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  1. Red


    Nothing I can prove since I'm not going to record dem every goddamn second he speaks. but nonetheless I'm going on the experience I had with him on the server and discord.
  2. Red


    -1 He was once on pkmn trade and said that he'll just troll the xg discord again. don't be fools.
  3. Red

    Turn off thriller taunt on servers

    It's the best taunt.
  4. Red

    Best Unusual?

    harvest moon , shadows.
  5. Red

    add those map to tgh

    @Caleb956 @mrnutty12 @Kypari can we test the maps on tgh since voting is done.
  6. Red

    add those map to tgh

    stupid nice post farm btw.
  7. Red

    Get Rid of new RTD

    one word.... powerplay
  8. Red


    +1 tatost chill and knows how to handle most situations so why not.
  9. Red


  10. Red

    add those map to tgh

    but votes "no" then just straight out remove the maps with less hours played on cause clearly it means that no players have interest nominating or even voting to go on the map. i'm pretty sure most players / competitive wise would like to have this map on the rotation especially when cap gets enabled.
  11. Red

    Best way to kill time?

    smoking weed,
  12. Red

    add those map to tgh

    koth_delivery_rc4 is from Call of Duty series from a map called shipment. The person who made the map was inspired to make it just like all the maps we have on the server which are inspired from other games.
  13. Red

    add those map to tgh

    It's pretty funny how you say its the most uninspired thing you seen but we have maps like those on the rotation which we never play on nor anybody likes. ctf_darktower, dm_sdm_final,trade_jollyrogerbay_v3, and much more. I still think koth_delivery would be good map to add to rotation since staff can enable cap would make it more fun.
  14. Red


    what was the point of this?
  15. Red

    Bye for now.

    Who is this?