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  1. I check the forums every now and then and look in discord to see whats new
  2. +1 knows rules would make a great addition to the staff roster is on a good amount from what i can see
  3. +1 is great to play with knows the rules doesnt cause chaos a 9 m 9
  4. +1 i think he would be great for the position and is probably more active then me atm
  5. xd memes +1 has played for a long time knows the rules would be a great addition to le team A = 9 m = 9
  6. -1 A 7 M 3 You have a very bad mic i told you to fix it or not use it and you said no You impersonated a staff member and when i told you to change your name because you are not a member nor a mod you got hostile towards me I have been told you freekilled in the past but i have no proof of this I would +1 you if you had a good mic and lost the attitude
  7. -1 still has a bit of a attitude but its changing imo it hasnt changed enough yet
  8. -1 i just dont think your ready yet with your attitude towards some in this thread and you do hold grudges for a verry long time
  9. orangejuice


    +1 see him on almost all the time he knows the rules he hasn't caused any problems that i know of and when he freekills or think he freekilled he slays him self without being asked a 10 m 9