just keep assuming everything I'm saying is a joke.

    2. Kypari


      It's just because you're sucking his dick and insulting staff while you're at it

    3. Venty




      I feel stupid now

  2. woah dead cells is pretty cool

    i find the lack of catbois disturbing tho

  3. I actually got the game for the switch just yesterday. Great game in my opinion.
  4. IGN Pulls Review After Plagiarism Accusations [UPDATE: Writer Fired] KOTAKU.COM The gaming site IGN has removed a review for the game Dead Cells after allegations surfaced yesterday that the review’s writer had plagiarized from a small YouTube channel. Read more Here's the link.
  5. I wonder, why did elcark step down? Any specific reason or just didn't want to be a division leader? Either way, congrats on those who were promoted, welcome to the new members, and you were a good DL elcark.
  6. Not gonna lie, would love to see FF2 get a more constant population.
  7. great. just fantastic.
  8. Venty


    +1 Active, responsible, can handles disputes and arguments and take a bit of fun.
  9. Survival and building catch my fancy, and I'm not gonna say I don't like teamwork games.
  10. I've been trying to find some interesting games to try in the future, and I'm in a bit of a bind. Anything you guys can recommend?
  11. "+1 shoulda called for an adam. Would've probably permmed em. But yeah definatly a troll. "

    "shoulda called for an adam"


    this is pure gold

    also good on getting him banned.

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    2. Venty


      The origin is from a ban protest, I believe? Pretty sure it was a ban protest for what looked like a toxic kid wanting his ban appealed. I think the ban get extended by the community. Just thought it was funny at the time that "admin" was accidentally turned to "adam." course people didn't exactly like that, I see.

    3. TBOHB


      well ya see. we can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. so sorry if you actually meant it to be funny but it sounded like you were being a sarcastic butthole.

    4. Venty


      I now see how that can be seen. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

  12. So. I may or may not be coming on more. Everything depends on how long I continue to play Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 collection, and whether or not I continue with rust after the 2nd. But either way, I am coming back soon.

    1. Nyxll


      Neat, someone who is playing Kingdom Hearts.

  13. Venty


    In-Game Name Venty Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity STEAM_1:0:182335397 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 27 hours Reason for Joining I've been putting off doing this for some time as I wasn't sure if I want to join, but I've made up my mind.