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  1. I was like 6 or 7 and on the news it said that a man was wanted for molesting a child, so I asked my dad, "Daddy, whats a mole-sting? How does a man sting a child with his mole?" He didn't answer me.
  2. +1 Fun to play with! A:8 M:9
  3. When I'm trying to connect to the mini game server, a lot of times it starts downloading the map and shows the continue button but then it displays ______ map missing. Tried restarting csgo, steam, comp. If anyone knows how to fix please let me know!
  4. Don't know if this problem is still occurring but on mg_swag_multigames_v6, after all players on a team die the next round doesn't start. Still doesn't start next round when both teams are all dead.
  5. -1 Plays teemo A:7 M:4
  6. -1 I was on while he was massing for a good half hour or more. He said he doesn't care if he got banned on xg servers since there were other ones he could play on. Needs to show commitment and play more for an unban. Have not seen him at all since his ban.
  7. -1 M:4 A:4 Super immature, no way he's 17 years old, seen him on like twice.
  8. +1 A:8 M:8 Good addition to clan
  9. -1 Giving everyone negative ratings doesn't help your case either. Just shows you are immature and therefore more likely to continue to mass free kill the next time you get mad Down rate me no balls. :)
  10. +1 A:8 M:7 You're alright for your age, just drop the binds you stole from Oden. It triggers me every time you use them. :)
  11. After joining xG i felt less secure
  12. Printer at my school went Alahu Akbar, started a fire xD!
  13. If anyone requests i have like 2 or 3 demos of the guy massing, killing during lr, vent breaking. Just request it :)
  14. +1 A:8 M:8 good addition to xg!
  15. +1 Fun guy, but could be a bit more active, haven't seen you a lot recently but maybe its cause of different schedules :3 A:8 M:9