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  1. Shrimp and chicken Take frozen shrimp, Water that bitch, cook it in some S0y sauce, then heat up some microwaved chicken. Nah i'm just fucking around these are all actually really cool and I like this section.
  2. Jesus I forgot I existed for a bit. Lemme win chiefs.
  3. 0rr

    Dynamic Ip Problems

    You could always just stick your dick in his mouth.
  4. HTML or wack is all I'm saying -_(o.O)_-
  5. Ion even post cuz I am a bitch or whatever but for sure a +1, I can't imagine all the times I got clapped by him
  6. 0rr

    Going to try TF2 Tommarow

    @Genocide I WILL NEVER fall for the furry side, Just wanted to try it out because I keep looking in reports and seeing TF2 stuff lmao.
  7. Just wanted to make the post and ask any tips on how to play? I touched this game once on another account months ago and didn't even know you can do community servers. Still will play CS though like always.
  8. Neutral for now. You don't make since a lot and choose to take warden not fully understanding the rules, Prove me wrong and I will gladly +1 0rr the cool cat
  9. 0rr


    Yo, Much thanks man! That guy was unbelievable lmao!
  10. 0rr


    Thanks man! Try my best, Also I am a bit edge ; )
  11. 0rr


    In-Game Name ☆0rr☆ Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/0rr/ Age 15 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers 4 Days Reason for Joining My reason for joining would be to be a member of this community. I have played for a while and really enjoy this and think I can help out and be a good apart of it. In all honesty i'm not really toxic, I try to be nice and fair to everyone. I think I would be a good member as well as I am very active. Another reason for joining would be to help decide who can be a member or not, give people a chance. I think I am generally fair and I don't really give biased opinions. I also really do enjoy this quite a bit, this is one of my more played servers on CS:GO and really enjoy this. Thanks For Reading.