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  1. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: Faggot Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/FaZeFaggot/ Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I was banned for scamming a guy that wasn't even related to the server I've played for long time Unban me plz Thanks - Faggot Love u but hate charles
  2. Guys I fucked up to bad to fix it this time See ya #FaggotOut
  3. Lmao fuck you all god forbid if I talked bad about one staff member gg well there goes my xG member chances
  4. Lol! Just cause I made a report on you since you are very useless.
  5. And by all the time I mean for me only I do not mean for other people he has done this atleast 4 times
  6. Division: Counter-Strike Staff Name: xG:M Charles Staff's Steam ID: Steam Community :: gucki face Evidence: 1) Gyazo - 3176b63b057dd20683d9ca1fd8980a94.png 2) Gyazo - 7bcff9415ca05211d905c979c2d7d7d5.png 3) Gyazo - 880a77231bf969eb90bedc8a0d214e9f.png Further Information: Yes, since I am on the CSGO xG JailBreak server daily I come across many freekillers / rulebreakers a day usually when staff is not online so I like to message the staff I have on steam well which ever one is online and today I asked as you see in the gyazo Charles just to come on and fix this guest on the server and he refuses to daily all the time. I am creating this to hopefully get this staff demoted or atleast warned because he is very useless and is barely on anymore.
  7. In-Game Name: TheTrue Active Division: Counter-Strike Previously a Member in xG: No Steam ID: Steam Community :: Faggot Banned: No Active on Teamspeak: Yes Time Active on Servers: Daily atleast 4 hours a day Age: 17 Reasons for Joining: I'm legit on everyday even when there is no other staff on if you do not believe me you can ask Athrun, Charles, J, or Oden!