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  1. bagggel

    Suggested Weapon Balance Changes

    pressing x then 5 as heavy should give you buddha mode
  2. bagggel

    Last comment wins

    the person below me is a pedophile
  3. bagggel

    Should we add a "Big Chungus" title

    No, we shouldn’t. However, you can always donate for the title
  4. bagggel

    Promotions and Demotions #214

    congrats @hongkongatron @Tekage 8G066NQm-2oyu5LE.mp4
  5. bagggel

    TF2 12mans???

    Yea sure, will give me a reason to play TF2 again
  6. bagggel

    The Smash Ultimate FC Megathread

  7. bagggel

    Do u wipe sitting down, or standing

    @Tatost do you still call for mommy to wipe for you?
  8. bagggel

    What's your favorite drink?

  9. bagggel

    lolisme - Discord

    +1 ban all lolicon pedos
  10. Ho ho ho ha ha, ho ho ho he ha. Hello there, old chum. I’m gnot an gnelf. I’m gnot a gnoblin. I’m a gnome. And you’ve been, GNOMED!


  11. bagggel

    Community night idea

    different movie
  12. bagggel


    cya osmosis jones
  13. bagggel

    Hey, so umm

  14. bagggel


    sniper isn’t engineer