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    Felt like trying again because most of the Tf2 staff left or are inactive, and the ones that do come on are there for little amounts of time. I understand that I have been extremely immature at times but I think that I have changed even though it may not look like it.

    probably gonna get denied but why not try again

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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 +1 As long as you are confident you've changed, as you do demonstrate an understanding of most of the rules, all that was needed was some maturity. You also have demonstrated a serious interest in the role.

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Apologies for the delay, took a bit to close this because of how lazy I've been.

While I understand your cynicism about being denied again, rest assured, it's unfounded. Looking at your recent history, as well as your more-than-adequate activity, I think it's pretty safe to say that you've definitely changed your attitude since your last application, and we'd be happy to have you on the staff team. (aka a +1 from both me and hyper). I apologize if we've (or I've) done or said anything to make it seem as though you're unwelcome or inadequate in any way to be staff-- I was only a dickhead (we call that "strict" in the business) because I saw that you could have been a great staff member, and wanted you to improve to experience that for yourself. Now we're here, and I think you definitely have improved, and you should take pride in that.

On that note,





Your Staff Submission has been accepted!




Please remember to be...



-Active on discord, forums and servers

-a Positive role model to the other players in our servers

-Taking initiative and making sure our servers are #1


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