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Want To Get Unbanned?

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Post a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper that says 'I ❤️ XENO GAMERS'

You also must donate $10 or this won't work!




This doesn't require you to donate $10, for you cheap people!

All you gotta do is memorize the lyrics to this song:


And sing it on video while eating a piece of pizza as fast as possible. The pizza must be 15cm in width (not including crust)

If you do not finish the piece of pizza by the end of the song, you won't get unbanned.




Watch this video:


And learn everything you see in this video. Then apply your knowledge and record a 1:30 second video of yourself doing as many of the dance moves thought in the video as you can. Make sure to watch the entire video and practice.




Watch the movie `The Buttercream Gang` and write a two-page review on it. Document must be 12pt font Times New Roman with 1 inch margins and it can be double spaced.


You only get to be unbanned once! Good Luck!

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No.......ill brb you monster !! Q_Q i feel like a cheap whore !!!


---------- Post added at 12:26 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:23 PM ----------



here i even put some eyeliner on for yah

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# 92 "Sakurai 桜井 [Nephthys]" STEAM_0:1:13977261 00:42 75 0 active there you go and i hope you like the eyeliner. Oh and Thankyou

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