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  1. DiaperHyperWolf

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    I haven't really visited the #shitposting channel, ever, I think. That being said I am not too particularly fond of the idea of a channel where we allow things that normally wouldn't fly on other channels. As a few others here have suggested already though, maybe instead of completely removing it or just archiving it we could try putting in SOME rules of sorts. I think that would be preferable to be honest.
  2. DiaperHyperWolf

    Promotions and Demotions #208

    Congratulations to @Owlknight_ for the promotion! He definitely deserves it. Happy to see @ABlueSkittle123 get mod as well.
  3. DiaperHyperWolf


    Pichu is one of the nicest members I have come across while on xG and pretty active too, easily a +1 A: 8 M: 9
  4. DiaperHyperWolf

    Add ponyspensers back to tgh

    I do think it would be neat if they were on the server, but as Semper mentioned, I'm kinda afraid of the reaction that some people might have to it and think it may be better off not coming to the servers.
  5. DiaperHyperWolf

    Make TF2 Great Again

    I do feel that I haven't really been guilty of any of these, but nonetheless, I will be making extra sure about everything mentioned here! Gotta keep xG a friendly and welcome place to all!
  6. DiaperHyperWolf

    Get rid of spawn protection

    -1 As annoying as it may be to be killed by someone who effectively has god-mode, imagining some maps without spawn protection just makes me shudder. Clocktown is a fine example of it, where even with it on a lot of spawncamping happens to BLU team in particular and it can be hard to push out of spawn even with it. While I do kinda agree with Ian that easy spawncamping is usually the result of poor map design, on TGH, since a lot of the maps are based off or from another game, they aren't really balanced for another game like TF2 and an easy solution to this would be to just have spawn protection on that way we don't have to end up removing a good percentage of the maps we have.
  7. DiaperHyperWolf


    You can't, but you absolutely can decide to not talk on the mic if you have a bit of BG noise going on, which is for the better anyway if it's loud enough.
  8. DiaperHyperWolf


    He wasn't muted for talking over others or the thunderstorm (I couldn't even really hear it), I muted him because he had a bit of noticeable background noise going on in his mic (sirens) I did warn him to stop but, he didn't.
  9. DiaperHyperWolf


    -1 You seem like you need to work on your maturity a bit before I can recommend you to be a member. I haven't seen you all that much, but, yesterday when I muted one of your friends for micspamming, you briefly insisted that I unmute him and that he didn't do anything wrong even after I explained. I also don't really appreciate the attitude I've heard you express towards staff. A: 6 M: 4
  10. DiaperHyperWolf

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    I'd be alright either way with this. I don't lose my mind whenever somebody says "faggot" or even the n word really, but that being said I still do ultimately think of it as being in poor taste and those words are mostly used as demeaning terms. And to those who say that it would be too opinionated to make these into official rules, the way I view it, we have quite a few laws in society that are, when you break it down, opinions. That being said and everything, I do think it might be better to keep things the way they are now. I wouldn't want people to stop coming to the server because it's too strict.
  11. DiaperHyperWolf


    Was an admin before I even got moderator. I thought of you as one of the more chill staff at the time and you were pretty good at enforcing the rules. It was sad to see you step down. I would love to see you come back to a staff position! +1
  12. DiaperHyperWolf


    Your behavior still seems like it needs a bit of improvement. The times I've seen you you were pretty decent but your chat logs show that at several points you can get really unnecessarily heated. Also you've been on the server long enough now to the point where you should know that racial slurs and any loopholes aren't allowed. Disappointed to say, but I can't say yes to you becoming a member with an attitude like this. -1 A: 7 M: 4
  13. DiaperHyperWolf


    +1 Really nice guy and helps out with other things around xG enough to the point where I think he should be given this opportunity!
  14. DiaperHyperWolf

    The Formal Introduction Of RB3805

    Welcome here Arby! I hope you have a great time on xG. Think you'll like it here :).
  15. DiaperHyperWolf

    remove trade_Rainbow_palace_v1b

    I hate this map, it's not that big, the theme isn't that great to me, and it's low gravity. I hate nearly every single low gravity map, I really wish map makers would not make maps that have low gravity on by default, seriously, the default gravity is fine, thank you. +1 on removal.