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  1. Pencil


    -1 I have not seen any improvement. Nearly everytime I see them on the server, they're always complaining, despite telling them to use the !friendly command. And I had a few... Experiences. Where they would have an argument about how I'm "Harassing" them and I should stop killing them. But whenever I do, I just say to them, use !friendly, to which they ignore.
  2. Pencil


    In-Game Name Pencil Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity STEAM_0:0:166694481 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 4-6 hours Reason for Joining I've always loved Xeno Gamers as well as the community. Always excited to play on Trade Gaming History and Surf. I've played on xG servers for approximately 5 months now and finally decided to apply for member status. The reason for joining is so I can have a role in the xG community.