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  1. Red

    Septik u gotta control your anger towards people from the past. Like its not healthy brother take care of yourself and don't worry about what other people think cause it's "their" opinion and if you feel like I have targeted you in some way just tell me. (Not sure if its cause of an forum emoji). I don't know cause I guess everything is dead that you just want to use your discord mod powers for sake of coming at people cause you dislike them or something idk you have to elaborate on it cause you never came to private messages to talk to me or anything. Idk pretty sure u have me blocked on discord for some reason but hey u do what u like cause I don't have a say at anything. Just saying a single word like "tranny" can get you instant ban without no warning or context nor did I try to use it in a disrespectful way..

    even though people have said that word multiple times and in derogatory way they didn't receive any repercussion. 


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    2. Precious


      How about (now hear me out here) we just refrain from using derogatory slurs? 😳


      I know this doesn't involve me but I had to lol 

    3. Red


      Sorry for saying "Tranny" I know I hurt 90% of our members who are tranny but damn sucks to be you.

    4. Dannypicacho


      is sus!!1