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  1. bagggel

    FF2 Boss/Music Request

    That’s a player model... Not a boss
  2. flex flex flex flex

  3. bagggel

    Horrible xG Member

    I'm not a furry
  4. bagggel

    Remove vsh_mannopoly_a6

    Yes but the Pyros can just run at you lol. Bosses are restricted to melee after all, so you're bound to run at their face anyway which they can just infinitely walk at you and spam airblast. Not to mention Pyro doesn't have a cap limit, while Sniper is limited to 3 and huntsman taunt locks are hard to pull off as they're slow and predictable . You can also escape huntsman taunt locks by doing any continuous taunt or by doing a taunt kill of your own if the Hale you're playing as has the required weapon (Knives, Huntsman, Fists etc.). You can build rage of getting damaged by the taunt lock which you can then use to kill the Sniper unless you're playing as a boss that doesn't have a lethal rage.
  5. bagggel

    Remove vsh_mannopoly_a6

    Not much I need to explain about this map besides the fact that it's small and getting knocked off the map instantly kills you as well as a hazard near the centre of the map that also instantly kills you as the boss. Frustrating to play on as the boss as everyone just focuses on blasting the boss either off the map or into the hazard (The payload from pl_frontier) to win the game causing rounds to end in seconds.
  6. bagggel


    Sorry Tuna but I'm gonna have to stay neutral on this one, I haven't seen much from you besides playing on Surf and sitting in spawn for the majority of time. I don't play on Surf too often so I don't know for sure, but it would be great if you could be more active on our other servers. Don't get me wrong it's entirely fine to have a favourite server to sit on all day, but it would be nice to see you active on some of our other servers. I see good potential in you on becoming staff, but at the moment I think you get a little too feisty with some of the members in the clan or just to randoms in general if they do something that you don't approve of. Examples of this has occurred multiple times in the xG Discord, and I'm not going point out these individuals as you surely know who I'm talking about. Hopefully you'll be able to improve on these, good luck!
  7. bagggel


    +1 is a well behaved fetus A:8.03 M:7¼
  8. bagggel

    How did you make your username?

    i like bagels
  9. bagggel

    Selfie Sunday

    omg thank you for shaving you don’t look like an 80’s pornstar anymore
  10. bagggel

    Smash Ultimate!

    Meta Knight, R.O.B, King Dedede, Pokemon Trainer and maybe Inkling As for DLC characters, Shantae I guess?
  11. bagggel


  12. bagggel


    +1 His behaviour and attitude has improved by a butt ton. Would be nice seeing you as a great addition to this clan again.
  13. bagggel

    Promotions and Demotions #201

    nice @BonfireCentiped
  14. bagggel

    Deko's Introduction