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  1. Owl

    I want to smell your hair... and touch your skin.

    You are mine. No matter the cost..

    And I will get to you.

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    Last comment wins

  3. Owl

    Looking for girlfriend

    hello Xeno Gamers it is me owlthons and i am looking for a female companion please private message me on discord my name is owol in the Xeno Gamers Official reqiurements: play minecraft with me anime thank you for reading please get back to me im really lonely
  4. Owl


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name OWL Identity ITS THERE SOMEWHERE Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 6 YEARS Information Hello i would like to be a moderator not a troll app btw
  5. Owl


    hey guys owl here just checkin in on my good friend @Genesis where the hell u been bro i miss us so much like every night i go to sleep crying thinking about that one time you said my joke was funny in jailbreak back in 2012
  6. Owl

    retard idiot

    1. virr


      Gay sweden man

  7. Owl

    Good bye old member number.

    i feel so empty now.. bye xG.........
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    Just checking in

    @Aegean if you revamp the CS division and don't come to me for help I'm gonna challenge your whole family with my best Yu-Gi-Oh deck. cya retard. @xGShadowSpy dead as ever but theres still some cs people shitposting and were the only people ever on discord >:) come thru
  9. Hey guys, Owl here. I've been around xG for a long time, and I have heard the rumors.. But is it really true?! There is no way that our beloved Co-Leader, @Aegean, is actually a terrorist, right?!?! B-but... His hostility in his words... His retreat to Turkey... I just don't know anymore. After all, no innocent man would get swatted, right? Especially by the Canadian police. Maybe he's taking out his frustration from Quinn's status in the League of Legends meta out on the general public? I'm not sure. I would really appreciate if someone could clarify this for me. -Owl-sama
  10. #BringBackAfrican
  11. [spoiler=technology]-Redstone Flux: A mod that provides RF, a type of power that is used in the technology mods. Redstone Flux -Thermal Expansion: A mod that adds machinery, such as an electric furnace, cobblestone generator, and a sawmill. Requires Thermal Foundation, CoFH Core, CodeChickenLib, and CoFH World. Thermal Expansion -CoFH Core: Required for Thermal Foundation and Thermal Expansion. CoFH Core -CodeChickenLib: Required for Thermal Expansion. CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ -CoFH World: Required for Thermal Foundation. CoFH World -Thermal Foundation: Required for Thermal Expansion. Thermal Foundation -RFTools: A mod that adds machinery, such as teleporters, shield creators, and dimension builders. Requires McJtyLib. RFTools -RFTools Dimensions: An addon for RFTools that allows dimension creation. Requires McJtyLib. RFTools Dimensions -McJtyLib: Required for RFTools. McJtyLib -Ex Nihilo: Creatio: A mod that adds machinery that allows you to get more materials out of limited items. The machinery is less advanced than other technology mods. Ex Nihilo: Creatio -Solar Flux: A mod that adds solar panels. Requires Hammer Core. Solar Flux Reborn -Hammer Core: Required for Solar Flux. Hammer Core [spoiler=other]-YABBA: A mod that adds barrels. This can assist with item storage. YABBA -Extra Utilities 2: A mod that adds items such as watering cans, compressed blocks, and transfer blocks. Extra Utilities -Tinker's Construct: A mod that allows creation of custom tools. Tinkers Construct -Inventory Tweaks: A mod that makes sorting the inventory easier. Inventory Tweaks -Iron Chest: A mod that adds more chests that have increased inventory space. Iron Chests -Chisel: A mod that allows the customization of block design. Requires CTM. Chisel -Connected Textures Mod: Required for Chisel. ConnectedTexturesMod -Just Enough Items: A mod that shows recipes for items. Just Enough Items (JEI) its a vanilla server so none of these would actually work lol