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  1. +1. Fun to play with and is good. @Dannypicacho were you waiting for this or something, you did it before the 2 people in a call with him.
  2. 10 man with shields as a community night?
  3. Half of xg would get banned within a day
  4. -1. He mic spams and ear rapes most of the time. If he stopped then I wouldn't have an issue with him.
  5. +1. He has improved a lot over the time of his ban. Only type of trolling he does any more is dying to a boars in Rust
  6. Pull an API scam on the people trying to get you with an API scam.
  7. I just want to zeus danny. 1 way smokes are toxic but eh.
  8. +1. He needs a different division to do something at.
  9. -1 threatened to shoot up XG.
  10. + Darrth is a good staff member. Would also help bring gambling to it to
  11. +1. Thrillhouse is just Bumpy but older and doesn't say "Bumpy Bumpy" or "Warden, can I have a gun?".
  12. +1. He has improved a lot.He hasn't been saying slurs that he used to. He honestly has improved a lot.(From me talking and playing with him).
  13. @Roy when people let this die