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  1. were u the one that 1v1'd me for the strange huntsman back then

    1. Dannypicacho


      oooo time to pay up old man @Aegean

    2. Aegean


      @Echo Yessir! How ya been?

      @Dannypicacho I won you ape.

  2. give me ur steam profile
    1. Ohstopyou
    2. Echo


      i recovered my account somehow.. im trying to readd you..
  3. hacked
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    2. kbraszzz


    3. ChickenPanda
    4. Echo


      omg ppl still on xG that is craaazyy.
  4. Dude.. it's me Ecko. My account and email was hacked :L
    1. Ohstopyou


      What happened?
    2. Echo


      I don't know man. I just stopped around summer then one day my email stopped working and my steam wasn't working. https://steamcommunity.com/id/veljkoA/ is my account that was hacked.
    3. Ohstopyou


      10/10. Fix it :(
  5. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [FBI] Ecko Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:42732847 Banned: No Previously in xG: Yes Active on Teamspeak: No Age: 16 Further Information: Hello friends. I like xenoGamers. I been playing here a lot, but not anymore. I use to administrate for xG.... Not much to say. I dont like talking bout my self
  6. smh. I can't believe I was mentioned <3. Old xG forever :)
  7. How do you use this????
  8. Echo

    My Goodbye

    Sad to see you go Brian. Had a great time with you months ago. Hope everything is gucci.
  9. Ezmar's Steam ID STEAM_0:0:39497480
  10. How long have you been doing kail break? Does it feel good? +1, great format
  11. You're an experienced admin, yet you can't get your SteamID right-.- joking! get your steam ID at www.steamidfinder.com I haven't seen you on TF2 servers(I main ff2) so yeah
  12. Wrong Steam ID Get it at : www.steamidfinder.com