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  1. bagggel

    lolisme - Discord

    +1 ban all lolicon pedos
  2. Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I’m gnot an gnelf. I’m gnot a gnoblin. I’m a gnome. And you’ve been, GNOMED!


  3. bagggel

    Community night idea

    different movie
  4. bagggel


    cya osmosis jones
  5. bagggel

    Hey, so umm

  6. bagggel


    sniper isn’t engineer
  7. bagggel

    favorite food

    bage- Pancakes.
  8. Would just like to say that I’m sorry for letting the TF2 Division down as a staff member as I have been incredibly inactive due to life stuff such as revision for driving theory, interviews and finishing up college exams. I was only able to get hours in the morning when the servers are dead and during the weekend so I was barely able to play. Sorry for being a bit of a let down and not lasting very long as staff, hopefully I’ll make a comeback sometime in the future 😔

    1. Kypari


      Love you buddy, open arms when you have the spare time 😄

  9. bagggel

    Promotions and Demotions #207

    congrats to me i am now free
  10. bagggel

    What things freak you out the most?

    ok retard i see you stealing MY image that I MADE
  11. bagggel

    Deathrun Map Request.

    A map request for deathrun? Woah!! https://fortresslabs.tf/playstation/ << Download links are on there
  12. bagggel

    Add ponyspensers back to tgh

    LOL no
  13. bagggel

    I'm sad and I need everyone to help

    alfie boy and barney boy
  14. bagggel

    Smash Ultimate!

    ok nvm i’m maining king k rool