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  1. oh my fucking god you're alive i missed you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. xGShadowSpy


      I'm alive just usually busy with life shit, i lurk here and there

  2. +1, i dont even play this game anymore just lurking lmao. anyways pepsi is still better than Dr.Pepper
  3. Old enough, good memories and such
  4. Any oldies still here? Anything important happen? Update on the CS servers?
  5. The old days were better(at least CS-wise), I don’t have to be there now to know that much. Also the days I had a functioning computer to play them. Now I just lurk here occasionally to check up on what’s going on, see who’s still around, that sorta stuff.
  6. How dare you llama here
  7. Ore wa, oh chin chin ga daisuki nondaiyo?
  8. No just stopping in. But i might be back since i gotta get a PC for college work. Might be back around fall.
  9. Thread is more of a meme than my computer
  11. I just realized your profile picture is from that one anime I watched recently, cool!
    1. xGShadowSpy


      Yeah, honestly was one of my favorites. I just started to catch up with some anime i didn't finish/start, have alot of school/college application stuff going on. Just got accepted to my top choice though so its giving me time to take a breather.