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  1. LAN_Megalodon

    The future of xG

  2. LAN_Megalodon

    The future of xG

  3. LAN_Megalodon

    The state of TF2?

    There's like nothing to do to this fucking game anymore. I don't even know even know what you'd update outside the moronic fantasy world of "give heavy an overwatch shield". The community is the only thing keeping this game on life support, and even when they create, package, and advertise their very own grassroots updates these fucking imbeciles don't even blink. We do all the legworks for these potentially awesome map update themes and it's just fucking ignored. The cosmetics will be added in some dumb barely retextured case six months from now, but the stuff that's actually cool and matters gets binned.
  4. LAN_Megalodon

    Hello! Tips for a new streamer

    I don't stream fairly often lol @Tatost. Streaming is hard because you'd have to be entertaining 24/7. If grape wants me to stream like botw or something I'll do it, but I don't find myself that funny and I'm under no illusions there. What I will say is that something that fucking kills a stream for me is when there's fucking notification text and noises popping up every 40 seconds. I actually can't stand it. Like if you want some text to pop up at the top of your stream and like a little noise or something, fine, but when you've got tts and a bit boss or someone screaming at the top of their lungs as your follow sound I ain't sticking around. If you can get friends in a voice chat it also helps cover dead air, which is a big no-no.
  5. LAN_Megalodon

    Does tf2 div turn you into a furry?

    Humans are mammals, all mammals have fur at some point in life. Virr is the only one who can't be crucified. The father, the son, and the holy robot, amen
  6. LAN_Megalodon

    lolisme - Discord

  7. LAN_Megalodon

    Turn pan into the market gardener

    +1 I have to make it up to swoosh, although his recommendation was really a melee that did damage based on velocity. For people who think this is too good, understand that the success rate of market gardening people with something like the bazooka is incredibly low, on a good day you might go 1-3.
  8. LAN_Megalodon

    Remove jump_academy

    I'm not a god, I just don't want to blow my own brains out. Sync is at least challenging, if I sat on that map for 3 hours it'd be engaging
  9. LAN_Megalodon


    xenogamers was founded on aids, it's a core value
  10. LAN_Megalodon

    Jump Maps Requests

    I got the like one map I care about but basic demo maps are a good idea
  11. LAN_Megalodon

    Remove jump_academy

    We don't even record completion times right now afaik. I'm not a fantastic jumper and I'd assume most people want something somewhat difficult or challenging, especially because we don't actually record times.
  12. LAN_Megalodon

    Remove jump_academy

    Yeah there's actually not really a point to academy if you're going to have like teachers and whatnot. The only thing academy excels at is being very descriptive about what you have to do in the absence of players willing to explain it to you. Otherwise everything in academy is pretty much covered in jumps 1-10 of other, better, lower-tier maps. Danny made several statements about better players being bored on the map being the same as worse players being bored on a harder map, but this is not really comparable. A hypothetically worse player on a map that covers the same basic skills as academy in addition to more won't ever make it to the "more" part. If they make it to anything that academy doesn't cover, they'd have mastered the skills academy teaches. If they never make it to the additional parts of the map, they're struggling on the same stuff that would be on academy, there's just not a significant part of the server bored on a relatively short and easy jump map. Academy's very descriptive, but having something described to you doesn't mean you instantly master it mechanically. Forcing an entire server to sit on academy because a fraction of people really don't understand how to jump, (or more likely, some people got on the server and rtv'd before it was really populated) is comparable to going out to skate with all your friends but forcing them to all stand around your driveway while you try to master a kick-flip on your lawn. Sure, it might be a great way to learn how to kickflip, but it's not really an enjoyable or engaging experience for most of you.
  13. LAN_Megalodon

    Remove Random Crits?

    +1 inb4 the "I don't play tf2 anymore, but I just want to sabotage votes made by the community for changes that won't affect me in any way" comments
  14. LAN_Megalodon

    Add Politics Channel to Discord

    Why the dig at me, my post wasn't even political it was philosophical. Anyway from the looks of the poll, a politics channel isn't going to happen, but I think it'd be mildly amusing to have one. I don't even know if most of the people in this clan can legally vote. For the most part our rules on politics aren't even really very descriptive or enforced very well, we've had discussions about net neutrality which is certainly a very political subject, we have a reaction that is literally an image of the current US president, Donald J. Trump, and we throw the word 'libtard' around like no tomorrow. And the reason all this stuff "slips" by is because nobody cares, as much shit as the clan gets from itself for being a bunch of stupid kids, I think most of the people here can take a meaningless joke. A place dedicated to higher discussion isn't really a bad thing imo, it might even be beneficial.
  15. LAN_Megalodon

    On "Invisible Promotions"

    I kind of agree with tatost, but for the most part even if I don't think someone has what it takes for mod I don't post anything negative on their application unless I have a a particularly egregious example. I don't know if that's the case for anyone else, but that essentially means I just use standard staff protest procedure anyway. I do think people should be able to protest someone being staff ultimately, even if they don't have hard evidence of abuse or whatever. It allows people to get worries off their chests and forces potential staff to reconcile with past mistakes.