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    Team Fortress 2
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    Since 2015
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    Been playing on the servers for a few years and felt like applying for mod. Felt like we need more TF2 staff too.

  • I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for.

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Spaghetti used to be annoying fucking troll ass kid on pokemon trade way back and was just doing dumb shit to get a reaction but he's overly matured throughout since playing and interacting in tf2 XenoGamers Pokemon trade server / Trade Gaming History. He should have good knowledge on most of the rules since he used to break most of them a lot but he's changed his attitude and behavior and actually a good presences on the server and he's one of the few members who actively plays on the server till this day because I know I always seen him on with either Galaxy Mr.Spy Myself or some random early in the day or at night.

I don't mind seeing how he uses this opportunity to actually enforce the rules and not just get staff and be a stupid idiot using it like certain staff in the past and now.

+1 For mod




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12 minutes ago, DiaperHyperWolf said:

Going to have to -1 this. I took a look at your chat history and even just a few weeks ago some of the things you've said are not things I think a mod should be saying. I'd like to see an improvement first before I can recommend.


Spaghetti Chat 1.png

Spaghetti Chat 2.png

Spaghetti Chat 3.png

Spaghetti Chat 4.png

Spaghetti Chat 5.png

-1 after seeing this, in addition to hearing numerous reports of such behavior as well. Before applying for staff, try to at least represent the basic standards we expect from any other member of the community.
Denied and closed. Make another application when you’ve feel you’ve matured. Rules can be found here— you may want to brush up on them. 

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