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  1. is there any part of xG thats even still active enough for this place to still exist?

    1. Rabid


      Silence/Rhodo keeps it up cause it was his project passion, he said he'd probably never take down the forums.

  2. I miss my boys 0rr, sodium, and scooter.

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    2. Abstract


      he did but we left on good terms so I miss him. plus didnt whats-his-name also? forgot its been so long. pear i think?

    3. Dannypicacho
    4. RazorScooter


      im still here for u bb 😳

  3. This the homie

    1. Abstract


      I got banned like a while ago from CS i miss you

  4. i cant tell if this server is dead or not

  5. honestly while it was a played map it really wasn't a great map.
  6. +1 cute and I rarely have any bad experiences with him. Haven't heard him be racist since his ban, and i'm positive he's learned his lesson. Im pretty sure at first he didnt give a shit but then regretted his decisions later on, and i'm pretty sure xG has some sentimental value to him. I miss you, dad please come back
  7. If someone ask you a question like this, “What you rather be, a furry or a weeb”. You have 4 answers:

    A) Furry (TF2 division)

    B) Weeb (You better have a anime pillow and wet dreams often)

    C) I’m a virgin ( Your a target)

    D) Gladiator ( Your a dumbass that use Jedi mind tricks but you trick yourself because your a dumbass)

    choose wisely...

    1. Abstract


      C and D dont matter if the question is "Are you a furry or a Weeb?" 

  8. They could do raffles. i've seen other groups do something like that where they just do raffles and the person who put in the most credits has a higher chance of winning. but maybe evenly distributing the chance of winning would be good. there could also be a bet function with a random win chance, where you bet, say 1000 credits, and if you win you double and if you lose, well, you lose. Though it may be idea I dont know if it would be good and probably wouldnt be liked by players and only used by some. still an idea nonetheless
  9. I'm just curious even after the new update if people want to see more and if so, what do you want?
  10. science is boring as fuck

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    2. Roy


      I like Biology because it’s radical but I can understand stand why you don’t like it.

    3. Kypari


      Science is mixed for me. While it was very interesting at school, I was kinda selective on what I actually enjoyed learning in class, like for example learning how paint works was incredibly boring but wow astronomy stars planets wow yes

    4. Abstract


      I haven't learned almost anything new yet in this class. we've gone over, Motion, Topography, Earthquakes and how to pinpoint the center of one, Plate Tectonics, the Reproductive System, Mitosis, Meiosis, Chromosomes, Fault Lines, and a few other things. it's just long and the teacher doesnt make ot interesting and atleast I've already been over this shit in school before

  11. Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name J4P Identity STEAM_0:0:129759144 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 10 days 16:26:07 Hrs Information If I get mod (99.9% chance i wont) then cool I guess JB is pretty dead the past two days but I still wanted to fill out an application just for the fun of it. I've been playing since August, 2018 So being fairly new doesn't help for my bad reputation on the server. people are more okay with me when I change my name without them noticing. But I still think I could help out whether it be sooner rather than later or never. The most active mods/admins I see on are Darrth, BullseyeX, Tope, Scottni, and Tatost and I rarely see them on. Most of the time Scottni joins when Tatost is on vice versa. Darrth, Tope, and BullseyeX are usually on most of the time when the server gets minor population (12 minimum it seems). I'm on a lot and I know I can be harsh, strict, or Toxic in general, I've been taking breaks from playing constantly to help out with controlling myself and hopefully getting better at being calmer during a casual session of JB. I dont care if you -1 or +1 but if you do -1 please help make understanding why you -1'd me. Whether it's be cause you have a history and or knowledge of toxicity or something else. Constructive criticism always helps in these situations and I really do want to make a change for the better on xG whether or not I've lost really good friends on here or people think I am a bad person. P.S. I'm not asking for a full body essay, but just a sentence or two will do. Thank you I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  12. i know im toxic as hell but i give up on xg