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  1. Big fat -1, the kid on this account constantly breaks rules, and free kills. If you have ever played with him you have most likely seen him do this. He also always goes CT and should try to be a T more so he can learn from the more experienced guards. The older brother on this account is chill and seems to know the rules.
  2. I haven't seen him break any rules, but I also haven't had many interactions with him. He actually has 30 hours so he does meet the requirements. (So +1 I guess)
  3. +1 knows rules and is a fun guy, haven't seen him on in the past month but has been back on recently.
  4. A:8 A:8 I've never seen him being toxic ever and is very fun to play with/talk to.
  5. +1 Active on server and frequently shows new players rules (also taught me KZ)
  6. All tees when cell doors open take a step out of your cell face the back of your cell and freeze. Any repeats? Ok all teeeeees bomb rush my marker unstack shoulder to shoulder facing west. Ok what would you guys like to do today? I think I heard Dodge course so all tees bomb rush to Dodge course and you can free roam on the platform once you arrive. Ok we are starting Dodge course and taking 2 survivors. Ok what would you two like to do for lr? Alright we are going to be doing Bhop for lr all ts bomb rush to Bhop jumping is restricted. All tees may now start Bhop. Lol dumbass jumping was restricted *shoots*. Cool, please lr before 5:00. Ok scouts knives any rules? None, ok go. Then the CT won and got the epic victory royale
  7. +1 chill warden, aslo active
  8. ^^^^^^^^^^ meant to say he was a member in the past
  9. Chill in jb and not toxic, claims to already be member so +1