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  1. I let a lot of people down with Minecraft, I am sorry. Truth is I have been having a lot of problems offline with my health, among other things. Not wanting to draw attention and hoping it would work itself out and allow me to actually sit down and work on Minecraft, I could never get that opportunity. I had high hopes for Minecraft and many things planned including a huge quest hub city, credits casino, mini games, large pvp arenas and ranked tournaments with prizes, among other things. I see Minecraft division has a returning former DL to take over and offer the time and dedication it needs which sadly I couldn't provide. I am sure the division will do well. I have decided its best for me to leave the clan and move on, hopefully sort myself out and see what happens. Thank you for having me in this wonderful community, maybe one day i can return when I am in a better state. Bye and take care everyone ?
  2. Ok guys since the aquatic update is out its time for me to get going and get everything ready. A couple of pointers firstly I have been unable to identify suitable staff to work with me, however I do have a close friend of mine working with me to build everything but all the configurations and what not will be solely down to me. My friend may be joining as official staff if everything goes smoothly as he is an xG member already so we will see how it all pans out. So right now the spawn area will be made, I plan to put the server live whilst the spawn town is still under construction (as with only 2 people this will take a while to build it as has been planned) so expect no stores and other planned features available on launch. But since towny needs currency for players to form their towns there will be a placeholder npc in which he will buy certain resources from you whilst the actual economy is set up properly (no cheap diamonds, diamonds WILL be worth something this time) So with that said expect the server to go down soon until the new one is all ready to go, I will try my best to work on it as much as I can but I am just a single person with other unrelated stuff to do so it may take a while (sorry if it does). The current map will become available for download as did the old towny map. Hopefully I can keep posting updates here when work has progressed somewhat.
  3. when the aquatic update hits towny will be set up with a new seed which take advantage of all the new randomly generated content in the world. right now its just finding new staff and organising how to approach the new server set up, theres not much else I can add right now.
  4. Hi, We are actively looking for a dedicated Division Manager for the Minecraft team, We need this position filled ASAP. Please contact me in private for a quick chat if you are interested, then you may proceed to posting a formal application which can then be accepted assuming our chat goes smoothly and I feel you are the right person for the position. Some things you will need: Knowledge of the Minecraft backend, plugin configuration and commands. Dedicated to being a regular in the division. Must be a decent builder and able to dedicate time to community builds. Must have time and be willing to fix any server issues that arise. Must be willing to input ideas and constructive criticism with other staff on future content. Must be a trustworthy and commendable member of XenoGamers. I will be awaiting your messages on either Steam, Discord or here. Please make sure to contact me in private, thanks. ?
  5. thanks for voting! poll is now closed.
  6. greetings. ok so after much scrutiny I have decided we need to do something with the server, something big to reinvigorate it and take it forward. The following polls in this thread will help myself (and the future DMs TBD) decide what we need to focus on, what we need to bring to you as a player and most importantly the core gamemode the server will be based upon. Now I know we had a rather rough reset recently with staff stepping down, the store having its prices all over the place and bugs with the end among other things. I think with the upcoming aquatic update we need to focus on a brand new server prepared for launch of the aquatic update, this would be better in the long run than just expanding the map to allow new content to spawn because it would leave the majority of the map (which has already been largely discovered) and the spawn area not taking advantage of all the wonderful things the new update will bring to the world. Also I have noticed much displeasure at Factions, many have stated they thought Factions would be fun and way better than towny but it has proven not to be and there has been demand for towny to be our core gamemode plugin for our next server build. now this thread has lots of different questions in its rather large poll but please answer as best you can and if possible please leave some feedback below if you wish to add further points to the future of the server. I should end by saying I am for having a server reset going into the aquatic update, we don't often get such large updates to minecraft, not only this but it will allow me to rebalance the economy because people having enchanted diamond armour and weapons in the first day was just ridiculous, diamonds should be and remain a rare and powerful resource when people have 20 stacks of them they lose their meaning and value, this will be addressed in the new server making it so when you find diamonds in a mine you are happy rather than just be like "meh more diamonds". Also coming hopefully at launch will be a new improved spawn/quest hub, I was initially working on a quest town for the current server but having a spawn double as a quest hub will be the better option, the spawn will also be themed on a fantasy town there wont be just one big building with rooms leading off, you want that voting chest, you must find the voting chest house within the town ? but enough about that for now, its early days, you voice your opinions and vote away and we will see what happens!
  7. have you already unlocked the ability to make a void elf? if not I suggest perhaps buying or using (if you have one) a 110 character boost because you need to grind a rep to exalted to be able to make a void elf and that takes grinding an end game area for weeks. ? if you already done that and just looking to level up fast then you got 2 choices, questing and dungeon grinding. Dungeon grinding was nerfed recently and I assume you don't have BoA's so it will take even longer to do old dungeons which used to be super easy to do (new scaling made the dungeons take forever) Its still a good way to level up if you can queue as healer or tank for fast groups but compared to questing its nowhere near as fast anymore. To level up the fastest you just need to power level through quests, its boring and since Blizzard changed how mob scaling works with the new world level scaling its just a pain to level now.
  8. Are you missing permissions in game? There is a little bug that sometimes happens with the server where it doesn't default new users to the default 'guest' rank. This of course doesn't give you the basic permissions as everything is set up to run off guest as default so when some users fail to get set to guest it becomes an issue only myself and other staff can fix manually. Since I keep getting asked about why people don't have permissions and its becoming troublesome to keep up I made this thread for people to post if they need to be set to guest (or member if they are already a member of xG). Just post below your Minecraft username if you don't have permissions and I will set it up for you.
  9. I have things being built and planned out, the end will be fixed when its fixed, I will try to set up an end portal at the spawn if worst comes to worst and thats the only working solution. again I don't have any ideas why its not working, I did manage to get the nether to work but the end is just playing up. I can't post any further information on what i'm working on, I like it to come as a surprise which will hopefully get people playing again.
  10. Nether Update: Nether and End portals are now FIXED and working perfectly. As always though if you ever find an error with them please report it ASAP.
  11. CONGRATULATIONS! Your membership application has been accepted and you are now a member of Xeno Gamers! You can now add the [xG] tag to your in-game name! To begin your membership, familiarize yourself with our rules listed below. This is highly important and knowing these rules will keep you safe from bans! Want to get more involved in the community and qualify for Staff? Here's how! 1. Be active on our Discord server! You can download Discord here, and join us using this link ! 2. Be active on the forums! This is one of the best ways to keep yourself informed on things happening within the community and for your voice to be heard! 3. Be active on our servers! This shows that you're committed to the clan! For a server list, click here. Come check out our staff list to see who is who on the servers, click here. For a list of our server rules and guides, click on the appropriate division: [TF2] [CS:GO] [GMOD] [Minecraft] [Nuclear Dawn] WE HOPE YOU ENJOY YOUR STAY! Note: n/a
  12. omg yes yes yes yes if anyone has played TF2 servers for years you will know dankfishman aka Darkdragon487. he is definitely worthy of member, very nice, active, follows rules and is awesome to play with and been around the servers for years and one of the most active members currently on our new minecraft revival. +1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1 M:9 A:9
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    hallelujah! If you find what is up with nether let me know @Atamo