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Need a new payday 2 dodge build

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My current payday 2 dodge build has dual akiimbo pistols for primary and a pistol for secondary, both silenced, but now that silencer builds were nerfed, the pistols are pretty much garbage in anything above overkill difficulty, and if I try other weapons my detectibility will go up, meaning I can't get that extra dodge, which is vital since I use crook and lightweight vest dodge build. What is a good dodge build that also has good weapons and a low detect.?

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@Dannypicacho I know we're not supposed to revive dead topics, but as of recent I got back into Payday 2 after not playing it for over a year and I saw this topic, I had to give a hand. On Xbox, before I lost it in my house fire last year, I was max infamy and I can give a good set that works well. You can trust me, I preferred doing ONLY Stealth/Dodge builds. However, at the moment I'm not max level, but what I have has always worked for me. 

Just a warning now, I'm going in-depth about my set. So, have fun with it. It'll always work.

Payday1.thumb.jpg.a9b9acd5a9670b989c98a10476694b04.jpg     Stealth Barrel, Auto Fire Custom, Competition Foregrip, Compact Laser Module, Rubber Grip, THRUST Lower Receiver Vintage Mag OR Speed Pull Mag Wide Stock Exotique Upper Receiver.


(CAR-4 preferred better conceal but less damage. Use this for Damage.) Short Barrel, Low Profile Suppressor, Single Fire Custom, Compact Laser Module, and a Speed Pull Mag.

Payday11.thumb.jpg.1f92b7da310603546c13f8296b52759f.jpgSize Doesn't Matter Suppressor (Use same extend on all pistol barrels for stealth), Concealment Boost (Use on all Pistol for stealth), Micro Laser, and Tritium Sights.

Payday9.thumb.jpg.6987d4a5af6008dc6348216350973512.jpgSame Barrel as other pistols, Same Boost, Micro Laser, Ergonomic Grip or Blinged (Same stats, different looks), and a Milled Slide.

Payday8.thumb.jpg.ec0696a848a7374eada9b558e0734200.jpgSame Barrel as other pistols, Same Boost, Micro Laser and a Laser Grip.



For Throwables, use Shurikens. Silent and poison tipped, and on top of it, interruption. What's not to love about them?


Payday2.thumb.jpg.d9dbac780767d671cb1f83f23288d0e6.jpgFor Melee, use Nova's Shank or the Kunai Knife. Great concealment, fast swing and fast recharge. Both have same stats, most knives have these stats, but these two are better imo.


What I have in perks, you can branch off from Ghost to the rest of the dodge set.



For the Mastermind stuff, this is more so for loud situations (If I get forced into them). Meds and Shout Revive along with Conversion and Accuracy/Stability Perks.


Payday4.thumb.jpg.b5ffdfb190be1a1a29d4d33882e74cec.jpgFor Ghost, I focused on movement, concealment, ECM and Pistols.



For Enforcer, I focused on extra armour hits, reduced damage on interactions, ammo boost and bag throwing.



Not much of a reason to add this in, but if you do want extra pistol stats, go with the Gunslinger skill tree in Fugitive as well.



In Perk Decks I maxed out Rogue, it's all about Concealment, Speed, Piercing and Pistols.



Payday13.thumb.jpg.c11d7bc6654482fc5309148939102dc5.jpgThis is my set overall, and you obviously would know, don't use armour. However, with the set I have here, you would be able to use heavy armour without concealment going past 50.


Sorry for such a lengthy and reviving reply. I couldn't leave this alone, it hurt me to see it untouched. And Danny is retarded. He needs all the help he can get.

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14 hours ago, Tatost said:

why did this pop up in my feed

Why wouldn't it? two questions. Do you have DLC? and What prestige are you? cause the infamy rewards allow you to put more perk points in each tree allowing you to get better stuff.

I am currently running a shotgun dodge build I don't remember the specifics but I have 7 concealment and most of my extra perks are in the shotgun tree

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