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  1. Ok this is gonna be the last thing im writing on here since tbh im tired of this. Bach. You're insulting me because i took offense when you stickied everyone in my channel, demoted me, put me in a sex dungeon, erased my entire channel and replaced it with brony crap, and again ive said this for like the 5th time, held me "hostage" in your sex dungeon and forced me to "surrender" if i wanted my channel back. And i never insulted your intelligence so idk what thats about. and im not just mad that you just changed my channel obviously im mad becuase of everything you did and its pretty immature of you to get mad over something as small as a blacklist in a channel you dont even go into. So goodnight and i hope this is sorted out, 1 way or another, by tommorow.
  2. Here if it makes your dick feel any bigger bach: Gyazo - 2d76bca5bc58e95a214546e3e02fbe41.png valid blacklist with valid reasons.
  3. You're telling me to grow up? Im sorry i wasnt the one who 1.Stickied everyone in someone elses channel for fun, 2. Held the channel owner in a room and stickied him until he agreed to "surrender" a war YOU started for "fun". and 3. Made someone elses channel full of brony shit with atleast 12 pictures of some brony guy and put everything in pink in said channel. So bach why dont you "grow up". Blacklisting you is so you dont do it again. Get over it
  4. The reason we made that blacklist is because of what YOU GUYS DID. So dont blame us if we're a little mad about what you did and plus you blacklisted me and swoosh too, and Chicken kept changing the blacklist so im pretty sure you can understand if im a bit mad.
  5. It was bach and chicken being "deushnozel" with no other motive than, so i heard from many sources, "for fun". It was random, unexpected, and obnoxious
  6. Penguin you left out the part where bach and chicken: 1. Stickied everyone in my channel. 2. Demoted me to guest. 3. They moved me down to their sex dungeon and stickied me. 4. Held me and swoosh and everyone in my channel as "hostages" until i "surrenderd" the war. 5. Deleted my ENTIRE CHANNEL DESCRIPTION where bach was EXPLICITLY BLACK LISTED. Do i need to go on?
  7. I never gave you admin Bach, Kart did, apparently without telling me. And then you didn't just sticky everyone you gave people admin who then proceeded to keep us there and you moved me down to Nom's sex dungeon and stickied me there as well.
  8. All these scratchers makin me rich!
  9. Im pretty sure even if i was in your channel you never spoke to me about it. like, never.
  10. No you really didnt. I havent been in your channel in like 2 months now. So if you wanted to talk to me about it then you should have then but dont make up shit just to make yourself look better
  11. First off you've never EVER talked to me about those jokes, no one complained about them, no one said anything about them so you're lying about that. Secondly did you even ask the people i talk to on teamspeak? Cause literally everyone ive talked to on teamspeak who ive been talking to says i dont harrass them so you'e not even asking people who know me or you're just trying to get me banned seeing as you're lying about talking to me cause, like i said, you NEVER DID
  12. @Dethman still didnt answer my question of who you asked and, like i said, most people ive asked said i shouldnt be on that list
  13. its still disrespect nonetheless whether he likes being called autistic or not
  14. yes but still thats not trolling