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  1. Red

    Septik u gotta control your anger towards people from the past. Like its not healthy brother take care of yourself and don't worry about what other people think cause it's "their" opinion and if you feel like I have targeted you in some way just tell me. (Not sure if its cause of an forum emoji). I don't know cause I guess everything is dead that you just want to use your discord mod powers for sake of coming at people cause you dislike them or something idk you have to elaborate on it cause you never came to private messages to talk to me or anything. Idk pretty sure u have me blocked on discord for some reason but hey u do what u like cause I don't have a say at anything. Just saying a single word like "tranny" can get you instant ban without no warning or context nor did I try to use it in a disrespectful way..

    even though people have said that word multiple times and in derogatory way they didn't receive any repercussion. 


    image0 (2).png

    1. TBOHB


      This ban wasn't personal to me at all and it wasn't done out of anger. I banned you because you've had multiple warnings and have been given many chances but you couldn't keep your mouth shut. You have a history of harassing people and have gotten away with it most of the time. In regards to what you said, whether you meant it in a "good" way or a bad way doesn't matter, you're going to be punished for saying shit like that. In regards to the people in the screenshot, I wasn't a mod when they were around but I know Jackie has been dealt with a few times before. As for Bags and Kiyo, I haven't seen them say anything since I became a mod. The reason I didn't take it to your DMs is because you should know better. I shouldn't have to have a sit down with you about something like this. If you really want to get unbanned you can do one of the challenges.


    2. Red


      It's 2021 I'm not out here harassing people for the sake of it. You should of just deleted me saying "Tranny" or warned me in discord like everyone else but it's whatever. Not like anything goes on in that discord anyways just lurkin.  Anyways I ain't appealing a discord ban shit is dead anyway, just wanted to know cause I didn't context to why. ✌️

    3. Dannypicacho


      when the imopstor 

  2. Red


    Spaghetti used to be annoying fucking troll ass kid on pokemon trade way back and was just doing dumb shit to get a reaction but he's overly matured throughout since playing and interacting in tf2 XenoGamers Pokemon trade server / Trade Gaming History. He should have good knowledge on most of the rules since he used to break most of them a lot but he's changed his attitude and behavior and actually a good presences on the server and he's one of the few members who actively plays on the server till this day because I know I always seen him on with either Galaxy Mr.Spy Myself or some random early in the day or at night. I don't mind seeing how he uses this opportunity to actually enforce the rules and not just get staff and be a stupid idiot using it like certain staff in the past and now. +1 For mod A:9-10 M:8
  3. Red


    Despite Tekage previous history. He's matured a lot and since my time of joining xG I seen this ugly European in Pokemon trade as either a member or mod back in the days,Tekage genuinely a fairly neutral staff and a good member throughout the community from my perspective and till now. I never really seen him step out of line nor has he done anything severe or extreme on the servers. He's friendly to pretty much everyone so I don't see why he can't get mod or admin at the least. +1 A:7-8 M:8
  4. Red


    +1 genuinely one of the people who are actually trying to repopulate the servers and get more involved in the server than most staff but anyways, Tatost is a 100% capable of being staff. MOD OR ADMIN but just be a janitor.
  5. Red


    Member's Name Guest Information @Nomulous @virr @Aegean @Rhododendron Please terminate all the current staff and please give server mod to @Spaghetti and people who actually play on there
  6. +1 One of the chillest people who regularly plays on trade server at its current state and like seg said he's super friendly and compared to some people he actually interacts with everyone on the server.
  7. 0x solo qualifier 

  8. gg we run the system congrats @ABlueSkittle123 @hongkongatron
  9. liar u were on ngs a few days ago
  10. trophies 🏆

    Image result for champagnepapi nba championship