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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name owl Identity owl Position Other Time Active on Servers yes Information i would like to have division leader of the counter strike division i made the surf server the most popular xeno gamer counterstrikers server as well as minigames the server that has been recently soiled by the deep corruption among the higher ups made obvious to the public by the removal of the slap command thank you for reading Bring this back. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  2. Hello everyone, Owl aka Dalton1 aka Drowsy aka The Janitor aka 10 hp pure aka Latin American Conquistador aka SkullKing aka $nakegirlerica aka @virr (@ayylmao)s Origin aka Warriorsfury's Boyfriend aka EGIRLPUSSYSLAYER2000 aka bigtruck78 aka lizardking666 aka Clgiwi Suckanagi aka xDude aka Ben Shapiro here, the sole creator of the minigames server. To begin with this issue, I must give you guys a little history lesson. It all started on teamspeak. Our main character, me x3, was sitting in teamspeak. He joins a channel with Bleed and Lithium and asks them if he can setup a minigames server. Lithium probably doesn't say anything and/or calls me retarded, Bleed says sure but don't ask for too much help. And then it began. Our dearest egirl slayer had finally acquired access to an empty server. With a perfect combination of css nostalgia and hatred of the entirety of the TF2 division, he set out to create the sole thing that would revive the dearest Xeno Gamers. To complete his quest, he had to overcome an onslaught of unrelenting memes. They wore down our young protagonist, but he did not break. After failed test attempts where somehow all of teamspeak got the password, Lithium constantly changing the movement settings without telling me then adding a plugin with a inconspicuous name to automatically reset the movement settings to what he wanted, thus breaking many maps, because Lithium is a massive faggot, he saw the light. He must embrace the memes. With his newfound knowledge, he quickly refined the minigames server and released it to the public. This server was born in the memes. Molded by it. There wouldn't go a map without some 12 year old retard getting spam slapped. It was the pure essence of a Xeno Gamers Counter-Strike server. Without the slap, there is nothing. +1.
  3. Owl

    I want to smell your hair... and touch your skin.

    You are mine. No matter the cost..

    And I will get to you.

  4. hello Xeno Gamers it is me owlthons and i am looking for a female companion please private message me on discord my name is owol in the Xeno Gamers Official reqiurements: play minecraft with me anime thank you for reading please get back to me im really lonely
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name OWL Identity ITS THERE SOMEWHERE Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 6 YEARS Information Hello i would like to be a moderator not a troll app btw ?
  6. Owl


    hey guys owl here just checkin in on my good friend @Genesis where the hell u been bro i miss us so much like every night i go to sleep crying thinking about that one time you said my joke was funny in jailbreak back in 2012
  7. Owl

    retard idiot

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      Gay sweden man

  8. i feel so empty now.. bye xG.........
  9. @Aegean if you revamp the CS division and don't come to me for help I'm gonna challenge your whole family with my best Yu-Gi-Oh deck. cya retard. @xGShadowSpy dead as ever but theres still some cs people shitposting and were the only people ever on discord >:) come thru
  10. Hey guys, Owl here. I've been around xG for a long time, and I have heard the rumors.. But is it really true?! There is no way that our beloved Co-Leader, @Aegean, is actually a terrorist, right?!?! B-but... His hostility in his words... His retreat to Turkey... I just don't know anymore. After all, no innocent man would get swatted, right? Especially by the Canadian police. Maybe he's taking out his frustration from Quinn's status in the League of Legends meta out on the general public? I'm not sure. I would really appreciate if someone could clarify this for me. -Owl-sama