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  1. I miss our CSGO community we had 7 years ago. I was a Jailbreak fiend. Miss you guys!

  2. More memes? More school? Oh goodness
  3. +1 A : 8 M : 7.5 Now I haven't been active recently, but I'll say that when I was there, he was mostly respectful, fun to play with, and seemed to acknowledge the rules. I can't say that you know the rules well because i didn't get to see your development, as I wasn't active.
  4. Bans like this need more time than 2 months, supposedly up to 10 Months or even a year. the purpose of this is to see if a player still wants to get unbanned time and see if you still care
  5. Laptop mics work fine, I promise!
  6. Definitely agree with @Owl You should wait longer, and play I the server without being a qudbixafeix
  7. I'm disappointed because of @PaulyD Not getting it, rip again
  8. -1 smelly baby fart
  9. ^^Last CT song suggestion^^ ecks dee memez
  10. Rip those who could've been in this Cough cough @JuannabeGod @PaulyD
  11. more activity and I'll vouch
  12. I feel as if I didn't put enough effort into this post. Knows rules well, have no major problems with him, and we need staff badly. He would make a good addition to our roster of CS:GO staff, and would do a good job at it.