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  1. Red

    Texting and Driving

    Sorry to hear that man. Hopefully you and your family are good and getting better. Don't worry about inactivity and try to get properly better.
  2. Red


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name red Identity STEAM_0:1:52947739 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers check gameMe B) Information Totally not meme thread. I believe I can be an exceptional moderator for the xg servers. I'm deeply loyal to the rules and I stand against any human being who threatens the well being of it's foundation. I also adore pointing out and exploiting fraudulent players / abusers who want to pollute the TF2 atmosphere with greed and corruption. I'd like to thank @SegFault for recommending me for staff. My TF2 debut starts on the 25th of October so I'm a free man from the broken system. - red
  3. Red

    Minecraft Server

    og battle royale insta +1
  4. Red

    Minecraft Server

    This is what we needed. I'm down for multiverse server. I would love creative, towny,factions, and hopefully more. Arthman the savior of the MC division
  5. Red

    Goodbye, for good.

    Didn't you donate 10$ for unban That's tragic lol
  6. Red

    Sup Y'all

    hi wb
  7. Red

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    someone is mad his bf got demoted
  8. Red

    Be back November

    this man said overwatch looooooooooool stick to black ops 4 kiddo then u should be good. bye until nov
  9. Red


    bye lil nig
  10. Red

    Favorite TGH Map Types?

    My favorite maps currently. Not in order; Aquatic , Rogueport, Duketown, Frantic, Minecraft realms, Clocktown, Delivery, Megaman (Cap on only), Rusty bucket, and I might be forgetting couple more but fuck it.
  11. Red


  12. Red


  13. I'm always right 😎

  14. Red

    Bring back old rtd/friendly

  15. Red

    Am I Way Too Talkative