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  1. Used to be a regular on xG in like 2015-2016, recently came back to TF2 after over a year or 2, noticed almost all xG servers were dead except the Trade Gaming History had like 3 people. What happened?
  2. Yeah You may see me around every once in a while. My name is usually Nemesis of Aeroembolism now.
  3. chatbox also doesn't show up on this account for some reason
  4. My high school is 8th-12th, was unsure.
  5. Is it your first year in High School? Unsure if 8th is in High School in Texas nowadays. Anyways good luck man. I took Geometry freshman year as well, not too complicated once you learn the major concepts of it. What science are you taking?
  6. Inactive for a while due to Dota and other things
    1. Hushpuppy


      Brb playing pitlord for 3 months strait.
  7. Where did chat box go?
    1. Egossi


      under the "forums" section
  8. The funn1k rant, damn. Also going to be a bit inactive, trying to improve my mmr.
    1. Egossi


      making your way up to ti amirite
    2. Owl


      what mmr are you anyway
    3. DrunkOlLunk


      im 1.4k. not very good in any sense but im trying to improve. i barely played dota, most of my hours are watching esports
  9. This thread Honestly though, you act like the mods wouldn't be more serious about punishments for you when you've been on the servers long enough to know the rules. Also funny that this thread comes after your application thread failed.
  10. Last day of TI6. Cool AR effects, Jimmy Doto, EU LUL, 104/110 heroes picked, and 2 new heroes. Exceeded my expectations! (except NaVi :( )
    1. Hushpuppy


      XD Classic Jimmy
  11. Lucky you're so close, TI is an amazing experience