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Server is being worked on.

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Ok guys since the aquatic update is out its time for me to get going and get everything ready.


A couple of pointers firstly I have been unable to identify suitable staff to work with me, however I do have a close friend of mine working with me to build everything but all the configurations and what not will be solely down to me. My friend may be joining as official staff if everything goes smoothly as he is an xG member already so we will see how it all pans out.

So right now the spawn area will be made, I plan to put the server live whilst the spawn town is still under construction (as with only 2 people this will take a while to build it as has been planned) so expect no stores and other planned features available on launch. But since towny needs currency for players to form their towns there will be a placeholder npc in which he will buy certain resources from you whilst the actual economy is set up properly (no cheap diamonds, diamonds WILL be worth something this time)

So with that said expect the server to go down soon until the new one is all ready to go, I will try my best to work on it as much as I can but I am just a single person with other unrelated stuff to do so it may take a while (sorry if it does).

The current map will become available for download as did the old towny map.

Hopefully I can keep posting updates here when work has progressed somewhat.



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