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  1. Been learning Go in an attempt to have more options in internships. In school however I've used C++, Java and Python.
  2. Charles


    I play it a little bit, just started again recently though. Standard: 31k Taiko: 38k Catch: 31k Mania: 73k https://osu.ppy.sh/users/4084042
  3. I remember purchasing lots of item in Hub back in 2012 CS:S, I wonder what I could've actually used that money for... :thinking_face:
  4. I'm so excited to be rejoining xG!
    1. Jadow


      you should make a surf map c:
    2. Aegean
  5. I played a lot of demon hunter back in around Season 2-3. Got to paragon level around 300 I think. Might buy the Necromancer class for the new season just to give the game another go.
  6. Charles


    i dont no who u are, mr freak, but if people here are all like this i dont like it :(
  7. Charles


    hehe i want 2 play games and eat pizas with u bro! catch me on roblox in the pizzeria sim :)
  8. Charles


    hey uhm, im charles. im kinda shy, but id like to break out of my shell by engaging with ur comunity. i like pizza, videogames, and girls. if u ever wanna game with me, im available anytime, any day. hopfully we can be friends together i love you josh.
  9. Onii-chan being big baka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also vote that we start with Boku no Pico then perhaps move to SchoolDays afterwards.
  10. On startup, the program would get the highscore from the saved file on the FTP, then set a variable (high_score) to that in the program. If the users score, (new_score) is higher than high_score, it will update the file on the FTP to the value of new_score. I thought about something like that, but had 0 idea how to execute that as I've never worked with that kind of stuff, but I have worked with FTP's before and figured this would be a viable option. I'll look into this, but I don't think I have the knowledge to actually execute it properly. Also not to worried about the security of the game, as much as I am just allowing multiple users to compete against one universal score.
  11. So the program is a game of sorts. At the end, you have a score. And if your score is higher than the highest score (the variable I'd like to put on a ftp), it will save and upload it. Hopefully that provides some clarity.
  12. I'm currently working on a personal project in which it saves a variable, and uploads it to a FTP to be accessed later. Process: Download file from FTP, if it doesn't exist, create locally for upload later. Assign variables with appropriate date from downloaded file. Run main program If record is better than previous, save values to downloaded file. Delete file from FTP, and upload the edited file to FTP. Repeat if user doesn't quit. I'm currently looking at using this library: CkFTP2: CkFtp2 C++ Reference Documentation But I've seen a lot criticism about it, as well as other libraries that look to fulfill my needs. What would you use, and how would you implement it? I can provide more details if need be. Edit: I should also include I'm using Dev C++ 5.11. Compiler set to configure: TDM-GCC 4.9.2 64-bit Release