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  1. frankly seeing a lot of cool maps taken down for that reasoning over the years while we still have shit like airstrip in active rotation, and we've not added any new maps in several years? maybe not the right thread, but, please for the love of Christ loosen the theming a little
  2. Alright, gonna keep my case stupid and simple. History: This was on our non-TGH trade server, and was added to TGH by request when that went down. A while back, someone whined it wasn't 'gaming history', and it's been off rotation for a few years. First- - This is a trade map with a lot of fun extras and mini-games for events, like a functioning Connect 4 board. Deathmatch is fun, but this allowed for a wider variety of TGH community events. Second- - What if I told you this map could constitute as gaming history? Let me explain. No, it's not from a classic N64 or PS1 era video game, but MassCC is a map from a defunct TF2 server that used to be large eight years ago. Furthermore, while not traditionally fallling under TGH map guidelines, the fact it represents our own defunct general trade server means it, in some regards, represents a part of XG history. Also, even if we ignore all that, there's still references to a game older than anything currently in our map rotation. Yes, Connect 4 was first released as a board game in 1974, and was later used in first-party a Nintendo game in the Switch sequel to classic NDS title 'Clubhouse Games'. No, it's not as 'in-theme' as a lot of other TGH maps, but it also wasn't a bad map, and it was an important part of both TF2 and XG history.
  3. call me the black sheep or whatever, but i probably wouldn't be interested. i've played enough of the vanilla maps over the past 8 years. if i wanted, i'd just hit up casual. i don't feel strongly enough to -1 this, though.
  4. How does being 20 compare to being 17?
    1. Megamaw


      excuse me, but what?
  5. To be perfectly blunt, seems pretty chill. Vore memes aside, I'd trust this user to actually listen to constructive feedback on their moderating. There are a lot of regulars on TGH that i'd consider too hostile to be considered for this position. I don't think Vaporeon is one of them. +1. I think they'd do pretty alright.
  6. mossdeep seems to be a popular option when i asked the other day. also, give it a music room, but make it so you can actually turn it down on the tf2 music options. that's the only issue people have, not that it exists, but that it can't be disabled. grap hit it on the head. instrumental non-pokemon options would also be nice. i don't give a shit about sand. not having music is a great way to have nothing to fight over. put in stuff that's worth fighting for. it's a polarizing topic, sure, but keeping the quality of music high and also giving people the option to opt out hurts literally no one. but i guarantee there's gonna be a fair lot of people that won't want to play on a map where there's no interesting things to fight for.
  7. They both allow multiple text channels/voice channels, have mod audit logs-- I'm just trying to understand why Teamspeak is considered better for XG's use. Do I realize I'm not gonna convince anyone? Yeah. Do I want to know why that is? Absolutely.
  8. See, I'm not even saying we have to stop using teamspeak. I just think having an official Discord server would make the community WAY easier to interact with. How many people outside of XG do you know what actually actively use teamspeak? There's really not a whole lot of communities that use the program anymore, so again, it's a big barrier to entry for people that are on the fence about XG.
  9. So far, the only argument against Discord that I've heard is security. You don't understand where that information is going, and that's scary, I get that. But do you know how much information Discord handles? Literally billions of messages have been sent. It'd be ridiculous to think we, a small gaming community, would be spied on actively. What are the pros? Well, for one, accessibility. No one uses Teamspeak anymore. How many of you use it just to get on XG's server and nothing else? It's a pretty big barrier to entry. Discord has a browser version, and is easy as hell to install. It's not computer intensive, and it's about accessible as it gets. Also, hey, you don't need to pay server costs anymore. That's pretty good. Or you could keep both up-- that's up to you guys. I've also heard an off-handed comment before that it's 'not good for big communities like XG', but there was no elaboration. Either way, as a manager of a Discord community already, I'd like to hear your questions and concerns about it, so I can answer them.
  10. +1 The No-Mic Hero. This guy's pretty neato. Haven't seen a problemo with them so far. A:9 M:9
  11. That's seven. I think I've assembled Exodia, here.
  12. I've been told it is considered socially acceptable to bump this topic. So I will.
  13. In-Game Name: Megamaw Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: Steam Community :: Megamaw Banned: No Active on Teamspeak: No Time Active on Servers: ~2-3 years Age: 19 Reasons for Joining: I'd like more input when working with the community. I've been playing off and on for a few years, exclusively on the Pokemon Trade Center until recently. I feel I can positively impact this community through my input.