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  1. LAN_Megalodon

    Chicken, Beef, Or Pork?

  2. LAN_Megalodon

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    So actually speaking of skial, I'd like to bring something up. Server Rules WWW.SKIAL.COM Rules These actions may result in bans, silences, or other punishments. Examples are listed. But just because you don't see something here does not... Their rules almost exactly mirror ours except for: And I guess this is my whole hangup with the whole debacle, part of the reason I stepped down from moderator was not wanting to split hairs with people I was acquainted with over just a casual general use of the "soft a" so to speak. And like, I'm not the kind of person who's really gung-ho about using words that might make others feel uncomfortable, but I also don't think it's my place to word police anyone. People exist in environments different than mine, and I would find it insane if I was in a position where I had to tell a black person they couldn't use the n bomb, or a gay person that they couldn't call themselves a fag. But for consistency's sake, it should probably really be "all" or "none", and if we decide it's "all", harassment of players should have a zero tolerance policy and our rules should be edited to reflect that. Because I know one of the first problems we're going to encounter is people targeting other people based on sexuality or race or something and then play it off as a joke.
  3. LAN_Megalodon

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Twitter's pretty lax in terms of rules, the people on it might not be in terms of what they themselves think is acceptable. People also not wanting to be around certain language is not equivalent to them being hyper sensitive or whatever you're implying. We've seemingly collectively decided that we'd rather have our servers be an environment without the use of racial slurs. Does that make us hyper-sensitive? The slippery slope is a fallacy, one type of word being banned does not inherently mean all other less offensive words follow, but as I've pointed out, if we ban racial slurs because they're slurs and in general we think they will not have a positive impact, it's not odd for people to think that it's inconsistent that we allow all the other ones. I do not think our servers are strict at all comparative to other ones. If you look up the rules for skial or jump academy, or any other large group, they tend to be relatively close to ours. Our servers aren't lawless dumps, I like that. I feel it elevates the discussion and enjoyment for most everyone involved. People trying to purposely antagonize people by toeing the line has always annoyed me and the less damage they can do by trying that, the better.
  4. LAN_Megalodon

    Turn off thriller taunt on servers

  5. LAN_Megalodon

    Turn off thriller taunt on servers

    It can't actually, the thriller taunt shouldn't ever occur on weapons with taunt kills. It only interrupts taunts like the best taunt in the game from bazooka/dh
  6. LAN_Megalodon

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Also just to point out, I'm pretty sure faggot at one point was a banned word, and I'm fairly certain I've seen people punished for "Dyke", so saying "Yeah but no racial slurs and everything else on a subjective basis is how we do things and have always done things" isn't even correct. We don't even follow that consistently.
  7. LAN_Megalodon

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    Yes, but what I'm saying is that, by making this push for moderation with less "subjectivity", which is a sentiment we've all seen echoed in the whole spray debacle multiple times, they've collectively screwed any stance where you want a moderator to make a subjective choice. What's the difference between calling someone a faggot and the big ol n bomb? Nothing really, they're both slurs, so if you've purported this goddamn binary where either something is allowed or it isn't, you can't be fůcking upset when people end up comparing like to like and wanting more slurs banned.
  8. LAN_Megalodon

    Turn off thriller taunt on servers

    Thriller taunt blows every time I try to beat my chest to show dominance I just have a weak little spasm
  9. LAN_Megalodon

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    My stance usually would be that we shouldn't even need a list of banned words and like nearly every other platform, rather should try to figure out on a case by case basis whether something constitutes as harassment or not. With that said, I think multiple users, multiple times, have demonstrated that they get some kind of enjoyment out of doing literally anything just to get under other users' skin, and will play anything they've done in bad faith off as a "joke" when confronted about it. It also doesn't really help our community or servers to have someone shouting the n word over and over again because it amuses their Cro Magnon brain (and we do have those users), I don't think that would make our servers feel very inviting or cast the rest of our community in a very intelligent light. So idk. It seems like the easiest work around would be to just have a ban on racial slurs, if anything, and then evaluate anything else on a case-by-case basis. But everyone thought rules were too loose and moderators too subjective and wanted everything to be iron clad, so yall really fůcked yourselves here, there's not really a case that can be made anymore that's logically coherent you goddamn fools.
  10. LAN_Megalodon

    IGN Got caught plagerizing.

    Kotaku did, and at least one other article of his was basically lifted entirely from Wikipedia. Additionally his resume is a copy/paste of a hypothetical example resume on some resume-builder site. He recently took photos of himself holding cardboard signs that read, "will work for food" as if he's in as dire straits as someone who's actually homeless.
  11. LAN_Megalodon

    Best Unusual?

    halloween ones i like all the bats personally
  12. LAN_Megalodon


    +1 funni man a: 9 m: 9
  13. LAN_Megalodon


    the only argument you make is implying we shouldn't have additional staff with the reasoning being we already have staff: but this doesn't really make sense, because if tatost would make good staff, or even passable staff, there's no real harm in having him. It's not like we pay anyone here, might as well have him or any other capable person as an extra set of eyes. There's no real negative to "more staff" as a general concept, only negatives if the bar is lowered or if an individual makes for poor staff. Yeah, that's the point of an application. This is akin to me saying "man these map requests threads seem like people are just throwing maps at a wall and seeing if people will add it to rotation lol." I know dissecting what you say is a pointless endeavor but like, why? Anyway +1 tatost discord mod.
  14. LAN_Megalodon


    Is your complaint here that you have no real complaint?