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  1. 0x solo qualifier 

  2. gg we run the system congrats @ABlueSkittle123 @hongkongatron
  3. liar u were on ngs a few days ago
  4. W:

  5. trophies 🏆

    Image result for champagnepapi nba championship

  6. +1 Ding at first was toxic and didn't really follow certain rules at the time but was generally active on pokemon but his general behavior prevented him from getting member couple of months ago but now I can say for sure that he's matured greatly and is one people who quickly picked up on his attitude actually learned from his mistakes and improved on them.
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    I don’t know if you’re qualified for the task in hand... Give me a few days to process the information
  9. Okay okay grape I been waiting for you to do this. Grape is active and knows the rules and community very well and he was a huge help to me when I first gotten staff I can definitely see him helping and improving the tf2 division. ✍ +1
  10. hou i am