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  1. LAN_Megalodon

    Remov trade_plaza_square_station_v1

    this map is fudgeing awful lmao idk what you mean, it doesn't take more than five minutes to realize the issues with this map. -It's just a bunch of flat ground -Spawns can see each other with nothing covering the sight-line -I've spawned multiple times and just had one health, I get that that's probably supposed to be like an afk manager or something, but we already have one of those and I've killed myself like twice trying to jump somewhere after spawn protection wore off because I had assumed that I had full health because I just fudgeing respawned Beyond that there's my subjective opinion of there just not being a ton to the map, and it also doesn't look very aesthetically pleasing imo, being from like sonic adventure I think? The grass looks like goddamn banana land I mean holy cow.
  2. LAN_Megalodon

    sug.: "don't talk over people"

    People don't have the social cues they normally have in an irl conversation, so I agree, it's really fudgeing annoying to have some higher up butt into the middle of a civil conversation and yell 'EXCUSE ME PLEASE ONLY ONE ON THE MIC" just because one of you didn't realize the other wasn't done yet. Like I've seen this enough times and it's honestly like "okay, what do you think annoys people more here, the fact that two people were briefly talking at the same time, or someone grinding the entire discourse to a halt to holler at them not to do something neither of them were intending to do?" Equally enough times I've seen people just not fudgeing caring what's going on or who's talking before them and it just devolves into noise, so while the first situation is annoying, the rule is a necessary evil imo.
  3. LAN_Megalodon

    It's time

    Good luck with whatever you're doing next man, I didn't really know you too well, but no news tends to be good news and you were pretty friendly whenever I saw you in-game.
  4. LAN_Megalodon

    Goodbye forever

    Didn't you just come back what? Anyway take care man, I hardly know you, but we always need more poopposters when half the folks in this here gaming clan here get so angry, it adds some levity, so I personally hope you come back soon if at all.
  5. LAN_Megalodon

    Favoritism and Nepotism

    "I know damn well I’m not the only one who feels like it’s just a bunch of friends gathering together to protect anyone in that circle and not caring about anyone outside of their groups input." Everything in that thread was organized by three people if we want to talk about friend groups. I don't think Krampus is in the right there, I think I've done my best to express that, and the fact that we're kind of friendly towards each other doesn't change that, but it's extremely hypocritical for certain individuals to suggest that "friend groups" are the cause of someone's opinions on the matter when it's that individual and their friend group that orchestrated the whole gig, even rightfully so. then there's displays of absolute genius like these "people are dog-piling their friends this isn't fair" k I don't really care who you are or what your stance on the precious-spray-matter is, all I ask is that people look at themselves for five bloody seconds before they claim that people are deciding issues based on whether an individual is in a friend group or not. Self examination and nuance is not a particularly difficult feat. The best part about those reactions is that there weren't even any negative ones until the thread was locked, which I was you know, going to point out (but locked thread xddd). If you want to make the case that there's some kind of cronyism or favoritism going on it's probably best to just give your friends a heads up to not instantly react positively to your thread, it makes the idea that you're being oppressed a whole lot more believable.
  6. LAN_Megalodon

    Bias and hypocrisy

    Okay okay okay, so just stay with me here, as I see it we've got three options if we're going to change the rules: 1. Realize that no matter what changes we make to the rules, there's always going to be some form of grey area if we allow any form of sexualized content, and because of this being inevitable, the current set of rules are fine, we've just encountered one of the unavoidable road-bumps, and therefore should deal with the issue but keep the current set of rules. 2. Try to change the current set of rules to no avail, hypothetically the best we could do is ban any form of nudity including nipples and butts in addition to what our current rules cover, but once again this doesn't really change anything in terms of having to deal with grey areas constantly. 3. Remove the ability to see sprays. Have to continue dealing with the same issues we're having with sprays with objectors because maybe you don't realize it but people will just fudgeing move to those lmao. I don't want to be rude but it does seem like people are hijacking a thread about an admin calling a bad shot to either try and make our rules on sprays more puritanical or remove them entirely. This is the whole reason we have an in-clan bureaucracy, to deal with the inevitable grey areas that will occur no matter what we do. I am slightly more biased because personally I'm not really put off by nudity or weird poop, but I think anyone rallying for a rule change should really examine whether changing the rules will eliminate the problems, or just change the context in which they eventually occur.
  7. LAN_Megalodon

    Bias and hypocrisy

    I mean there's plenty of things we have to go after time and time again even though rules are pretty clear, that's what moderators are for. The solution to "bodyblocking" for instance isn't to just give everyone no-collide or remove every instance of a teleporter within a map, even though it's a rule we constantly have to deal with enforcing. Besides which, I'm pretty sure "nothing explicit" is a pretty concrete one to maintain, although we could certainly go further and make a rule about anything even "questionable", it's just that our new rule as of January is incredibly vague for no real reason. Back when I was mod I didn't ever really even have to question whether sprays were allowed or not because the ruling on it as it was told to me was just not something subjective. Then we introduced "allowing bulges as long as you can't make out the genitalia" or whatever and it all went downhill.
  8. LAN_Megalodon

    Bias and hypocrisy

    So can we get a detailed rule clarification here and now? (Just like in general not necessarily from you or anything) Because "no explicit nudity" isn't really a great explanation and if I were just an outsider or new mod reading this I would end up interpreting it as "individuals in sprays can't not have clothes". If we're making a new line where do we draw it, or if not, are we just back to "if you don't show any part of genitalia or tiddy nipples you're good" ?
  9. LAN_Megalodon

    Bias and hypocrisy

    by second I should clarify "the second irl 3d woman" not the spider.
  10. LAN_Megalodon

    Bias and hypocrisy

    The editing on the first one isn't done particularly well enough imo, I think I can still see the lips through the blur, the second one should be fine though imo fair is fair. I was on surf when this was going down but sprays were not working for a while for me, (I couldn't even see my own for a bit) so I had no idea what the issue was I only heard about it secondhand. I can't actually tell what the fudge is going on in the spider one because it seems to be merely lineart, but if it is indeed an areola that should be a no-no from what I remember from my brief stint as mod, but idk it also looks like it could just reasonably be part of a larger stomach pattern.
  11. LAN_Megalodon

    Casual 6’s?

    pootis to mid is exactly why the gloves were banned in both american and eu leagues lul, what do you think happens when two heavies get to mid?
  12. LAN_Megalodon

    Casual 6’s?

    Valve comp has no rule sets idk what you mean, that's what makes it casual. There's like no standard enforced so people can run whatever team composition/weapons they want, regardless of whether it's broken or throwing. And comp is double scout, double soldier, demo and med traditionally because those classes are the fastest to mid and also having two of scout/soldier doesn't slow the game down to an unbearable point. Every other class limit is one, and you can run them about whenever, (that doesn't mean it's effective though).
  13. LAN_Megalodon

    Casual 6’s?

    valve comp is casual sixes
  14. LAN_Megalodon


    +1 bonfire for cl lmao
  15. LAN_Megalodon

    Promotions and Demotions #199

    @BonfireCentiped what outrageous conduct