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  1. LAN_Megalodon

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    What's against discord tos is pretty obvious, and even if you aren't sure you should be erring on the safe side and not posting it. There's literally only three limitations on what kind of nsfw content one is able to post, and while any system of categorization has flaws and outliers, that should make it insanely easy to avoid ever encountering this issue. If what you're posting looks like it's part of a gray area or could be interpreted as breaking tos, even if you personally don't feel it is, you should be doing the rest of us a favor and not posting it. Ultimately we are not the final arbiters of what is and what isn't allowed, we aren't the final jury or the judge, so anytime anyone posts anything in a nsfw chat they should be considering whether whatever it is would look incriminating if discord staff had to make a call on whether to axe our server or not. I really like the idea of a channel where none of the rules apply because for the most part it contains all the sh:tposting and spam and questionable content to a single channel, and i think it's quite the jump from 0 to 100 to immediately try and delete the channel rather than just dealing with the offending individuals with our standard punishment system. What confuses me is that this is exactly what's been done with individuals who've posted hentai that breaks tos, but now that it's furry stuff it's no longer about "individual responsibility" or whatever, it's the collective fault of the whole channel and everyone participating in it. I've mentioned before that while we've been pretty good at immediately catching and removing some questionable content, and while that deserves commendation, there's been a load of questionable furry shit that's made it past either because nobody wants to look at most of those image dumps, or possibly some kind of implicit bias.
  2. LAN_Megalodon

    “koth_oofbay is the new best map”

  3. LAN_Megalodon

    “koth_oofbay is the new best map”

    It'd be better if you could stand on the spawn roofs because fųckers sit puppyguarding their snipers with sentries and airblast when they'd otherwise be forced to play the game due to continued bombing runs. Otherwise yeah it's pretty good.
  4. LAN_Megalodon

    New server time!

    all three are good imo
  5. LAN_Megalodon


    Take anything anyone says about Sniper here with a grain of salt because 1. Most people here play mainly on flat, poorly designed trade server maps. 2. Most people here play pubs, where there are more than six people on each team and the chances of any given one of them playing a slow class are exponentially higher. 3. Most people here, including myself, blow chunks at actual TF2.
  6. LAN_Megalodon

    Vegans vs Furries

    Veganism is actually a pretty difficult philosophy to challenge for the average idiot, not that you have to understand any of that to be a vegan, a lot of people just do it because they like animals or whatever. I'd wager most people would agree to the sentiment that suffering should be reduced wherever possible, however most people aren't vegan, so there's some disconnect there. It's totally plausible for the average American to never eat meat again, in some cases cheaper on their budget even (given you don't live in a food desert), so the real question is why doesn't the average person? I'd argue that people think of humans as "different" or above animals and that gives them some reasoning to justify it to themselves. But in reality humans are just another species of animal, there's nothing out there that says we're "special", that no other forms of life can reach the level we have. Another reason I think is that a lot of people also think of animals as "unfeeling", like robots, but biological life. I think this is a mistaken notion, there are many documented cases of animals displaying what appears to be empathy, not only within species, but across the lines of species. Additionally most people would feel pretty queasy about eating a dog, but are fine with bacon or pork products, even though pigs are technically more intelligent animals. So ultimately, if you think suffering should be reduced wherever possible (within the realms of being able to live a healthy and comfortable life let's say), what are the reasons for remaining a carnist (eating meat)? I don't think there are any really, and you can feel free to debate me on this, but I don't think there's a consistent worldview that allows the average first world middle-class citizen to minimize suffering while eating meat. I personally don't even think suffering is reducible because merely continuing to live is in essence a selfish act. Rather I think patterns of co-operation and nonviolence are evolutionary advantages meant to give both me and my fellow humans a leg up. If the biggest threat towards my own existence is another human, then language empathy and communication are advanced ways to communicate a "cease fire" so to speak, as we both pose the biggest threat towards the other's existence. I do this not out of a wish to minimize risk for my neighbor, but as a way to minimize risk for myself, which plays into the "selfishness" I mentioned earlier. With most animals this doesn't really exist. I as a human cannot communicate this proverbial "cease fire" of sorts with a bear, as if a bear cannot interpret what I communicate, there's no guarantee of my own "selfish" gain. Therefore this argument for veganism holds no real value to me. There are other reasons to consider veganism or limiting your consumption of meat that I think hold a little more value. I would be more swayed to veganism personally from a conservation standpoint because the meat industry is not only inefficient, it is also one of the largest causes of pollution on a global scale. Additionally at the rate we continue to consume meat, it seems completely unsustainable to keep going, we'll either have to figure out several effective work-arounds or perfect and create an industry for lab meat. Food for thought.
  7. LAN_Megalodon


    fourth most viable offensive class
  8. LAN_Megalodon


    I just want to clarify that although I made an extremely funny meme quip as my first post I really don't care if this gets added. I'll just fucking mute the channel like tatost said lmao.
  9. LAN_Megalodon


    Delet this nephew
  10. LAN_Megalodon

    Help me with high school! pls.

    Highschool is worthless, pass your classes and leave.
  11. LAN_Megalodon

    Tgh Map Requests

    p i r a t e s h i p
  12. LAN_Megalodon

    Add ponyspensers back to tgh

    Then you are an imbecile and a fool. Folks here have a negative reaction to people liking certain things on their own time privately.
  13. LAN_Megalodon

    Ass or Tits?

  14. LAN_Megalodon

    Add ponyspensers back to tgh

    -1 no. People who care about what other people like are brainlets but it literally has nothing to do with gaming history and it would just add to everyone's download time when changing maps. Also gay bonfire gaming.
  15. LAN_Megalodon

    Get rid of spawn protection

    You can make it out of clocktown spawn as scout pretty easy with a second or two of invincibility. It also makes demoman pretty ridiculous because you can bomb with close to no downside. But I agree I'm not like frothing at the mouth for it to go, I just think it's a shitty fix to a problem that has roots a little deeper than "spawncamping lol"