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  1. Yeah it was PurpleDrank (RIP) and Peechis who left
  2. might be the nicest thing you've said to me since i met you in ts3
  3. iirc you were around through that time lol, i was a lil shit
  4. Hey Everyone, Im not sure if any of you would remember me from back in the day, but Im kinda making a slow come back around. If you do remember me i apologize for my antics as a 16 y/o, but its been a long time since those days and my return after T3k
  5. came back after almost 10 years to find Jailbreak dead. Sad moment

    1. Sizz


      CSGO jailbreak? Man, I miss that very much

  6. Why would you be sensitive to someone calling you a bad mod over the Internet after you fucked up doing your job? I try and do my job and when people bitch at me over one screw up calling me "bad mod" I think it's disrespect. then you need some more training. The rules are the rules, no matter what your personal stance is. He had the right to be upset, becaused you fucked up. and then you fucked up again. I cant vouch but if i could i would + it.
  7. how did they get that money? It was all donated police_cars.jpg&MaxW=620&v=201307121405
  8. Welcome back to the Mitten bro. You only thing you really missed around the D is the emergency manager and the new Police Cars and ambulances. All the Vehicle were donated to the City equaling over $8 mil. They got all the new model vehicles. So far they have 85 new Cop cars and 15 new ambulances. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kQMvfvVzt8 police_cars.jpg&MaxW=620&v=201307121405 police_cars.jpg&MaxW=620&v=201307121405
  9. aubri hates me, but thats ok.
    1. Aubri.


      i don't hate you, you just act like a retard too much
  10. So a monkey walks into a bar, I forgot the rest but Silence's mother is a crack whore.
  11. Hey, I was wondering if anyone else was accepted into this. So far i think its pretty decent, even though it doesn't even have half of the content of the PC version.
  12. well, i guess its safe to play CSGO again, but now i have to steer clear of Gmod. le sigh
  13. >mfw i give a shit about your stupid 9fag and reddick spinoffs
  14. fuck it. Im requesting this to be closed, thaere is no way ill ever get 20 +1s. Ever.
  15. >mfw chrono breakin blacklist