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  1. This is a .promote from me +1
  2. I think something should/could be done about this.
  3. -1 I would like to be able to play on Xg servers without getting kicked from you, and your not a member yet
  4. I don't think that it's fair for people to play very little to no 10mans because of them being fat man. I would like to see it were instead of waiting for 10+ people to fatman we just start it. I remember there was a 10man were it didn't start till Le Toucan joined so Goldfish would be fatmaned.
  5. I want to see how fast I will lose. Probably going to lose but I’ll join
  6. +1 really active, knows the rules, can be toxic but he is fair when he takes warden. The only bad thing that I could think of him getting mod is like @Sodium getting really mad.
  7. I think he is just a god. He was hitting 750 hops hes a god.
  8. @Bumpy I can't spell okay. I'm big dumb in the brain.
  9. +rep. Goldfish does need to learn his lesson with this kinda of stuff. He thinks he isn't going to get in trouble (at the time of typing this Goldfish is "typing an essay" on you). As Bumby has said in Goldfish's mod submission.
  10. SCP-049 XpertMelee is my Xbox name and what my old name used to be.