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  1. are you back >:


  2. Just because having sex with my sister is TECHNICALLY cheating, doesn't mean, I will stop.

  3. How's life going? How did the surgery go? How's college? Hows your career?
  4. Here's my opinion. I've been playing with him for the past couple weeks and I don't think he's that bad of a guy. He uses that dry, punchy, satire-ish sense of humour that normally "triggers" people now-a-days. I mean look at that girl on youtube, Nicole Arbour?, who got attacked because her sense of humour. A few people hold grudges against him, and I have no clue why, as I skipped over half of this thread because it appeared to be bickering. However, I'd assume that it's because he's good at the game and it frustrates people, or the fact that he says "rekt" or whatever. Now, I wont name names, but I'd like to point out that at least half of you have done the same thing (whether it be retaliating, saying something rude after killing someone, or "triggering" someone because you're good at a game) and have little to no room to say that he should just hold his tongue in return. People have a habit now-a-days of not communicating their issues with people, but instead gathering up mountains of evidence to make the issue at hand seem worse. I thought everyone was going to make an effort to change that and actually try to communicate their issues before hand, rather than jumping aboard the ban train at a moments notice. ---------------------------------------- Now, here is what I have seen lately. I was on the pokemon server earlier this week, and I noticed something peculiar. ManlyDuck was on the server sniping, as well as talking to a few friends like a normal person would, when someone joined the server and started to attack him, without provocation. They said that he was a douchebag and a tryhard. The ironic thing is that ManlyDuck said nothing offensive back to them, nor had he said anything rude in the few hours earlier to that incident. If anything, he only said that he was bad and just playing the game. From my perspective, it appears that people are getting upset when he kills them (when numerous people have complained that we should literally have a rule that says if you complain, and don't use the friendly plugin, that you will get into trouble). --------------------------------------- As a final note, I'd like to point out a distinct lack of counter evidence. Obviously ManlyDuck isn't talking to himself. What are the other people saying to him that makes him respond like that? -------------------------------------- I vote -1 on the ban. I think that the higher ups should step back and think about this whole situation before we start jumping to conclusions.
  5. http://saintdmac.tumblr.com/post/142618022416/weloveshortvideos-when-all-you-wanted-was-to
  6. http://saintdmac.tumblr.com/post/142618022416/weloveshortvideos-when-all-you-wanted-was-to
  7. That's more work for staff, and an even higher chance for mass freekill when staff aren't on. It's been banned for a reason. Not to mention that demoknights are practically useless on blue. Melee only vs 20 reds? You've seen melee warday and how that ends. -1
  8. Hey everyone. For the last couple months, I've been contemplating my experiences in xG. I've come to the conclusion that I am not exactly happy with what is going on in the TF2 division and I no longer have the time or ability to worry about it anymore. Unfortunately, due to real life circumstances, I feel it is time that I step down to member. Most of you who know me personally will understand why. If you don't, I'll explain it. My Uncle was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma about 6 months ago and we have been searching around for bone marrow donors. Turns out, I'm a match. I'm going to fly out to him next week and donate my marrow. Concurrently, I have to figure out college and my career. I know I haven't exactly been myself during these past few months, and I apologize again if anyone was upset by it. Stress has a way of affecting people that isn't very pretty. However, before I step down, I want to thank some people: Rhodo and Kbraszzle: Thank you for giving me the opportunity to improve the TF2 division. I feel that I have been able to improve the overall quality of our servers. Hachi, Chicken, and Whyte: Even though we had a rough patch a couple months ago, thank you for being great friends. I miss all of the memes and laughter that we shared, and I wish you the best. Bello: Good luck with TF2, it's your baby now :) Rejects: It's up to you to hold the standards now. I believe you can do it, bud! :D TF2 Staff: I appreciate all of your hard work so far. We have made a difference, not just in our community, but in other communities as well. I'm glad I could call some of you my friends, and I hope you'll stick around! (y) CS:GO Staff: I wish you guys the best. I know that you lost a DL as well. I hope you'll keep the steady growth that you have accumulated over the past couple months. To everyone else: Have a great Friday and a fun weekend! IT'S SPRING TIME, WOOO. :LOL: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A few final notes: If any of the staff need advice, feel free to contact me still. The same goes for you too, Bello and Rejects. @Rhododendron don't forget to demote me to member. You keep forgetting about other higher ups and they still have powers </3 Forest for coffee lord 2k16.
  9. You guys change your minds so often. I mean we literally have half of the playpoints plugin disabled because it is either broken or unfair. Final verdict?
  10. Your personal life matters because if you conduct yourself this way publicly and PRIVATELY, there is no way we could trust you.
  11. So, there are a couple problems. The view looks weird and there are no hitting animations. It's only visible for the boss, so we'll have to deal with it for the time being.
  12. You said that rules didn't matter on multiple occasions, you massed, and then you proceeded to berate multiple staff members and regulars on the server. BUT, not before fighting with me on steam and essentially telling me to fuck off and die. Great way to leave. Out of decency for you and others, I wont go into how you treated people in your personal life. Because trust me, I've witnessed some dismaying things. Finally, I want to point out that subtle entitled attitude you got going on there with your sly comment about unbanning someone else. ----------------------------------------------------------- Final verdict on my part: -1 You don't change that quickly and we already have enough people who start drama as it is.
  13. +1 Regaining his activity on JB1 A: 6/10 M: 8.5/10
  14. Not sure if rejects did it, but I'll take a look later today.