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  1. Arnude


    I'll look into it, thanks!
  2. Arnude

    E3 2018 Line Up (Leaked)

    No problem, I do it for the benefit of others. We all deserve to be excited before we actually see it.
  3. So, I did some searching and a list was leaked onto Reddit about what was gonna be announced at E3 this year. Like the title says, there are some spoilers, read at your own risk.
  4. Arnude


    I'm gonna have to look these up. They sound pretty heckin' good.
  5. Arnude


    I can admit to my own flaws within this topic, yes, it seemed fishy, yes I said it was some sort of aim bot that I had encountered before. But, in all honesty, I trust Maf. I know he's smarter than that. My word may not carry much at the moment, even though I was watching. I can considerably say that I believe he's legit. Sorry for any inconvenience I've given you Maf.
  6. Arnude

    Hi Hi! Hope some of you remember me

    Oh trust me, I know. I barely remember him myself.
  7. Arnude


    That actually sounds pretty interesting.
  8. Arnude


    To Sir with Love? What's it about?
  9. Arnude

    Favourite song and suggestions?

    I'll give a listen to these, thanks you guys.
  10. Arnude

    Selfie Sunday

    Why is Caleb so cute guys... like GOD DAMN
  11. Arnude

    Black Ops 4.

    Now, as of today, the trailers for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 were released. I enjoyed the series until BO3 came out, which ruined it. The trailers are below These are all the trailers. I want your opinions. I honestly think that it's going to be absolutely awful, mainly for the reason of the Battle Royale mode. Cod is a dead series, but I just wanna see what people think of it.
  12. Arnude


    I'm sure some people here love a good book, like me. I love Shakesphere and other old timey authours. What do you guys like to read, and would you suggest it?
  13. Seriously though, I am in LOVE with your hair. Makes me think of Slash from Guns N' Roses.

    1. EDNight


      No lie, went as slash a couple years for Halloween.

    2. Arnude


      Heck yeah man. That's how you do it. I went as Bob Ross for a few years.

  14. Arnude

    Favourite song and suggestions?

    I knew I recognized the name, they did a good portion of the soundtrack for Dead Rising 2.
  15. Arnude

    Selfie Sunday

    I love your hair oh my god.