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  1. As much as people love Rogueport, I do think a new map is long overdue. Playing on the same map can get tiring after a while so it would be nice if we had more good maps to shake things up with and hopefully it could become just as loved as Rogueport.
  2. It is really disappointing to see you act like this and be unwilling to accept that you made mistakes. I hope that you eventually learn from them and get a more positive attitude in the future.
  3. Big -1 from me. I really prefer the voice chat being a place where people actually talk and have conversations, not playing loud music that I would have to compete with if I wanted to talk.
  4. I'm not so sure about that. While I can understand the need for a quota, playing for even just an hour a day can be a drag at times. There have been several times where I don't feel like Playing Team Fortress 2 for even an hour a day. I love xG and everything and definitely do not want to step down. However, playing the same game all the time can get to be quite a drag.
  5. I haven't really thought too hard on a better solution but I think something like what Tekage suggested could work. Instead of warning > muting > kicking > banning we could start with a warn and then from there on just do extended mutes instead of handing out kicks/bans. I do think that could be a quite fair compromise. Keep them against the rules but reduce the punishment that is given out for them.
  6. Even playfully I wouldn't allow slurs like that on the server. IMO, that is the kind of stuff you do with your friends in a friend-only session, knowing they're ok with it. Also again as I previously mentioned I do think that they can promote more immaturity and toxicity and that is not the kind of audience I want xG attracting to.
  7. I think the policy is fine the way it is. While I could get behind completely banning all slurs, I do think that that could get a bit too strict and end up scaring some people off. We should just stick with the racial slurs. I'm against allowing all slurs because I do think that could result in xG getting a more toxic and immature audience. I think it might be a good idea to change how we punish for it though where just simply saying it results in extended mutes but no bans (unless it is maliciously intended).
  8. I am undecided on this. On one hand it could add more variety to the server and that could be a good thing. On the other I do feel it would largely take away from the point of the server being "TGH".
  9. If we do get more lax with this rule (which it looks like we will judging by the vote count) I really do hope that's not the way we do. I am very much against a majority rule decision. I really don't like the idea of the rules being directly influenced by who's on at the time, that could lead to things being ok when a certain clique is on and not ok when another is on. I would highly prefer it being allowed a little bit but not too much. Even then I would rather it just stay banned. I prefer voice chat being a thing where people actually talk instead of playing sound clips for the most part.
  10. I'd honestly rather we keep soundboards and voice changers banned completely. As for things like the immature voices rule we got more chill about that a while ago. "We are hoping to see staff hold back a bit more regarding the immature voices rule as we feel that staff are jumping to stop people from harmless fun on the mic far too quickly. For example, if someone does an impression of myself having fun on the server, let them but not to a consistent level and as long as people aren't getting annoyed by it. However, do not forget that this is still a rule and is still not allowed, but let people feel a bit more free regarding the rule." I overall think the rule is already in a pretty good place right now.
  11. +1 I've seen you around quite a bit before and it's great that you want to help the Team Fortress 2 division out! I think you would be a good fit for the role.
  12. For my old name 14grunt, I was quite a Halo fan back in the day. I was obsessed with Halo Custom Edition for a darn good while. I was 14 at the time when I wanted to finally create an online alias for myself and I quite adored the "grunts" from that game and thus the alias "14grunt" was born.
  13. Seen you around a bit and I haven't seen or heard about you causing any issues. Overall you seem pretty nice! +1 A: 8 M: 6
  14. Aw, sad to see you go but real life does come first! I hope to still see you around and see you back as staff some day!
  15. Honestly, I hope you actually decide to just stay with this account. I understand why you want to do it, that way people won't give you hate for your past. Part of moving forward, the way I see it, is accepting that what's happened has happened. If anyone wants to continue to judge you based on that even when you've done nothing wrong currently, that's their problem.