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  1. mhm! it counts, and they look delightful
  2. yees, almond joy and mounds
  3. Lynn


    probably the easiest +1 I've given for obvious reasons He knows how to run a division and he's so much fun to be around, super friendly and loveable. He gives concern to every situation and he likes to make sure everyone is having a great time. A:6 M:9
  4. @Dannypicacho check my edit history, nerd. I wasn't being serious
  5. that honestly sounds like a good idea, imo. I like it
  6. why not just add rtd to surf so it balances out random crits
  7. sneks rule this thread now ?
  8. I'd like to thank my friends and my family for giving me the opportunity to win this discussion board. it's been a wonderful ride, I hope everyone who lost can find it in their hearts to congratulate me, it really has been great
  9. removing crits from surf makes it less silly, and if people get tilted on a surf map over a crit it feels unjustified and unnecessary, I'm saying no, but I dont see a problem either way.
  10. I have a ps4 for mhw and bloodborne. I'm gonna get some new games in the future