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  1. i know im toxic as hell but i give up on xg

  2. tired ass fuck and had a mental breakdown today. sorry for inactivity 


  3. Ill try to reupload the images soon
  4. wrong image let me fix also thanks for the advice ill try and do so next time
  5. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name I swallow dick Offender's Identity STEAM_0:0:207770829 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Length: Perm ban (IP ban if possible) words are not ne eded to describe the events of this.
  6. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name Sniipz Offender's Identity STEAM_0:1:196977160 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Ban Length: Min- 1 Week Max- 1 Month Freekilled to get his "anger out" on clouds right before a map switch then i killed him on undertale telling him to slay for it and the next round he massed everybody in their cells. Jadow joined and he became a kiss ass immediately.
  7. Abstract

    -1 Utopia

    So i was thinking like why not add rhythm so i decided to make this poll.
  8. I will be adding his Steam ID Soon if he's in jailbreak at any given time but for now i'll be on the lookout for him joining into a server
  9. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name Longjump - Coolduck Offender's Identity N/A Ban Type Communications Ban Explanation and Evidence . overall is toxic, a racist, and annoying, constantly baiting when told not to, even stated that if there is "No admins, no rules." he doesn't seem to care whether his actions have consequences or not and racism isn't tolerated and does it just to put on a show
  10. Been back for a few days if you didnt know and i completely regret coming back

  11. Division Counter-Strike Offenders In-Game Name Dukey Offender's Identity STEAM_0:0:151986842 Ban Type Not Listed Explanation and Evidence Ban Type: Communications Ban + Perm CT Ban Consistantly harasses people, freekills, and is a general asshole to players. Rarely slays when told to when freekilling and it toxic in every way. He is a bad influence to the community and new players and shows probably the worst sportsmanship i've personally ever seen on cs:go. he'll try to state that everybody is wrong and will disobey orders given by the warden at times.
  12. Cant wait to see that one but thank you for that when i get back it'll probably be around Thanksgiving but other than that its mainly some of the new people and im not saying its bad for new players to join im still new as of October 15th but most of the newcomers are either trolls or people who either A. Dont care to read the rules, b. Mass freekill, or c. Never played jailbreak before and with having a broken mic and a fairly big population in servers its hard to deal with and just becomes a screaming festival of kids.