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  1. +1. He needs a different division to do something at.
  2. -1 threatened to shoot up XG.
  3. + Darrth is a good staff member. Would also help bring gambling to it to
  4. My signature is enough.
  5. +1. Thrillhouse is just Bumpy but older and doesn't say "Bumpy Bumpy" or "Warden, can I have a gun?".
  6. +1. He has improved a lot.He hasn't been saying slurs that he used to. He honestly has improved a lot.(From me talking and playing with him).
  7. @Roy when people let this die
  8. Because I'm a retard and thought it was cool.
  9. He was ending its suffering.
  10. -1. The younger player doesn't know the rules yet, and his older brother I'm not to sure about (I've only played with the older brother once). I've seen you bait several times, complain about others breaking the rules then you do it yourself, and also vent camp.
  11. I personally would like the zeus to be added to scrims and maybe some other maps. Maps like office, agency, assault, vertigo (full map version) and even Militia or canals added to the map pool. I feel like different maps would change up the maps commonly played and it would be more enjoyable.
  12. A ttt server with something new/unique would be great. Moat.gg has a inventory system and cosmetic system. Something like that would be cool but it would require a lot of work and time.
  13. @Roy you think Danny can afford a taco truck and just don't get banned.